Best Natural Carpet Deodoriser – Forget Shake n Vac?

Best natural Carpet Deodoriser

Throughout the years, more and more homeowners have become much more health conscientious. This has brought about a handful of changes have has encouraged consumers to make the transition to healthier alternatives.

This remains true in a number of different categories, including foods, laundry detergent and even carpet deodorisers.

The latter is likely less well known, but it is incredibly important, since traditional methods can be dangerous and detrimental to your health. Within this guide, you’ll learn about the safer natural alternatives.

Are Carpet Powders and Deodorisers Safe?

Carpet is wonderful and adds value to your home. With carpet, you can comfortably sleep on the ground and wake up in the morning, without any aches or pains.

Although the vacuum cleaner can help keep your carpets clean and tidy, it cannot remove an unpleasant odor. This is why many homeowners reach for carpet deodorisers.

These are available in powder and granule form. What many people do not realize is that they’re not entirely safe! There are some risks involved and these will be explored in more depth below.

Carpet Deodoriser Risks

Many individuals suffer from allergies and asthma, which makes it difficult to select safe carpet cleaning products. Many of these products will contain ingredients that can irritate or trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Powdered substances are the worse for individuals with asthma, because the small particles will enter the lungs and cause asthma attacks.

This form of carpet deodoriser can also trigger sinusitis and upper respiratory conditions, so be sure to keep this in mind, when you are shopping for carpet deodorizers.

Liquid deodorisers can also trigger allergy attacks. Many allergy suffers will be very sensitive to particular odors, which makes it difficult to use any type of carpet deodorizer. In this particular situation, you may actually need to deter from using them all together.

Child Safety

Children have a tendency to make their way into pretty much everything and everywhere within the home. This makes refreshing the carpet with essential oils and powered carpet deodorizers.

If you have small children in your home, you should take precautions, when utilizing these products and always make sure that you keep them stored out of their reach.

Small children will pick the tiniest debris off of the floor and put it into their mouth. Many powdered deodorisers may potentially increase the risks of accidental ingestion in children.

To play it safe, you should probably just stick with shampooing and steam cleaning your carpet.

Pet Dangers

Having pets in your home will mean that you must take extra precautions, when cleaning your home, especially your carpet.

Dogs are the world’s worst for eating small debris and particles off of the floor. While you would love to utilize powdered deodorisers on your carpet, you should probably opt out on them all together.

Liquid essential oils will probably work much better. The oils’ aroma will freshen up your entire home and leave your carpet smelling wonderful.

Your pets will be totally safe from accidental essential oil ingestion, so this is the cleaning route that you should take.

The Benefits Of Essential Oil Alternatives


If you’re interested in keeping your carpets fresh and smelling scrumptious, but don’t want to risk your health, you should consider using essential oils instead.

There are many essential oils and they can provide you with a massive number of benefits.

At the same time, the majority smell great and will definitely help to make your carpet’s muster odor.

Some of these oils have analgesic properties, while others can act like anti-depressants.

Of course, the biggest benefit of all is the fact that these oils are entirely natural! When utilizing a natural product, you don’t have to worry about putting your children, pets or yourself in harm’s way! 

It is incredibly difficult to compare essential oils to potentially harmful commercial deodorisers, since the essential oils are leaps and bounds above them.

How It Works

In order to deodorise your carpets with essential oils, you will need to obtain one additional item.

You’ll want to run out to your local store and purchase some sodium bicarbonate. Your essential oil of choice needs to be mixed with this chemical. You’ll always want a good vacuum cleaner.

A good upright or the cylinder vacuum will do the trick. In fact, you could even use a robotic vacuum, if desired.


Once you’ve gotten everything you need, you will want to add ten drops of the oil to your box of bicarbonate of soda. Be sure to mix the concoction thoroughly, before allowing to box to site for several days.

Once everything has been mixed together, you’ll be ready to clean your carpets. Simply take a generous amount of the mixture in your fingertips and sprinkle it on your carpets. Be sure that the concoction is evenly spread throughout your home.

If you do not want to physically touch the powder, you can easily create your own shaker or spreader. You just need a mason jar.

Poke a few holes into the lid, fill the jar with the powder and replace the lid. Once this is done, you can sprinkle the powder, by shaking the jar over your carpets.

Now, it is time to wait. Generally, it is recommended that you allow the mixture to soak into your carpets for an hour.

Once this duration has passed, you will want to grab your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the carpets. If you happen to have a robotic vacuum, you can set it free and allow it to do its work.


At the end of the day, keeping your home fresh and smelling great is imperative and could enhance your mood.

Of course, you will need to put in a little bit of work and always make sure that you avoid harmful deodorisers. Instead, you will want to use natural products and essential oils!

They’ll provide you with better and safer results that your entire family can depend on! Now that you know everything you need to know, it is time to spruce up your home’s carpets and even your family car!

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