Shark NV602UKT Lift-Away Review

Lift Away the Dust with Your Shark NV601UK and NV601UKT Review and Clean Your House with Ease

We Review Sharks Newest Entry Level Upright Vacuum & Put it Through Our Hands On Tests The Shark NV602UK and NV602UKT are sleek, compact, and ready for action. It uses the iconic lift-away technology(more on that later) that makes Shark famous. It supersedes the NV601UK/T, breathing new life into the brand so that your home can … Read more

Why Choose Dyson? A Complete Guide to Brand Dyson

Why Choose Dyson - A Complete Guide to Brand Dyson – Smart Vacs

Dyson. One of the most well-known and reputable vacuum cleaner brands in the world. For decades they have been shocking us with revolutionary cleaning technology that has changed the way we look after our homes. When you’re looking for a new vacuum cleaner, Dyson is often one of the first models that pop up, but … Read more

Dyson 101 – The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Dyson Vac Owners

Dyson 101 – The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Dyson Vac Owners – Smart Vacs

Are you a Dyson owner? Are you someone who loves everything and anything they do? Welcome to the club. This is the guide you need in your life, because it is packed full of information that every Dyson owner absolutely needs to know.  It’s the ultimate collection of questions and answers to give you peace of … Read more

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum and Filters – A Simple Guide


I love Shark vacuum cleaners, and steam cleaners, as well as pretty much everything that they create and produce. They’re one of my favourite brands because they are so reliable, and that’s something I can easily appreciate. Of course, like any appliance, it also needs to be cleaned regularly; namely the brush bars and the filter. … Read more

Shark Vacuum Belt Replacement: A Simple Step by Step Guide


You’ll find that most Shark vacuum cleaners have a belt in the floorhead that keeps it operating smoothly.  While the newer models don’t really have to worry about the belt snapping, it is something that the owners of the older generation of Shark vacuums need to know about.   This is because these models don’t have a feature … Read more

How to EASILY Clean All Types of Vacuum Cleaner Filter


Most vacuum cleaners available today have vacuum filters, whether single-use, washable, or disposable ones.  The most popular kind of filter is the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. It is able to remove up to 99% of the smallest particles in the air. This filter, including micron and allergen filters, can be thoroughly cleaned by simply following … Read more

How to Replace & Fix a Vacuum Cleaner Belt: Simple Task?


Like anything made of rubber, vacuum cleaner belt stretches, wears out and finally breaks. Instead of just paying lots of money for a repair service or instead of jumping too fast to conclusions and go to buy a new vacuum, read those simple steps to change your vacuum cleaner belt at home. Time: 5-10 minutes Tools: … Read more Protection Status