Dry Your Clothes with the Best Heated Airer – Buyer’s Guide

Dry Your Clothes with the Best Heated Airer Guide

Dry Your Clothes with the Best Heated Airer – Buyer’s Guide

Not everyone wants a tumble dryer, and sometimes there is just no space to have one in your home. While the best wall mounted washing lines are a lifesaver, when the rains come there is no hope of your clothes ever getting dry. In situations like this, you need a heated airer.

1. Editors Pick

Best Wall Mounted Heated Airer – Dry Soon

Dry:Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer

2. Budget Pick

Best Heated Airer with Cover - Dryzem

DRYZEM Clothes Airer Rail

A heated laundry airer is an ideal addition to any home that doesn’t have space, or just doesn’t want the cost of a dryer. They come in all shapes and sizes, which means that finding the perfect addition to your home is going to be a breeze.

Often, they come with more than enough space for one load of laundry (10kg), although you may find some that are able to take a little more. The next big task is picking your  airers, but we are here to give you a hand with things.

In order to help you find the best electric heated clothes airer, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant airers review in one place, ensuring that you find the one that will leave your clothes perfectly warm and dry.

How Much Does a Heated Clothes Airer Cost to Run?

The total running costs of a heated clothes airers may actually surprise you, because while they often come at a slightly higher price, they really will save you money on your energy bill.

To start things off, it should be noted that the average dryer costs around £0.35 per load to run, which can be quite a lot if you have several loads of laundry to dry. Even the most energy-efficient models cost around £0.11 to run each load, and so when compared to a airer you can be left feeling a little out of pocket.

A standard airers only costs £0.05 to run when holding a full load, which makes it a lot less than even the energy friendly models on the market. So, an airer won’t cost you a lot to run, but do remember that all of the figures here are estimates based on standard models.

Best Electric Heated Airer Review (In Order)

1. Dry: Soon Duluxe 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer

Best Wall Mounted Clothes Airers (Editors Pick)

Sometimes you need a big airer, and one that works as a permanent installation in your home. Dry Soon isn’t just a reputable brand. 

They are also known for making large and excellent quality models of an airer. 

So, take a peek below and see what your thoughts on it are.

The Good
This is what is known as a three tier airer, because it has three separate shelves (or levels) for you to place your clothes on. 

It can even be mounted to the wall for additional security if you want to make sure it will stay in place.

It offers a generous 21m of drying space and can hold up to 15kg of laundry effortlessly, ensuring that you can get more than one load dry at the same time.

The open-sided shelves provide you with easier access when collecting clothing or placing new pieces on the rail, and there is plenty of hanging space.

It has a control panel with a timer so that you can adjust the running time accordingly, and if you want to make it portable, it does actually fold up after use. Plus, it costs less than six pence per hour o run, which is an amazing saving.

The Not So Good
Some customers feel that the clothes often take too long to dry when compared to a tumble dryer.

Our View
This heated clothes airer is one of the more expensive models on the market, but it really is worth every penny. While there are some that find it takes longer than the average dryer, this is supposed to be the case, and they can take up to six hours to dry clothes – they just cost less to run overall.

It has loads of room for your clothes, can be mounted or folded according to your preferences, and it has really efficient running costs.

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2. DRYZEM Clothes Airer Rail and Laundry Drying Rack

Best Budget Heated Clothes Airers (Budget Pick)

Dryzem is another great brand to go for, and one that promises to deliver excellent quality drying space at a reasonable price.

If you want an airer that comes with a cover, then look no further. 

Sit back and read the reviews for this model to see if it will be the right one for you and your home.

The Good
This airer is freestanding with a classic rotary design, providing you with an excellent amount of space to place your clothes so that they can get nice and dry.

It is also telescopic, so the height can be adjusted freely so that your clothes can hang without you worrying about them touching the floor. 

It is also perfectly balanced so that it remains stable at all times, making it quite reliable. Once you have finished with it, the click of a button will see it fold away neatly so that you can store it away safely and compactly in your home.

It can hold up to 33 hangers that have clothes on them without losing balance, or 22kg, on three arms. This means that you can hang multiple loads up to dry. It also comes with a handy cover to keep it protected when it is not being used.

