Shark AZ910UKT Powered Lift-Away Tested & Reviewed

Fully loaded with all the Shark latest tech, but how did we find the performance of this Shark AZ910 in our tests, read on in this detailed review and find out if it is a winner or if your money is better spent elsewhere.

Definitely, some valuable information you will want to know before you buy.

Review Summary


Product Name:

Product Type:

Corded upright vacuum


R.R.P £330-£350


  • Anti-hair wrap brush bar is a winner
  • A powerful vacuum cleaner that cleans large debris quickly.
  • High-quality filtration system for Allergen Sufferers
  • Excellent results for cleaning pet hair and fibres 
  • Very Energy Efficient 
  • Maybe better models around for laminate floors

About the Shark AZ910UK/T

The Shark AZ910UK and AZ910UKT are fantastic models for those who want to take advantage of all Shark’s cleaning tech – old and new alike. With features like the anti-hair wrap brush bar, as well as DuoClean and powered lift away, not much can stand in the way of this powerhouse.

Both of these vacuums have identical core features and are equally good choices for your home. For this review, we picked up the Shark AZ910UKT for £350. 

shark corded upright vacuum cleaner

Quick View of the Shark AZ910UKT Specifications


  • Regular Price*: £350
  • Lift Away: YES
  • Powered Lift Away: YES
  • Duo Clean: YES
  • Anti Hair Wrap: YES
  • Pet Powered Brush: YES
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal: YES 
  • Cord Length: 8M
  • Hose Length: 1.6M
  • Dust capacity: 0.84L
  • Size ( Overall): 118 x 30.5 x 27cm
  • 2-1 Duster Crevice: YES
  • Upholstery Tool: YES
  • Warranty: 5 Years 

Shark AZ910UK/T – Key Differences Explained

What’s the difference between the AZ910UK and AZ910UKT? Something that is always consistent throughout Shark is the fact that there are no core differences between two models – just minor ones.

Firstly, you have the model number. This ends in either UK or UKT, and the T stands for True Pet. What this means is that it comes with an additional attachment in the form of the pet tool thats great on furnishings including dog beds.

Secondly, you will find that the colour varies slightly. The UK is a classic purple and silver, while the UKT sports a luxurious rose gold and grey. Not a big deal really, unless you have an allergy to purple 🙂

Features and Benefits

Cord and Hose Length

As seems to be the norm with upright Shark vacuum cleaners, this model has an 8m cord. It’s not the best length out there, but it is also far from the worst.  

The hose is 1.6m in length, which is the same as the larger AZ950, but I do also miss the massive 2.15m hose that you got with the NV602 and NV702.

Cleaning Power

Carpets. Overall, it did well on carpets. The brush bar was good at collecting dirt and debris, and it collected a great amount of debris in our tests (as you will see). However, I did feel as though it lacked the same really deep cleaning abilities as the rest of the Shark upright line. 

shark due clean vacuum cleaner

Shark’s new anti-hair wrap technology is defined by the new bristle guard and comb working in perfect harmony to separate and remove any hair that is collected by the powerful suction.

The comb runs alongside the bristles, acting as a protective barrier to ensure that hair doesn’t end up trapped or stuck while you clean.

Instead, it is taken directly to the dust canister so that you don’t need to spend time cutting hair off the roller. After using it to clean a particularly fluffy house, we examined the brush bar and found it to be completely clear of hair. I was really pleased to see this updated feature

Our Low-Pile Carpet Test Results

low pile carpet

For this test, we used a 1.5m strip of low-medium pile carpets. We then measured 100g of debris that was chosen to resemble what you usually find in the home. This contained things like cheerios, flaxseed, chilli flakes, and loose black tea. This mixture was then spread evenly over the area.

We performed a 10-second pass over the carpet in order to collect the debris. The bin was then emptied and the contents were weighed to see how much was collected. As you can see from the table below, the percentage was exceptionally high. It’s just a shame that the deep cleaning side of things isn’t as good. 

