The Vax 6131T Review – The Best Carpet Shampooer?


Redefining Heavy Duty: The Vax 6131T 3 in 1 Multivax Dry Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner Review As diverse as the market has become, so has the diversity of mess people make on their carpets. The immense variation of lifestyles has ushered in an age wherein stains, spills and dirt can find their way into almost … Read more

Vax Rapide Ultra 2 (W90-RU-P & W90-RU-B) Product Review

Vax Rapide Ultra 2 (W90-RU-P & W90-RU-B) Product Review

Vax is one of the brands to go for (if not the one) when it comes to finding a carpet cleaner for your home. You might be wondering what exactly it is that a vax rapide ultra 2 carpet cleaner does, and the simple answer is that it is able to shampoo and wash your carpet … Read more

Miele C2 Powerline Review – Cylinder Vacuum


With the Miele C2 Powerline, cleaning carpets and floors is easier thanks to its 1600 Watts suction power. It’s not just about the power of this compact vacuum cleaner though, it’s so much more….. Lets get stuck into the features, the pro’s and of course the cons. This is one brand we absolutely love at … Read more

Bosch Pressure Washer Reviews: Compare the Bosch Models

Bosch Pressure Washer Reviews: Compare the Best Buy Models

INVENTED FOR LIFE. It’s time to embrace Bosch. When you look for the best Bosch pressure washer in our guide, you’re looking for a model that delivers in terms of reliability and cleaning power. You’ll get all this and more.  It’s time to leave lesser brands behind. It’s time to go Bosch. We hopped into the lab … Read more

Top Tricks and Tips for Line Drying Clothes Outside

Top Tricks and Tips for Line Drying Clothes Outside

Using a washing line to get your clothes dry is becoming increasingly popular, and it is easy to see why. It has so many environmental and financial benefits, and it can be done throughout the year. You might be reading this and thinking that you cannot line dry your clothes in winter, but you actually can.It’s … Read more

Bosch Athlet Review: One of the Best Lightweight Cordless Vacuums?

Bosch Athlet review

Over the years, a handful of corporations have established themselves as the leaders in the power tool and household appliance department. It would be untruthful not to list Bosch alongside the best of the best. The company produces a variety of innovative products and doesn’t focus solely on a singular market. Their products are diverse and … Read more

Meet the ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum: Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Meet the ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Best Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review Our Score: Pros:Three plannable cleaning modesAutomatic low battery detectionPerfect for pet hairEasy to empty canisterBaglessMultiple sensors for stairs and wallsAffordable priceBuilt in brushes Cons:Small canister capacityNot good with heavy soilingNot a smart vacuum Latest Offers Key Features:Multiple sensors on the front for large obstacle avoidance and wall detectionBumper for … Read more

Review: Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum – Absolute, Animal,Total Clean

Review: Dyson V6 Cordless Stick Vacuum – Absolute, Animal, and Total Clean

Dyson is one of the leading brands of vacuum cleaner, and you will find most homes have at least one of their pieces of home tech. DISCONTINUED The Dyson V6 is now a discontinued product. however the model is still available as a refurbished model and some great deals can be had for less than … Read more

Meaco Dehumidifier UK Reviews – Which is the Best Meaco Model ?

Meaco Dehumidifier Reviews – Low Energy Best Buy Models?

At some point the majority of households will require a dehumidifier. They keep the air clear from excess moisture and humidity. The best dehumidifiers keep the air clear and free from excess moisture. Some models will even work to kill any lingering bacteria. They can also be used for health reasons. Those who suffer from allergies and … Read more Protection Status