Dyson V10 Vs V11

Dyson-V10-Vs-V11 Comparison

Gemma TylerGemma Tyler is a freelance journalist with 15 years of experience writing for consumer publications. She has tested and reviewed a wide range of household items from vacuum cleaners to washing machines and dehumidifiers to steam irons. Her attention to detail and exhaustive testing certainly makes her an expert in her field. www.smartvacuums.co.uk

How to Clean Dyson Cordless (V6, V7, V8, V10) Filters & Bins

How to Clean Dyson Cordless (V6, V7, V8, V10) Including Filters and Bins

Dyson’s are fantastic vacuum cleaners, and with their cordless models taking the world by storm, you need to be prepared for the inevitable moment that you find yourself running out to buy one. Similarly, if you have already invested in one of these fantastic machines, you should know how to clean new vacuum cleaner including its … Read more

Miele vs Dyson – And The Best Vacuum is …

Miele vs Dyson – And The Best Vacuum

Two respected brands. A whole load of vacuum cleaners. Only one can be victorious. We are putting Miele vs Dyson head to head to see which company creates the best vacuum cleaner. They both have an equally good reputation, although there are some that might argue Miele’s were made to last longer. It’s already obvious which brand will … Read more

Why Choose Dyson? A Complete Guide to Brand Dyson

Why Choose Dyson - A Complete Guide to Brand Dyson – Smart Vacs

Dyson. One of the most well-known and reputable vacuum cleaner brands in the world. For decades they have been shocking us with revolutionary cleaning technology that has changed the way we look after our homes. When you’re looking for a new vacuum cleaner, Dyson is often one of the first models that pop up, but … Read more

Dyson 101 – The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Dyson Vac Owners

Dyson 101 – The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Dyson Vac Owners – Smart Vacs

Are you a Dyson owner? Are you someone who loves everything and anything they do? Welcome to the club. This is the guide you need in your life, because it is packed full of information that every Dyson owner absolutely needs to know.  It’s the ultimate collection of questions and answers to give you peace of … Read more

Product Review: Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Product Review--Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums are the unspoken love of my life. I’m a massive geek for fun tech gadgets in my home, and these types of vacuum are probably one of my favourites.  When Dyson first announced their robot vacuum cleaner, I almost fell out of my chair. One of my favourite brands and forms of home technology together? … Read more

Dyson Air Purifier Reviews (Are They Worth the Money?)

Dyson Air Purifier Reviews (Are They Worth the Money?)

Dyson isn’t just here to clean your carpets, they’re here to clean your indoor air too. With our help, you’re sure to find the best Dyson air purifier for your home. Each model promises air that is clean, breathable, and practically pollutant-free. With Dyson, you’re getting quality and seriously fancy tech.Dyson might only have a couple … Read more

Review: Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum – Absolute, Animal,Total Clean

Review: Dyson V6 Cordless Stick Vacuum – Absolute, Animal, and Total Clean

Dyson is one of the leading brands of vacuum cleaner, and you will find most homes have at least one of their pieces of home tech. DISCONTINUED The Dyson V6 is now a discontinued product. however the model is still available as a refurbished model and some great deals can be had for less than … Read more

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