Meaco Dehumidifier UK Reviews – Which is the Best Meaco Model ?

Meaco Dehumidifier Reviews – Low Energy Best Buy Models?

At some point the majority of households will require a dehumidifier. They keep the air clear from excess moisture and humidity.

The best dehumidifiers keep the air clear and free from excess moisture. Some models will even work to kill any lingering bacteria.

They can also be used for health reasons. Those who suffer from allergies and conditions such as asthma can benefit hugely from a dehumidifier.

The moisture free air means that they are less at risk of attacks due to mould and damp.

Meaco is an excellent company that provide a range of household appliances.

Their dehumidifiers have received great praise, so we have brought three of their most popular model so that we can take a look at the Meaco reviews for these low energy machines.

Whether you need something small and compact, or are looking for something larger to absorb a lot of moisture, you are sure to find the perfect Meaco humidifier for you.

Meaco Dehumidifier Product Reviews


Price Range

Rating (1-5)


Meaco Small Home Dehumidifier 10 L

Under £140


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Meaco Home Dehumidifier 20 L

Under £180


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Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier 12 L [Energy Class a]

Under £200


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1. Meaco Small Home Dehumidifier 10 L

Meaco Small Home Dehumidifier 10 L

The Meaco 10L dehumidifier reviews have been incredibly favourable, due to its compact size.

 This dehumidifier is perfect for flats, and small homes with no more than three bedrooms.

Lightweight and easy to put in the corner, it doesn’t take up much space and does an excellent job of clearing the air.

It is a simple machine with a lot of power, and can be used to prevent window condensation as well as aid in the drying of laundry.

 It is definitely the best dehumidifier for drying clothes on the market, and at a very low price.

 The control panel is not complex and very easy to use. Plus, it will automatically shut down once the water tank is full.


  • Compact size
  • Carry handle for easy movement
  • Low noise levels
  • Excellent for drying clothes
  • Keeps condensation off the windows
  • Simple to use
  • Comes from a trusted brand
  • Energy efficient


  • Can be quite noisy
  • Some feel that the overall quality could be improved

The Meaco desiccant dehumidifier is incredibly compact and portable, making it ideal for those in small houses and flats who have an issue with damp.

While there are mixed reviews regarding the noise levels, there is a general positivity with regards to them being quite low.

It is probably one of the best dehumidifiers for drying clothes, and it is sure to keep condensation off your windows. A definite must for those looking for something practical and affordable.




2. Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier 12 L [Energy Class a]

Ebac 3850e Dehumidifier with Smart Control, 21 Litre, White

The 12L dehumidifier customer reviews have been favourable for this model.

It is praised for being low energy so that you can save some money on your energy bills.

After all, running a dehumidifier can be incredibly costly, so having one that is energy efficient can be a great deal of help.

There is an indicator to let you know when the tank is full, and it is front loading to prevent spillages.

It has a motorised swinging louvre for a cheaper way to get rid of mould and mildew effectively.

You can rest assured that excess damp will be quickly removed with this model.

 It’s ultra-quiet when running, and also has a child safety lock for their protection.


  • Low energy
  • Child safety lock
  • Tank full indicator
  • Really quiet when running
  • Front loading water tank
  • Motorised swinging louvre
  • Great for mould and mildew


  • Unclear instructions
  • Can be noisy

The Meaco platinum dehumidifier customer reviews for this model show it to be a great entry level machine that will keep your home dry and free from damp.

While some have noted it is noisy, the vast majority of people find the noise levels to be more than bearable – so you are unlikely to be disturbed by the noise.

It has a child safety lock for curious little ones, and the fact that it is low energy will reflect positively on your energy bills.

 Most people hardly noticed an increase in their monthly or quarterly spending.




3. Meaco Home Dehumidifier 20 L

Meaco Home Dehumidifier 20 L

The Meaco 20L dehumidifier customer reviews have been incredibly favourable.

 It uses as little energy as possible why dehumidifying your home, to save you money on your electricity bill each month.

Compared to most other dehumidifiers, this particular model is relatively quiet, making it easy to live with.

Once the target humidity is reached, it will automatically shut down for thirty minutes before starting again, continuing to save on your energy bills.

The anti-bacterial filter works to help keep the air clean and rid it of any lingering bacteria.

 This makes it the ideal model for those who are suffering from asthma or allergies.

This model is so fantastic at what it does that it is recommended for use in museums to keep artefacts protected. Plus, there is the option for continuous drainage.


  • Popular brand
  • Good for drying clothes
  • Energy efficient
  • Automatic shutdown and restart when humidity levels reached
  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Filter is easy to clean
  • Continuous drainage option
  • Quiet when running


  • A couple of occasions where it broke down
  • Customer service could be improved

This low energy dehumidifier is great for those who need something powerful but also won’t cost them a fortune when the energy bill comes in each month.

It’s a quiet machine with a range of superb features to keep your home free from excess moisture as well as mould and mildew.

With the option for continuous drainage and an air purification system, it’s not one you will want to miss out on.


Q: What is the water tank volume in litres? and does it switch of when its full?

A: The water tank capacity is 3.5 Litres and the dehumidifier switches off when the tank is full, there is a continuous drain option you can fit if applicable 




To Conclude

When you go to buy a humidifier it is not an easy task to undertake. After all, there is a lot of choices and so many options to consider. It’s no different when you re reviewing products from a specific brand, like Meaco.

The Meaco dehumidifier reviews that are shown here display the most popular models on the market, and the ones that people regard highly.

As with all good dehumidifiers, these machines work tirelessly to rid your home of mould, mildew, and damp so that you can have a better quality of life.

Whether you need the most basic model, or something a little more sophisticated for allergy and asthma sufferers, you are sure to find the perfect model for you here.

 If you're looking for a different model other than Meaco, you may also check our list of best Ebac dehumidifiers!

What did you think of our Meaco model selection? Are there ones that you would have added to the list? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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