Best Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer Insurance

Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer Insurance

I didn’t actually know this was a thing until I moved into a home that required me to buy home insurance.

Who’d have thought that you can insure your washer and dryer separately? Some might say that it’s not worth the cost, but it’s honestly so small that you barely notice it.

You also have the added bonus in that if anything happens, you are covered and protected. Buying a new washing machine, or getting the old one repaired, can be an expensive task after all.

Here I am, insurance enthusiast, ready to share my hot tips, as well as answer some FAQs. Buckle up, because this guide has everything you need to know.

Do You Need to Insure Your Washing Machine?

I’m going to answer this one with a strong yes. There are many who would say that there’s no point. After all, washing machines tend to last a good 11 years on average, so why bother with insurance?

The thing is, you never know when an accident is going to happen, or if your machine is going to break down outside of your warranty period. So yes, I think you need to insure it. To give you a better idea, here are some more details on the matter.

  • Are You Covered Elsewhere?

If your machine is still under warranty, you don’t necessarily need to worry about getting washing machine insurance. This is because pretty much everything is covered by the warranty. When this runs out, or just before, is the ideal time to get insurance.

Just remember that most places won’t insure machines that are eight years old and over

  • Is it Worth the Cost?

Yes. Washing machine insurance tends to be exceptionally cheap, and is a lot less than buying a new machine or paying for repairs. Just make sure to check the age of your machine, and weigh up the cost of replacing it before you commit to insurance.

  • Can You Get Cover?

This is all dependant on the age of your washing machine. The vast majority of companies will only insure one that is under the age of eight for washing machine insurance.

This is because the average washing machine lifespan is only 11, and once they hit eight, they are more likely to start breaking down and experiencing age-related issues.

How to Find the Best Cover

The most important thing to remember is that you should shop around for the best price and coverage. Grab a handful of companies and compare all of the features they offer, including discounts and what exactly they cover.

It’s also worth calling them up to see what their customer service team is like. You can tell a lot about a company from little things like that.

  • Price

A lot of the time, you will be able to split payments over 12 months, spreading out the cost. You can also pay for a whole year upfront, and this will often be a little cheaper than going monthly.

Personally, I like to try and get it all out of the way so that there is one less monthly payment to worry about.

  • Claim Limits

How much are they willing to give you if they need to call out an engineer or the machine needs to be replaced? The claim limit is pretty important, and it will provide you with a clear idea of what to expect. Check the policy carefully before you sign so that you aren’t surprised by any loopholes later on.

Full Protection for Your Washing Machine

Washing machine insurance and tumble dryer insurance provide you with a greater level of protection, so that you don’t need to worry about it breaking down.

It’s stressful when things go wrong, especially after your warranty runs out, so why not give yourself some peace of mind? There are so many great reasons to insure your machine, as I am sure you will see in the next few sections.

What are the Benefits of home appliance insurance ?

Let’s take a look at what washing machine insurance can bring you. Of course, every company has its own extras that they can throw into the list, so this is a general rundown:

  • Fast breakdown response
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Appliance replacements if needed
  • Qualified and trusted engineers
  • Cooldown period on your policy
  • Unlimited call outs
  • Mechanical breakdown cover
  • Quick repair or replacement

What Will My Washing Machine Insurance Policy Cover?

There is a lot of stuff that is covered in washing machine insurance, and much of it goes into detail with specifics. It does tend to vary a little between providers, but there are a few things that remain the same. Here’s some blanket coverage of what you can expect a policy to include:

  • Accidental damage
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Accidental water/liquid damage
  • Electrical Breakdown

Are There Any Incidents Not Covered?

Your policy isn’t going to cover everything, though, and so it is good to have an idea of the things they might reject.

After all, you don’t want to sign up for a policy only to discover that the issues you have aren’t even covered. Here’s the list of the most common things that aren’t included:

  • Any pre-existing fault at the point of taking out the policy
  • Deliberate damage to the appliance
  • Appliances over 8-10 years old (depending on the company)
  • Removal of old appliance
  • Delivery and Installation

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Companies to Consider

#1 Row

The first thing that struck me about Row was the price; it starts from as little as £1.49pm. That’s pretty fantastic. However, there is more to them than a good pricing strategy. They cover accidental damage, breakdown, and the immediate family that lives with you.

They cover up to £2000 so that you don’t have to worry about the repair costs, and there is a great discount for additional machines. With qualified engineers and the ability to cancel at any time, they are ones to consider.

#2 Sure Wise

This insurance company has all the right ideas. No hidden fees, no price hikes, and no call out charges. It gives you peace of mind if you ever need emergency repairs carried out. Cover starts at £6.58pm, and this includes coverage of up to £5000.

