Best Way to Clean Dog Hair Off Hard Floors [Wood, Tiles, Vinyl]

Dogs. Our best friends, loyal companions, goofy playmates, and super hairy. Wherever they go, a trail of hair is left behind. But would you like to hear the good news in all of this? Pet hair is really easy to clean off hard floors – no matter the material they are made from. 

So what are the best ways to clean dog hair off hard floors? Firstly, we always recommend using a pet vacuum alongside our list of handy tips.

A dampened mop, dryer sheets, sellotape, microfibre duster and a rubber broom is the perfect combination to get rid of those pesky hairs.

All you need to know now is how?


While it’s a simple job, our handy list help make it easier, to ensure that you end up with hair-free floors that truly shine once you’re done with them. Whether you want to mop or sweep, we have the best tips to remove dog hair here for you.

Top Tips for Best Ways Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Hair Free

Are you ready for some of the best hardwood floor pet hair cleaning hacks of your life? It’s no exaggeration, and each of these uses household items that are incredibly affordable if you don’t already have them in your cupboards. 

Each of the tips and tricks below should be used alongside a pet vacuum cleaner as this is the most efficient way to stay on top of pet hair and debris. Get a vacuum that has been made to clean up after pets and comes with the attachments to keep it easy for you.

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Dryer Sheets Are Great At Picking Up Pet Hair

Hardwood floors, furniture, clothing – dryer sheets remove fur and fluff from practically any surface. You can use them dry or dampened, all you need to do is wipe them over the surface in question and all the hair will come with it.

Use a Roll of Tape to Pick Up Loose Pet Hairs

When you simply don’t have time to vacuum, a quick strip of tape can be great for those stray clumps that need to be removed. The hair will stick to it effortlessly, and you can even use this method on clothes and furniture to great effect – perfect for when you need to clean your suit quickly. 

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Use a Dampened Mop for Hardwood Floors or Vinyl Floors to Remove Dog Hairs

A damp mop is a great option to remove hair on hardwood floors as well as vinyl. You should make sure it is not soaked so that there is less risk of the water being absorbed by the wood and causing mould or warping. However, you must also carefully consider the type of floor being mopped. 

Unfinished wooden floors pose a problem in that they have no waterproofing on them. This means that they are susceptible to absorbing too much moisture and this should be avoided as much as possible. 

Finished hardwood floors have this special layer, but you still need to be careful as it can become worn down over time and will need to be refinished throughout its life.

Use a Rubber Broom to Pick Up Pet Hairs From the Bathroom Floors

Every household needs a rubber broom. They are soft and gentle on floors to prevent scratching while also being highly effective at collecting hair and debris from hard surfaces. Most of the time, sweeping makes vacuuming up the finer particles much easier.

Using Microfiber Duster/Mop to Remove Pet Hairs

Microfiber is a fantastic material, and one that homeowners should be using more often. This is because it’s a gentle material that will not scratch or damage your floor, but it also has an almost magnetic charge that makes it fantastic for collecting dust, hair, and other debris. 

To collect pet hair with a microfiber cloth or mop, you simply need to wipe it over the area and it will pick everything up swiftly. You can also dampen it slightly if needed as this will increase the overall collection rate for the pet hair on your hard floor.

Hard Flooring Attachments for Hair Free Floors

A good pet vacuum cleaner will use an attachment made specially for hardwood flooring to really get rid of pet hair and fine dust. Not only that, it is much gentler when cleaning to keep your flooring in good condition and prevent damage. It’s one of the most efficient ways to tackle hair.

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How to Minimize Pet Hair in Your House

It’s one thing to remove pet hair, but what about preventing it in the first place? Your dog will always be shedding and moulting, but you can help reduce the amount that gets spread all over the floor. 

You should brush your dog every day, or at least a few times a week. This gets rid of all the loose hair so that their coats remain healthy and shiny but also to reduce the amount of shedding so that there is less for you to clean up.

Bathe them regularly. A monthly bath is a great option as this not only helps maintain their coats but also makes it much easier to remove the loose hair mentioned before – especially when they are moulting. 

You should also ensure their diets contain good levels of nutrition and protein as this is part of why their coats remain so soft and healthy. Ensuring they are getting a balanced diet packed with the nutrients they need to thrive is essential. Better food, less dog hair on the floor.


How do you get dog hair off tiles?

To get dog hair off tile all you need is a good pet vacuum cleaner and a rubber broom. Sweep the area up first to get rid of the chunky hair piles and debris before running the vacuum over the floor to ensure the finer stuff is collected.

Can you use a lint roller on hardwood floors?

Yes, you can use a lint roller on hardwood floors but it won’t be a very efficient method. While it’s great for a quick fix, like the tape method, it’s not an effective way to clean the entire floor.

Why is a rubber brush the top choice to remove pet hair?

A rubber brush is a great choice to remove pet hair from your floors because it doesn’t come with the risk of scratching hardwood floors, especially those that have not been finished.

However, they are also solid enough that hair and debris will not slip through the bristles like with a fine-bristled brush. The rubber broom offers added efficiency.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping your home clean and ensuring dog hair is taken care of is a fairly simple task but it can be tiresome and time-consuming when you feel as though it’s always a problem. By grooming your dog regularly and ensuring they have the right diet, you can reduce the amount of hair. 

Our cleaning tips and tricks will keep your flooring looking sparkly clean and ensure that the hair levels remain as low as possible. Were our techniques able to help you keep the hair at bay, or are there methods that you would recommend instead? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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