Best Miele Washing Machine – Which Miele Will Come Out On Top

Best Miele Washing Machine

Gemma TylerGemma Tyler is a freelance journalist with 15 years of experience writing for consumer publications. She has tested and reviewed a wide range of household items from vacuum cleaners to washing machines and dehumidifiers to steam irons. Her attention to detail and exhaustive testing certainly makes her an expert in her field.

Miele vs Dyson – And The Best Vacuum is …

Miele vs Dyson – And The Best Vacuum

Two respected brands. A whole load of vacuum cleaners. Only one can be victorious. We are putting Miele vs Dyson head to head to see which company creates the best vacuum cleaner. They both have an equally good reputation, although there are some that might argue Miele’s were made to last longer. It’s already obvious which brand will … Read more

Miele Blizzard CX1 Vacuum Review: (4 Models Tested)

Miele Blizzard CX1 Vacuum Review - Which Model is Best?

I’ve become really fond of Miele recently. I’ve always known them to be a popular and reliable brand, but it wasn’t until I actually used one myself that I realised why people love them so much.  Who can resist a bagless vacuum that is not only made to last at least 15 years, but also … Read more

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum Review (Full Range Reviewed)

Full Range of Miele C3 Complete Vacuum Cleaners

Miele has been around for over a century, so you know they have a good grasp on what they’re doing and what their customers want. They don’t just make vacuum cleaners either; you can kit your whole home out with Miele appliances and accessories. There’s something about this brand that just sticks with you. I can’t say … Read more

What is the Best Miele Vacuum Cleaner – Ultimate UK Guide

What is the Best Miele Vacuum Cleaner – Ultimate UK Guide

Picking a vacuum cleaner. What’s harder? When you are left with so many brands and models to choose from, it gets pretty overwhelming. You made the right choice heading over to the Miele vacuum cleaner guide though; it’s a fantastic brand. What can I say? Miele has held their own over the past few decades, and they … Read more

Miele Vacuum Cleaner FAQ – 101 Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Miele Vacuum Cleaner FAQ - 101 Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Miele is a vacuum cleaner brand you have likely heard of, but what about getting answers to your most pressing questions?  Below, you will find a handy Miele Vacuum FAQ that contains everything you need to know about this fantastic and reputable vacuum.Are Miele Vacuums Better Than Dyson?Honestly, it’s a pretty tough decision. Both have … Read more

Miele C2 Powerline Review – Cylinder Vacuum


With the Miele C2 Powerline, cleaning carpets and floors is easier thanks to its 1600 Watts suction power. It’s not just about the power of this compact vacuum cleaner though, it’s so much more….. Lets get stuck into the features, the pro’s and of course the cons. This is one brand we absolutely love at … Read more Protection Status