How to Effectively Clean a Rubber Gym Floor?

A rubber gym floor must get regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it clean and free from disease-causing germs. Cleaning should be easy but there are dos and don’ts when doing this.

So, the question is how do you clean a rubber floor? it’s easy when you know-how.

Firstly it’s essential to have the right cleaning materials for rubber tiles and mats. Simply a brush, mop or sponge is perfect.

Its also important to use the best cleaning products such as our homemade vinegar solution, which has all the ingredients below.

how do you clean a rubber gym floor

How Do You Clean a Rubber Gym Floor?

The goal is to remove dirt and stubborn stains on the rubber floor to create an inviting atmosphere for whole-body workouts and simple exercises. Of course, cleaning also means discouraging bacteria growth. 

The fitness experts over at Simple Fitness Hub recommend fitness professionals to teach their clients how to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria on gym equipment.

That being said, use the following steps and materials you can use when cleaning a rubber floor.

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Cleaning Materials for Rubber Tiles and Mats

Often, it only takes simple sweeping and mopping to remove stains on the rubber. However, it is best to set at least a weekly schedule for deep cleaning. You will only need some or all of the following supplies depending on how dirty the rubber mats are.

  • broom or vacuum
  • sponge or nylon mop
  • rag
  • bucket
  • soft-bristled brush
  • vinegar
  • floor cleaning solution with neutral pH or dish soap

Note: Use only cleaning agents that do not contain turpentine or acetone. These chemicals can leave permanent damage on your rubber flooring. Use vinegar in small amounts because it is acidic which can damage the rubber.

Cleaning Dirt and Stains on Rubber Gym Flooring

For larger areas, using a commercial scrubbing machine may be used. But regardless of the size of the rubber flooring, you can still do manual cleaning with the following steps. 

  1. Sweep the flooring to remove loose dirt, hair, and other particles. Make sure to use a vacuum with soft rollers for cleaning, such as those used in carpets.
  2. Use a wooden or plastic scraper to get rid of buildup on the floor, such as mud and bubble gum. Do this gently to avoid damaging the rubber.
  3. You can use a ¼ cup floor cleaner or mild dish soap to every bucket of water as a cleaning solution.
  4. Mop the rubber floor to remove dirt. You may need to repeat the mopping or scrub with a soft-bristled brush or sponge when cleaning high-traffic areas as these usually are the dirtiest.
  5. Replace murky water solution every time. Washing with dirty water will do more harm than good. This will increase the possibility of dirt buildup.
  6. Remove excess water.
  7. Allow the rubber floor tile to dry completely before using it again.

Using Vinegar to Clean a Rubber Gym Floor

Vinegar is a natural cleaning ingredient that you can use on rubber floor tiles. The vinegar naturally contains acid which melts down stains. There are different kinds of vinegar but for cleaning, you can only use distilled white or apple cider. Here’s how to make a vinegar cleaning solution.

Things You’ll Need

  • apple cider or distilled white vinegar
  • water
  • essential oils

Instructions for Making Vinegar Cleaning Solution

  1. Combine 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. Do not use too much vinegar as this can also take a toll on the integrity of the rubber floor.
  2. Add essential oil into the solution to reduce the vinegar smell. Use tea tree, lavender, or thyme when using the white vinegar, or melaleuca, or eucalyptus for apple cider.
  3. Transfer the liquid into a spray bottle, or damp cloth with the vinegar-water solution.
  4. Spray or wipe the solution directly on the dirty rubber gym floor.
  5. Allow the floor to dry.

Benefits of Using Vinegar-Water Solution for Cleaning Rubber

Using the vinegar and water solution to clean rubber mats and tiles is cheaper than store-bought floor cleaners. Also, vinegar is all-natural and contains acetic acid which is very effective in breaking down mineral deposits, grime, dirt, and grease. What’s more is that it kills bacteria, too.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cleaning a Rubber Floor Gym

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to rubber gym floor cleaning. Rubber can be sensitive when it comes to pressure and chemicals.

Can You Use Bleach On Rubber Flooring?

Unfortunately, you can’t use bleach when cleaning rubber flooring. Bleach is too strong that it can wear out rubber at a faster rate. When used often, bleach will make the rubber material brittle.

How Do I Get The Rubber Smell Out Of My Gym Floor?

You can use a floor cleaner with a neutral pH or take the rubber mats outside for sunning to get the rubber smell out of your gym floor. Some brands really do have a stronger rubber smell than the others, so remember to consider that. Make sure the room with rubber mats gets good ventilation.

How Often Should Gym Floors Be Refinished?

There is no specific time when to refinish rubber gym floors. How often should gym floors be refinished would usually depend on how often they’re used. Chipping and cracking usually signal it is time to resurface a rubber gym floor.

Can You Burnish A Gym Floor?

Unfortunately, you can’t burnish a rubber gym floor using high-speed burnishers. Burnishing a gym floor with these will cause surface damage, especially when you don’t use soft floor polishing brushes. Only use a machine that can operate less than 350 revolutions per minute.

Can You Steam Rubber Floor Tiles?

Yes, you can use steam on rubber floor tiles. In fact, steam cleaning does not just clean, it sanitizes the rubber gym floor, too. It is also better than regular mopping because it dries more quickly reducing water spot damage.


You should schedule light cleaning on a daily basis but periodic deep cleaning is also important. Remove dirt, stains, and buildup on the rubber gym floor with basic home supplies as dish soap, water, vinegar, and mop. Burnishing and steam cleaning are also helpful in maintaining clean rubber flooring.

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