100grams Mixed Contents inc fine dust95%

Our Hardwood Floor Test Results

hardwood flooring

Hard Floors. It did ok on hard floors as well, collecting large debris effortlessly without snow ploughing. I was really pleased with this because it means that there is less time spent chasing after chunky debris that has escaped the floorhead.

It also uses DuoClean technology, which means the front soft roller of the floor head is there to collect the really fine dust, we found this to be on a par to nearly all the other upright corded models from Shark. 

There are certainly better models out there if you have lots of laminate floors in your home, though these do tend to be cylinder style vacuums or cordless vacuums such as Dyson V10 or Dyson V11. Now on to the testing

For this test, we replicate the environment for the carpet test. It’s just that we replace the carpet with laminate hard floors – the most popular choice for UK homes. We then collected the debris after sucking it up and measured it to see how much was collected. 

100grams Mixed Contents inc fine dust(see notes) (low)93%
Pet Hair (Scattered Pet Hair over 4-foot area)100%
shark duo clean lift away for the stairs

Stairs. Powered lift-away makes the stairs easy and really separates it from other upright vacuum cleaners. I just had to detach it from the main body of the vacuum cleaner and attach the tool of my choice (or just keep using the main floorhead). It allows you to clean the stairs effortlessly, and without the risk of the vacuum falling down the stairs.

The wand is great and the powered lift away adds to its versatility. Above-floor cleaning is made very simple, and it allows you to reach various spaces within the home without much effort.

The lightweight build and design mean that you are unlikely to end up with sore joints when wielding it, which is good news for those who have weaker or painful joints. 

handhelf accessories shark good for removing hair

Pets. The pet tool is great, and it is fantastic at clearing up hair in a range of locations, including the furniture, pet bedding, and carpet. It did a great job sucking it all up, and it was easy to attach to the machine when I needed it.

The only thing I would note is that it is not a powered tool, and I really feel it would have been more effective and efficient if it wasn’t the same as using a standard attachment. 

Our Pet Hair Tests

In order to test its effectiveness on pet hair, we conducted a test similar to the previous ones. However, this one involved a 5ft strip of carpet and a load of dog hair that was combed into the carpet. We followed this with a 20-second pass over the area to see how much it was able to pick up, and also used a window blade to spot missed hair. You can check out the results below.

Pet Hair ( Combed in Pet Hair over 4-foot area)99%


shark AZ910UKT Filter

Remaining consistent with the Shark line, the AZ910UKT uses the standard filtration system that we see across the upright models. The HEPA filter is located near the motor, helping to muffle the sound. This needs to be washed annually, but we prefer every six months.

The main filter is a massive sponge that can be removed from the machine and then washed. It’s highly absorbent and very effective at collecting dust and gunk that’s sucked up by the machine. This should be washed at least every three months to keep your vacuum working efficiently.

What the AZ910UKT also features is the fully sealed filtration system that Shark is renowned for. What this means is that dust and allergens are pushed through the filter, and all the air that comes out of the machine has been forced through it and the exhaust only – leading to clean air. 

Vacuums that do not have this system(and there are plenty of them) end up with air being pushed out of multiple small gaps. 

Our Filtration Test Results

Using a particle test metre, we checked the environment before the vacuum cleaner was used, and then tested it once more after spending 15 seconds sucking up special international approved dust from DMT. The table below shows you the results of our filtration tests.

Air Particle Test ( Our rating %)99.9%

You will be able to see from the results that the filtration system is excellent. It perfectly highlights just how effective this vacuum cleaner is at allergy retention, and also that a fully sealed system does work to create a better atmosphere. 

Noise Levels
With a volume level of 77dB . This is not the quietest, ( In the shark upright range we found the NV602 topped the table) but the levels are within the EU allowance (which has a maximum of 80dB).

The pet tool is what really blew me away, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. The volume spiked to 88dB. It’s massively loud in a way that almost pierces your brain, though you do find yourself getting used to it after a while, and the plus side is that you don’t need to use the tool too much. 

