Discover the Best Tower Fan: UK Reviews and Buyers Guide

KEEP COOL in every sense of the word. It’s time to change your life with a tower fan. 

Tall, sleek, and unstoppable, you’ll truly understand the meaning of cool with our guide to the best tower fans. Bring a touch of the arctic home this summer.


It’s time to have a summer where you can finally relax. 

We took 15 of the leading tower fans in the UK and spent over 50 hours analysing them and putting them through their paces - using our expertly crafted system to determine which will keep you coolest. From Honeywell to Futura, we have all the leading names and more. 

But why? We hear you ask. 

Aside from the obvious why not, we also know that you deserve to be cool and comfortable when the hot weather hits. You need a tower fan that offers POWER, reliability, and a cool breeze that really takes the heat away. 

Who stole the show? Well, the Honeywell HO-5500RE was the clear winner here, offering excellence both in terms of value and cooling capabilities. 

Not sure you’re feeling our editor’s pick? No need to lose your cool (I crack myself up), there are loads of incredible tower fans in this guide you are sure to love. 


Best Tower Fans (In Order) 

Honeywell HO-5500RE

Editors Pick 

Sleek, tall, POWERFUL, these are all fantastic words that can be used to describe this tower fan from Honeywell.

It’s perfectly suited to any size room, helping you to keep cool throughout the summer and really shed the heat.

  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 x 103.5cm
  • Speeds: 3
  • Oscillation: Yes
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Remote: Yes

One of the most exciting features this tower fan offers is the LED display by the control panel.

This shows you the current setting, and also provides easy access to all the settings. What’s more, it even has a remote control to make life easier for you on those really hot days. 

The 110-degree oscillation means that the entire room is kept cool, and the gliding grill means that this is achieved without the actual fan moving - creating a more stable fan that’s less likely to fall over. This is really handy for those motorhome summer holidays - trust me! 

It has three different wind modes, providing the perfect breeze for any summer day.

This includes a sleep mode that allows for a cool wind without disturbing you in the night. There is even a timer so you can programme cooling periods throughout the day. 

Quiet is everything, and you can rest easy knowing that this tower fan isn’t just quiet when you are sleeping - it is a quiet operation all the time. Whether working or dozing, you won’t be disturbed by heavy whirring and can instead kick back and enjoy the summer. 
  • Tall and slim to take up very little space but still make an impressive impact
  • Three fan speeds to keep the room the temperature you want it
  • Effortless oscillation that ensures cool air is spread evenly throughout the room
  • Convenient remote control to make life that much easier for you
  • Quiet running that won’t disturb your day-to-day life

Not sure our editor’s pick is quite snazzy enough for you? Well, we also have our premium pick which you will find below. Why not step things up a notch and enjoy this truly fancy tower fan? Your summers will never be the same again.

ANISO Tower Fans 30-inch

Premium Pick 

Tall and slim, this tower fan takes up hardly any space but certainly makes a POWERFUL impact.

Not to mention it comes in an impressive selection of colours, allowing you to find the perfect model to fit your aesthetic and interior design. 

  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 76.5cm
  • Speed Settings: 3
  • Oscillation: Yes
  • Weight: 3.86kg
  • Remote: Yes

Offering 60-degree oscillation tower fan, this fan moves at a steady pace and ensures the entire room benefits from cooling air.

It even allows you to set a timer so that you can perfectly adjust the amount of cool air being spread according to your needs. 

It has a snazzy LED control panel that clearly sets out each of the fan speeds, timer settings, and modes available to you. 

The simple press of a button allows you to cycle through them effortlessly, and there is even a remote control for those really hot and sticky days. 

The three fan speeds settings ensure that you are always getting just the right amount of cool air, and they are easy to adjust as needed. These modes include normal, nature, and taper, each of which is faster than the last. 

Looking to catch a few Z’s but don’t want to be disturbed by the almighty roar of a fan? This tower fan has you covered, offering quiet running that doesn’t just keep you sleeping through the night but also won’t disturb you while you’re working. 

  • Classically stylish design that complements any home decor
  • 60-degree oscillation that keeps the entire room cooler than a shady tree
  • Three fan speed settings that allow you to adapt to the changing seasons flawlessly
  • Remote control for those days you’re so hot you’re stuck to the couch
  • Timer function that allows the automatic cooling of your home when you need it 

Love our premium pick but still want to keep your options open? Lucky for you, we have a lovely selection of tower fans below that you can check out. Every single one will keep you cool all summer long - it’s just the little extras that make a difference.


Best Cooling Tower Fans 

If you are looking for a cooling tower fan, then this might just be the perfect option for you.

Make sure to read the reviews and see if this tower fan is what you are looking for to keep your house cool.

This tower fan comes in a classic white, suiting just about any home in terms of design.

It is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to move between rooms when you need to.

 It also has an oscillation feature so that the air can be better distributed.

It has three speed settings and wind modes that you can choose from, as well as a remote so that you can control it from a distance.

 It also has a timer that allows for up to 7.5 hours of control throughout the day and night. Plus, it features quiet running.

The base can be a little wobbly, and the screws don’t tend to line up to secure it properly.

This affordable tower fan runs quietly so that you aren’t disturbed by loud background noises while you are trying to work or relax.

 It features a range of settings and features that offer you a deeper level of control over your fan, all of which can be set using the nifty remote that is supplies.

In addition to this, it also has a built-in timer. Practical and affordable, it’s a good fan if you want something a little cheaper than the big brand names.


