Vax Dual Power Pro Carpet Cleaner (W85-PP-T) Product Review

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Vax Dual Power Pro Carpet Cleaner (W85-PP-T) Product Review

If you are looking for a new carpet cleaner, Vax is definitely the way to go. They produce some of the best models of carpet cleaners on the market, and they are able to produce an amazing level of power.

For something that really works magic on carpets, especially if you have children or pets, then the Vax W85-PP-T could be the model that you need in your home. 

The Vax W85-PP-T is a model that really does live up to the standards you can expect from a Vax carpet cleaner. It aims to please, and you will find yourself glad that you chose it to keep your home clean. For fresh carpets and a clean home, this is the model you will want to consider.

Review Summary


Product Name:

Vax W85-PP-T

Product Type:

Upright carpet cleaner


Around £200


This compact upright carpet cleaner is ideal for those who want a powerful carpet cleaner that is easy to store away when not in use.

Ideal for use on carpet as well as wood floors, and in homes with pets and children, it’s a real dream to operate.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vax W85-PP-T

Upright carpet cleaners are often pretty easy to handle, and the Vax W85-PP-T is no exception to this. Lightweight and with smooth operation, it glides over your floors and is fantastic for picking up pet hair, as well as the mess left behind by your kids.

You don’t need to be super strong to push this over your carpets as it has been designed to clean them, and its upright build means that it is very easy to store away when it is no longer in use.

While the Vax W85-PP-T specifically does an amazing job on carpets, it has also been designed to tackle hard floors as well, so it’s not just good for one thing. It will do an amazing job on all of your floors, picking up even the smallest particles of dust and dirt as well as washing it until it is good as new.

Plus, it delivers excellent results when it comes to tidying up after pets and children – especially those that are fond of tracking mud through the home! There will be no more despairing when each of them come back muddy, as this model is a real breeze.

There are a few questions you should probably ask yourself before you decide to purchase the Vax W85-PP-T. Questions like, will my carpet dry quickly after washing? Will it be able to cope with all the floor types in my home and clean the equally?

Is it going to be able to pick up everything that my pets and kids leave behind? Is there a good selection of tools and accessories for me to use on my floors? All of these questions could be answered with a very simple, yes, but it’s best to read through this guide to ensure that this is going to be the perfect model for you.

Presenting the Vax W85-PP-T

There is a lot that the Vax W85-PP-T can offer you, and even more that it promises to achieve. It will keep your carpets perfectly clean by washing them thoroughly, all while ensuring that they dry quickly once you have cleaned them.

It’s even able to wash your hard flooring, so no area of your home has to remain dirty. Lightweight and with easy handling, it promises not to wear you out just by pushing it across your floors.

It is the perfect vacuum cleaner with shampooing ability for so many different households, and its versatility is part of what makes it so attractive. We all know how difficult it can be to clean up after our pets and children, so having something that you know will be able to pick up all of the mess they leave behind is not just a relief, but a complete lifesaver. 

Features and Benefits

The Vax W85-PP-T has been designed in such a way that it is easy to handle and move around your home, but it’s also very lightweight, so as not to put strain on your body. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, giving you a good grip while you clean your home.

The wheels that are on the head of the carpet shampooer ensure that movement is easy, especially when it comes to turning it while you are sliding it over carpets and hard floors. It also has a brilliant cord length that leaves you with plenty of space to get around a room with ease.

It weighs less than 10kg, which makes it relatively lightweight both in terms of lifting it and moving it around. Its tall and upright design also means that it is quite compact and easy to store away, which is ideal for those who do not have a massive amount of space and need something that can be placed in smaller cupboards and storage areas. 

This particular model of carpet cleaner uses dual power tank technology, which means that the dirty and clean water is kept separate at all times – something that many carpet cleaners don’t incorporate.

It means that you will always wash your carpet with clean water, but also makes it much easier for you to empty the tank when it is needed.

Additionally, it comes with an automatic mixing system that combines the correct amount of water and solution so that you don’t need to worry about measurements and whether or not you have used enough solution (or too much).

The Dual V technology that is used in this carpet cleaner works to ensure that there is powerful water extraction for a speedy drying time once you have cleaned your carpet.

Additionally, it is strong enough to remove even the most embedded dirt and grime from the depths of your carpet with no hassle. It has several different modes for you to switch to as well, allowing you to give your carpet the clean that it needs.

For hard floors, there is a squeegee in the main head that can be used to wipe away the dirt and wash the floors, leaving them looking better than ever.

It comes with a fantastic selection of tools to make cleaning your home a much easier task. The hose is 2.5 metres long so that you can benefit from a better reach when cleaning areas like the stairs, but it’s also good for washing areas of your floor.

The spin-scrub hand tool has been designed for the stairs and fits nicely onto the long hose for strain-free cleaning. It can also be used to clean the interior of your car and upholstery/furniture easily, and you can rest assured that they will dry quickly. Two bottles of carpet cleaning solution are even included in this brilliant bundle. 

How Does It Compare?

Here are some excellent alternatives to the Vax W85-PP-T, in case this model isn’t quite what you were looking for.


Another model from Vax, this is an upright carpet washer that is perfect for those who have no space to store cleaning tools. It’s very small and compact, while still doing a fantastic job of really cleaning your carpets thoroughly.

It may need emptying more regularly, but you will be able to fit it into little spaces when it’s not needed. Plus, the price is absolutely amazing.


You might live in a home with one or more pets, or one with kids, or even both. Regardless, one of the best things you can have is a carpet and upholstery cleaner that you know will be able to deal with the mud they leave behind when they come home from a walk or playing in the park.

The Vax W85-PP-T is a carpet cleaner that will wash your carpet until it looks brand new again, so you can rest assured that your home will be beautiful once it’s done.

With added tools for hard floors included, it has everything you need in one neat package. It’s a model that has earned a solid five stars from us, as it is reliable, durable, and able to tackle anything you give it.

What do you think of the Vax W85-PP-T? Is there anything that you would have added to this review? We love hearing your thoughts and opinions, so let us know what you think of this carpet washer in the comments below.