Hetty Hoover Review: The Pink Henry Hoover


Hetty is Henry’s pink counterpart. Whether she is supposed to be his wife, sister, girlfriend, or another member of the family, I’m not sure. What I do know, however, is that I had never had a Numatic Hetty until now, and I was incredibly excited to see if she could live up to my expectations. … Read more

Meet the New Henry HVB160 Cordless Cylinder Vacuum Review


Henry is a classic brand, and for many of us, it was the vacuum cleaner of our childhood. Whether it was at home or school, you are sure to have seen a Henry in action at various points in your life. I was excited when I first saw the Henry HVB160 cordless cylinder because it not … Read more

Review George GVE370-2 Hoover 3-1 Cylinder Vacuum


Every carpet needs a wash at some point in its life, and the George hoover GVE370-2 might be just the piece of kit to get the job done.  As a dog owner and someone who often finds themselves taking part in some serious muddy walks, I was keen to see if this machine was able … Read more

Review Charles Hoover CVC370 Wet & Dry Vacuuming


There is nothing worse than an unexpected flood in the kitchen, or running out of paper towels to clean up a cup of spilt juice. In situations like this, you need a good and reliable vacuum cleaner that can deal with both wet and dry vacuum messes.  Numatic has heard you, and they have just … Read more

Review Henry Hoover Xtra HVX200-11 – Worth the Extra Money?

Henry xtra Review

You’ve probably seen us mention the Henry Xtra at several points if you have read the other Numatic reviews we have written. It’s often recommended as an excellent alternative to the standard models, thanks to all of the funky extras that come with it.  When I first received the Henry Xtra HVX200-11, I was incredibly … Read more

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