How to Use a Trouser Press (Step By Step Instructions)

The legs of your trousers are prone to wrinkles and creases that, honestly, ruin that crisp and neat look you’re going for. It can be a real pain to iron out, and you don’t want to show up to your next meeting looking a mess. This is where the trouser press comes in. 

Using a trouser press is as simple as sliding them in feet first, locking them in place, starting the clock, and then letting them cool down before you wear them. Seriously, there’s nothing easier and you’ll get that fresh from the dry cleaner pressed look. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery? Yes? Well, ready your trouser press (or prepare to bookmark this page for later) as we take you through the steps. 

Step One: Feet First 

Open up the front panel of your trouser press and slide your trousers in, making sure that they are going feet first between the panels. Next, smooth out the fabric to ensure all those creases and wrinkles are as neatly aligned as possible (it really helps you get the best results). 

Step Two: Press and Lock

Keep a hand on the top of the trousers to keep them in position – don’t be me cursing quietly as they fall while you close the press. While holding them, slowly close the front panel and ensure the trousers don’t move around so that they stay flat and neat. 

Once it is closed, push down on the arm (also known as the lever) to lock the press into place. This will keep the panels closed so that you can start the press. 

Step Three: Start the Clock

This part relies on the type of material that you are pressing, the severity of the creases, and the model you have – not all of them have a wide range of timer settings to choose from. Therefore, it’s important that you refer to the user manual before you set any timers. 

Generally speaking, you will be able to choose between 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes. The thicker the fabric, the longer it will need in the press. Similarly, severe creases may also need a little longer to smooth out. 

Step Four: Repeat If Needed 

The heat is what gets rid of the wrinkles and smooths out the fabric, and if you have a model that only has a 15-minute timer you may need to repeat the process. Check your trousers after they have been pressed and proceed as necessary.

Step Five: Cool Down 

Once the cycle is done, leave them to cool inside the press – all good things take time and patience. When the machine has finished working its magic it will shut itself down automatically, and that’s when you know the trousers are ready to be released. 

Benefits of Using a Trouser Press 

You know how to use the trouser press, but are there any benefits to doing so? Especially over something like a steam iron. 

A trouser press gives you a wonderful and professional finish, presenting you with crisp trousers that are free from lines and wrinkles while also sharpening those needed and defining creases. After all, you want to look great for every meeting you attend. 

Your trousers look better, but what if I told you that a trouser press also helps them to last longer? It’s because steaming reduces the amount of wear and tear they go through and keeps them in top condition for longer, so you won’t need to replace them as frequently. 

No time to iron? Yeah, we feel you on that. Ironing is time-consuming, but with a trouser press, you can just set the timer and leave it to work its magic. You also save money on dry cleaning bills because you can do everything yourself with minimal effort. Winning all ‘round here. 

You know those horrible shiny patches that get left on trousers? The ones that make you look like a Christmas decoration in the middle of a July meeting? An electric trouser press means that you don’t have to worry about that anymore. 

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Can you put jeans in a trouser press?

You can definitely put jeans in a trouser press. However, you do need to keep in mind that denim is much thicker than the materials you usually put into a trouser press. Therefore, you will likely need to put it in for around 45 minutes. 

Can you put shirts in a trouser press?

You can put shirts in a trouser press, but it’s not the best or most practical solution. You won’t get the same pristine results as you would with a steam iron, but it will remove wrinkles and reduce the more obvious folds if you are in a bit of a bind. 

Just make sure you follow these quick tips if you want your shirts to come out ok:

  • Avoid double layers or you’re going to have a lot more wrinkles 
  • Keep everything as flat as possible 
  • Less is more, 15 minutes per panel is all you need 
  • Always let the shirt cool on a hanger before wearing it 

Final Thoughts 

Quick, simple, and way cheaper than a dry cleaner with the same great results. If a trouser press feels like the right choice for you, make sure you check out our guide to the best ones on the market – you won’t regret it and you’ll find there are some fantastically versatile models. 

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