The home appliance insurance covers both white and brown goods, the cost of parts and labour, or even replacement if the damage is that severe. If you decide to cover more than one appliance, you can also benefit from a discounted price.

#3 Home Emergency Assist

This company starts its pricing at £4.99pm with a small excess, and £7.99pm without one. There is also a discount if you decide to insure two appliances at the same time; ideal for those with both a washer and dryer.

Breakdowns and accidental damage are all covered, and this is up to £2500 in total. The claims line is operated 24/7 and every day of the year, so you never have to sit and panic about your situation. The coverage is comprehensive, and the service top-notch.

Washing Machine FAQ

There are a lots of questions to ask before you go ahead and take out coverage, and that’s what this little section is for. So, dive in and see if any of these answers are able to ease your mind and help you decide which path is best for you.

Will My Washing Machine be Covered by My Home Insurance?

Home insurance covers a lot of things. Fires, floods, loss, and theft are just some of them. However, you will find that your home insurance will not cover things like repairs due to a mechanical breakdown, or replacement.

That’s why washing machine and tumble dryer insurance can be such a useful thing to have.

Can You Cover My Tumble Dryer?

Pretty much every insurance company will cover your dryer if they also do your washer. The best part is that you will usually benefit from a discount when you insure multiple appliances.

If you have a washer/dryer, you are also in luck as these are usually covered by home appliance insurance companies as well.

Am I Covered if the Lights on My Washing Machine Need Replacing?

No. Pretty much every policy excludes things like lights, batteries, and fuses. All of these are actually really cheap and easy to replace yourself, and make for a quick DIY job. Your policyholder will be able to give you more details on the specifics of what is and is not covered.

How Can I Claim if I Do Not Have My Original Receipt?

There shouldn’t be any need to worry about this. Most people don’t hold onto receipts past the store’s return policy as it is. If you no longer have it, you just need to provide proof of purchase.

This is usually in the form of a bank statement, or just the online receipt after your purchase was made.

Can I Cancel My Policy if I Change My Mind?

Most insurance companies have a 14-day period in which you can cancel your policy with them without repercussion.

The cancellation is free, and you tend to get all or most of your money back. However, after the two-week period is up, the cancellation will cost money; usually the amount of time you have been covered for.

Is Washing Machine Insurance Worthwhile?

Yes. If your machine breaks down outside of the warranty, or there is accidental damage caused to it, do you really have the extra funds to repair or replace it?

A lot of the time, these things happen when we are already in a pinch, and washing machine insurance gives you peace of mind in the event that anything does go wrong.

How Much Does Cover Cost?

This really depends on who you go with. There are some places that offer coverage from as little as £1 per month, and those that go all the way past £20 per month.

You must make sure to check what the policy actually covers so that you know you are fully protected, and also that you aren’t being ripped off.

Why Doesn’t My Home Insurance Cover My Washing Machine?

They aren’t considered fixtures in the house. The kitchen counters; fixtures. The kitchen sink; fixtures. The washing machine and tumble dryer; not fixtures.

All white goods fall under this category of not being a fixture in the home, and that is why they are not covered by home insurance, and why appliance insurance is the only option.

Is a Single- or Multi-Appliance Policy Best for My Appliance?

If you have multiple appliances that need to be covered, go for the multi coverage. This is because you will often get a decent discount on two or more appliances, and it can save you some money.

You don’t need to go overboard with the insurance, but if you have both a washer and dryer, you might as well cover both for a nicely discounted price.

Is There a Cooling Off Period with This Policy?

Yes, you should expect to find a cooling-off period with any policy that you purchase. The standard timeframe for insurance companies across the board is 14 days. After this time, you will not be able to cancel for free and will need to pay a fee.

Is There a Guarantee on Any Repairs You May Have to Make on My Appliance in the Event of a Claim?

Yes. There should be a guarantee on repairs with any insurance company you choose. Most of the time, this will consist of them promising to replace the machine if it cannot be fixed by one of their professionals.

The repairs will also be carried out within a set timeframe to ensure that you are not left waiting for them to show up.

To Conclude

So, that was a lot of information. But all good stuff, and hopefully things that helped you to better understand the process and make the right choice.

I love the insurance companies listed in this guide, and vouch for them, but there is nothing wrong with choosing one that you are more familiar with. Just make sure you are getting the best deals and coverage for your money for your washing machine.

Of course, an FAQ is never complete, and if you feel like I have missed out a few key questions, then make sure to let me know. Just leave me a message in the comment section below, and I will make sure to get back to you.

After all, it is important to have all the answers you want and need before you go ahead and buy.

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