Shark NV602UKT Lift-Away Review

Lift Away the Dust with Your Shark NV601UK and NV601UKT Review and Clean Your House with Ease

We Review Sharks Newest Entry Level Upright Vacuum & Put it Through Our Hands On Tests The Shark NV602UK and NV602UKT are sleek, compact, and ready for action. It uses the iconic lift-away technology(more on that later) that makes Shark famous. It supersedes the NV601UK/T, breathing new life into the brand so that your home can … Read more

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum and Filters – A Simple Guide


I love Shark vacuum cleaners, and steam cleaners, as well as pretty much everything that they create and produce. They’re one of my favourite brands because they are so reliable, and that’s something I can easily appreciate. Of course, like any appliance, it also needs to be cleaned regularly; namely the brush bars and the filter. … Read more

Shark Vacuum Belt Replacement: A Simple Step by Step Guide


You’ll find that most Shark vacuum cleaners have a belt in the floorhead that keeps it operating smoothly.  While the newer models don’t really have to worry about the belt snapping, it is something that the owners of the older generation of Shark vacuums need to know about.   This is because these models don’t have a feature … Read more

How to Empty and Clean Your Shark Cordless Vacuum, Filters, and Bin

How to Empty and Clean A Shark Cordless Vacuum Filter and Bin

Something that is forgotten too often is the fact that your vacuum cleaner needs regular maintenance and upkeep in order to ensure that it functions fully. If you don’t stay on top of it, you not only run the risk of losing suction; but also having the vacuum cleaner break down entirely. I actually lost my last … Read more

Shark DuoClean Cordless Upright Vacuum IC160UK + IC160UKT Review

Upright and Cordless Shark Vacuum (Impressive) IC160UK and IC160UKT Review

I love a good Shark vacuum cleaner; they are just such a strong and reliable brand. What do I love most about them though? It’s the fact that they listen to their customers.  Over the years, they have amended their designs according to customer feedback, and it’s so good to see in any company. Just … Read more Protection Status