Our Noise Test Results

We used a decibel metre and placed it three metres away from the main floorhead while the vacuum cleaner was running. The results were then recorded in the table below.

Noise ( Decibals)77DB
Noise With (Pet Powered Brush)88DB


The design is much like the standard you find in all upright Shark vacuum cleaners, and the compact build means that storing it away after use is fairly simple. It’s a good bonus for those who don’t have masses of space, and it will fit comfortably in a cupboard that is 120cm in height

It has already been mentioned that the Shark AZ910UKT features a powered lift away, but it hasn’t been explained in better detail.

The powered lift-away feature means that the main body comes away from the frame so that it can become more portable and great on stairs, high to reach places or even to clean out the car. Not to be mistaken with the regular lift-away found one of the NV602 and NV702 models where you are unable to use the main floorhead.

However, with the powered models, you also get to use the main floorhead in this format so that you can maximise your cleaning.

This also means that you can reach under furniture

shark had easy access to go under the sofa

Use the main floorhead on the stairs, and maintain your home in a more flexible format. The main body is much lighter than using the full machine, and the PoweredDuoClean technology can still be used to its full extent in this form.

You will find that the controls are also on the handle, and this makes things a lot simpler when you are cleaning. This is especially true when you are using the lift-away feature because your hands are always close to the controls. It’s better for accurate and versatile cleaning, and also has a suction valve so that you can adjust the power accordingly. 

carpet / low pile setting for shark vacuum

We must not forget the classic LED headlights that we have all come to love and expect from Shark (available on all shark upright models). An increasing number of vacuum cleaner brands have started to implement this feature, which shows you just how useful it is for discovering hidden fluff and debris that you may have otherwise missed. It also has great onboard storage for the tools that come with it. 

Our Weight Test Results

It’s important that you have the most accurate information possible, and that’s why we have our own weight test for all our vacuum cleaners – no exceptions. The table below shows you a clear breakdown of the various weights for this vacuum cleaner. 

Weight (Without Tools)6.7Kg
Weight (With All Tools on Board)7.1Kg

The Shark AZ910UKT is one of the heaviest in the upright range, coming in at 7.1kg when all the attachments are on the machine and 6.7kg without them.

The good news is….

You only have to push it across the floor, and you don’t really feel the weight of it as you do this. In lift away mode, it is less than half the weight of the full machine (2.8kg) which makes it even easier.

shark duo head

The swivel steering is a great addition, as this makes it really easy to handle and move around furniture as well as turn tight spaces.

The handle is ergonomic for your comfort, and this also means that you are less likely to suffer from sore hands or fingers while cleaning. It’s an improvement on previous Shark upright weights, but it honestly doesn’t feel harder to use. 

Tech Features

Unlike its predecessor AX910 it has the anti-hair wrap technology included now too. I did go over this in detail back in the carpet cleaning section, but I will be brief with it again here. Basically, it has a guard and a special strip that runs alongside the brush to prevent tangling and make sure all the hair goes straight into the bin.

The brush itself is the same as normal, which works excellently on carpets to pull up hair and dirt that is embedded deep down. They are also easy to access in the unlikely situation you need to clean them. The soft brush roll can be taken out, which is good as it will need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

When we tested this feature we found it did what is said on the tin, but I am aware of some customers who had issues with really long hair still getting tangled. We contacted Shark customer service on this, who advised us 

“Anti-hair wrap technology is designed as a continual maintenance system and if you run the vacuum over hard floor for a couple of minutes it will untangle the hair”

We haven’t tried this so cannot be 100% how accurate this advise is, but it came straight from the Sharks mouth so to speak

The Shark AZ910UK/T also has superb onboard storage for the tools that come with it. This is ideal for taking them around with you while you are vacuuming, making them quick and easy to grab when you need them. 

anti hair technology shark

I love that this Shark model has both powered lift away and DuoClean technology. It’s something you see more and more in their upright range and it really is the perfect combination.