Best Oscillating Tower Fan 

A trusted and reliable brand, Honeywell are known for producing excellent quality home electronics and appliances.

This tower fan certainly meets the levels of quality and reliability that you would expect.

Take a look at the reviews and see if this is the right fan for you.

The great thing about this oscillating fan is that while the tower rotates, the motor housing remains stable and secure.

This improves the overall safety of the fan. It also features an aluminium sidebar for additional strength and stability.

It has a remote control panel that is easy to use with an LCD display as well as a remote control so that it can be adjusted from a distance.

 It has three different wind modes so that you can adjust things to suit your preferences. There is also a timer built in as well as a cooling system.

The night mode needs improvement as it can be quite bright and the power can click on and off frequently.

This reasonably priced tower fan is stylish and will stand nicely in the corner of the room. It does a fantastic job of heating the room, and has a range of features that allow for complete control over the temperature adjustment.

 Plus, it has been constructed so that is is incredibly sturdy and safe in your home. A great buy at a reasonable price.


Q: Does the Honeywell Tower Fan have a timer?

A: Yes, you can set it to stop in, 30mins, 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours. 

Q: Is this model noisy as i would like to use it in the bedroom. 

A: Not noisy just a lot quieter on the two lower settings compared to the top settings. 


Best Upright Tower Fan 

Tower fans are great if you don’t want to take up too much space but want your room to be suitably cool.

This nifty upright tower fan from Dimplex might be the best solution for your home.

Take a look below and see if it’s the right model for you.

The Good

This fan comes in a classic black with a modern design, and it is easy to stand anywhere in your chosen room.

Plus, it is lightweight which makes it easy to move around should you decide to change its location.

 It also has an LCD display and a remote control to make things easier.

It features two main settings, allowing you to adjust the level of air to suit your needs. In addition to this, it has a 12-hour timer installed alongside an excellent oscillation for even air distribution around the room.

The Not So Good

There is no function to set a timer for the fan to turn on, and the instructions can be confusing.

Our View

Whether you want to use it in the bedroom or the living room, this nifty tower fan is great for those that want something reliable from a trusted brand.

With a modern design and clear LCD display, you always know what temperature it’s at, and you can use the remote control to adjust it from a comfortable location.

While on the higher end of the price spectrum, you’re not just paying for a name, you are paying for quality.

E Bargains

Most Powerful Tower Fan 

A powerful fan is often just what you need to keep cool during the summer months. With this bargain model, you can achieve just that.

Take a look and see if this is the right model for you and your home.

This fan comes in a classic white, and it is easy to stand anywhere in your chosen room.

Plus, it is lightweight which makes it easy to move around should you decide to change its location. It’s also quite large, making it ideal for all room sizes.

It features three fan speed settings, allowing you to adjust the level of cold air to suit your needs.

In addition to this, it has a 120-minute timer installed alongside 90-degree oscillation for an evener distribution of air.

There have been no complaints about this model so far.

This budget tower fan is ideal for those who want something simple in their home that is capable of circulating air around rooms of any size.

It has an excellent range of additional features as well, including a timer and oscillation. Available at an incredibly low price, it’s certainly one to take a look at.

Buyer's Guide

How to Choose a Tower Fan

Finding the perfect tower fan for you is not an easy task, especially with so many on the market.

In this section of the guide, we help you to figure out which questions you should be asking yourself before you go to buy, as well as a few of the features you should be looking out for.

Price Range - How much have you set aside for your tower fan? Are you willing to spend a little more or is it quite set? By answering these questions, you can really narrow down your options when it comes to selecting a suitable model.

Where are you using your fan - Will it be in the living room, the bedroom, or somewhere else in the home? Answering this question means you can then figure out how much space the fan needs to cover.

Do you need one for a large room or a small one? The models listed below contain fans for every room size, and so it is important to read the description carefully.

Noise - Generally, if you are using the fan in the bedroom, you won’t want a great deal of noise as it could disturb you while you are sleeping.

Similarly, you may want your working environment to be quiet. However, if you are putting it in the corner of the living room, you might not mind a little background noise.

Read Here: Best Quiet Desk Fan

Oscillation - is also an important factor. Many tower fans will oscillate, evenly distributing cool air around the room. However, there are also those that do not. These only push air in one direction, which can lead to it stagnating.

An oscillating fan is highly recommended, especially in the case of medium and large rooms. Oscillation tends to provide the occupants of the room with more cool air and comfort.

Reviews - You should always check out the reviews for the tower fan you are looking to purchase. They can tell you a lot about a product and its overall quality, giving you good insight before you buy.

Remote - While it is not essential, a remote can make things easier if you wish to adjust the temperature from the comfort of your armchair or bed. It’s a nice additional feature, especially if you are about to go to sleep.

An LCD display - is also something to consider when you purchase your tower fan. This allows you to see the current setting clearly, and also tends to have a night mode so that you can read the display clearly in all lighting conditions.

To Conclude

We have looked at some fantastic tower fans in this guide, all of which are suited to different purposes and requirements.

As a result, it ca be pretty tricky to decide which is the best tower fans out of the models we have showcased here.

 It’s all down to what you need in your home as well as the budget you have set yourself. Whether you are looking for something cheap and practical, or with a slightly larger price tag, there is a tower fan here that is sure to meet your needs.

 It’s all here in this handy and comprehensive tower fan guide.

What did you think of our tower fan selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.

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