The Not So Good
Some customers noted that it can take a little time to get used to the opening and closing mechanism.  

Our View
This airer comes at a great and reasonable price, so you are sure to be able to fit it into your budget. While the opening and closing mechanism can be a little difficult at first, you are sure to get used to it in no time at all.

It has a massive weight capacity, allowing you to dry multiple loads of laundry at the same time, and it still remains really strong and sturdy so that you don’t have to worry about it falling over. It’s great value drying space for money overall.




3. Dry: Soon Mini 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer

Best Mini Heated Clothes Airers with Cover

Another one from top brand Dry Soon, this is another airer that you will want to consider, and it comes with everything you need to dry your clothes and store it away afterwards.

If you think this sounds like the one for you, make sure you read through the reviews below.

The Good
This is another mini three tier heated clothes airers, and it has plenty of shelf space for all of your clothes to be folded and placed, or just hung up to dry, thanks to the handy rails on each shelf.

There are a control panel and timer on the airer that you can adjust, so you know exactly how long it will be on for, and it is really cost-effective to run as well.

Plus, it has a capacity of 15kg and a drying space of 21m in total. It comes with a great cover that keeps the whole thing protected when not in use, as well as castors, pegs, and hangers to make life a little easier for you.

It can be folded up and packed away when you are finished with it, or even mounted to the wall for a more secure fixture. While strong and sturdy, it also remains surprisingly light which is great for transporting it through your home.

The Not So Good
Some customers feel that it dries the clothes a little slow, and this is not what they expected.

Our View
This airer does come with a higher price tag, but it is worth every penny spent on it, and you will not regret your choices. Yes, it takes a while to dry clothes, but no longer than any other heated clothes airer.

It also comes with a great range of accessories to make life easier, and has loads of space that you can use to get your clothes dry quickly and efficiently. Lightweight and sturdy, it really does have everything you need to get things going in your drying space.




Further Models of Heated Airer 

Here are some further models of electric airer, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

4. Fine Elements Foldable Heated Airer

Foldable airers are fantastic, but what’s even better is when they are heated.

This model does just that, ensuring your clothes are hanging nicely while also warming they up so that they get dry faster.

Once you are finished with it, you can fold it flat for easy and compact storage, sliding it away neatly into a cupboard when not in use.

The lightweight construction shouldn’t fool you though, as it can take a good 10kg of washing, and it will remain nice and sturdy.

Despite being an electric airer, it is energy efficient and won’t consume a lot of power while running. Best of all, it comes at a really great price, and one that most should be able to afford.

5. Oypla Lightweight Foldable Heated Airer

This is another very affordable heated airer, and it is also a very handy and compact model to have.

When you have finished using it, you can fold it flat, meaning that it is ideal for you to store away in a cupboard or under a surface.

It also pops up easily and offers an excellent 18 bars for your laundry items. If you live in a small home, it is the ideal solution for getting your clothes nice and dry quickly.

Plus, it is heated for a speedier experience and can hold an excellent 10kg of washing without losing stability or reliability.

Even though it uses electricity, its overall power consumption is low, making it a cost-effective choice as well as one that is more energy efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to dry clothes on a heated Airer?

Heated Airer normally take around four to five hours when its a lihter type of material and anything up to 10 hours for heavy type materials. 

Is it safe to leave a heated Airer on overnight?

As heated airiers are thermostatically controlled, it's safe to leave on overnight – all clothes were dry come the morning. When folded flat most are not very wide so can be stored in a cupboard or utility room. 

Do heated Airers shrink clothes?

No this is one of the advantages compared to a tumble dryer, a heated airier would never shrink your clothes. 

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best electric heated clothes airer, and that the airer reviews have assisted you in making the best possible choice when you are searching for the best electric airer to get your clothes nice and dry in quick time.

We know that these can be expensive to buy, and there are some that can cost the same as a new tumble dryer. However, we have made sure to collect models that are fantastic quality and come at reasonable prices, so that most budgets are perfectly catered to.

We also have a number of different types of airer available, some of which are compact, and others that are mounted to make things even easier for you.

What did you think of our best clothes airer guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.

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