The DuoClean means that there are two brushes in the main floorhead – a soft one at the front for fine dust, and a brush roll at the back for carpets and thorough cleaning. The soft roller is also easy to clean – it’s an absolute game-changer for upright vacuum cleaners. 


shark vacuum accessories

The Shark AZ910UK/T has a nice selection of tools (including optionals purchases) which you will find listed below.

#1 Pet Power Brush. This tool only comes with the UKT and it is designed for dealing with pet hair. While it is not motorised, it still does a good job of picking up fur and fluff.

#2 The 2-in-1 Crevice and Dusting Tool. This is the perfect tool for reaching tight corners and gaps as well as for delicate surfaces (the dusting brush). I actually quite like using the dusting brush on my kitchen floor – it works wonders.

#3 Upholstery Tool. This accessory is ideal for use on furniture and can also be used for the interior of your car if needed. It does work well with hair, and it is quite versatile.

#4 Under Appliance Wand. This attachment is optional and has a curved design so that it can reach under appliances to remove old food debris and gunk that got stuck underneath. It’s actually really useful, one of those tools you didn’t know you needed until you had it.

#5 Car Detail Kit. This is another optional extra, and the kit is priced at around £25. It comes with loads of great accessories to help you clean your car, including a long hose and several heads that will help you reach tight places as well as get the seats looking good again.

Ease of Use and Setup

Building the Vacuum
It’s really quick and easy, and all it takes is you clicking the two halves together so that it creates the full machine. The instruction manual that’s included provides a detailed look at how to do this if you get stuck and also provides some basic troubleshooting.

Emptying the bin

shark lift away dust capacity

The dust capacity is quite small at 0.84L, but this is a little larger than the NZ801UKT which is a relief, but almost half size of its bigger brother AZ950UKT.

There is no need for brush bar maintenance, which is great. This is because it has the anti-hair wrap technology that prevents tangling and matting while you clean (remember our tip from Shark customer service above).

However, it is still worth reading our Shark repair and troubleshooting guide for general maintenance tips and access to the brush roll if it is ever needed.

As for the filter, this is really simple. All you need to do is rinse it under cool running water, squeeze it out a little if needed, and then leave it to dry on the side for at least 24 hours.

TIP: It must be completely dry before you put it back in the machine to ensure that it doesn’t damage the vacuum cleaner.

Shark recommends that you wash the filter every three months to prevent damage. However, it should be looked at monthly to check that it is not too dirty. In fact, we suggest washing it on a monthly basis to ensure that it is always in top shape.

The warranty for the AZ910UKT lasts for a whopping five years This is a nice change from the industry standard of one year, and the warranty covers parts and labour in addition to malfunctions and breakdowns. Just remember to register your vacuum cleaner on the Shark website.

Who Should Buy the Shark AZ910

If you have allergies and a pet owner, like all Shark uprights its definitely a great model to go with, but this would be on the basis you live and a medium to larger sized home with stairs and a home thats mainly carpeted

TIP: Shark often times will have a great deal on the AZ910UK version and  not the AZ950UKT version, but as the only difference (other than colour) is the Pet tool, remember you can buy these separately for under £20

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Shark AZ910

If you have lots of laminate or other hard floorings, you may be better off with the Shark corded stick HZ500UK which excels on hard floors (though not as good on the carpet as this AZ910)

I would also suggest if you don’t have anyone in the home with potential long stair hairs, then you could likely live without the Anti-hair wrap brush bar, I would suggest looking towards the NV681which has the same spec and scored pretty much the same in all our tests, in fact, a little better on the carpet and at a lower price to boot.

FINAL TIP: If you order direct with Shark, they often have sale prices on at least 2 or 3 of their full-sized upright vacuum cleaners and with the whole range is pretty much on a par in our test, I would suggest getting the one with the biggest saving. Click here to see what’s on offer today

What did you think of our Shark AZ910UK and AZ910UKT review? Do you agree with our thoughts on the vacuum, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below. 

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