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As always, I am a huge advocate for the Shark name. No, they aren’t perfect, but they are certainly able to deliver a heck of a lot in terms of power and a good clean. Whether you choose a steam mop or a vacuum cleaner, you are in safe hands.

Aside from my word, they are generally held as one of the most trustworthy brands out there; up there with names like Numatic, Vax, and Dyson. What about getting the best price though? 

After all, while steam mops tend to remain within most budgets, a good quality vacuum cleaner is not usually cheap. Well, that’s where I come in with my online price comparison for you to enjoy.

Below we highlight the key models from Shark and show you where to buy at the best price available. Whilst prices remain fairly steady, there are always deals to be had from time to time

Sit back as I take you through some of the best online prices on the web so that you can find your perfect shark vacuum cleaner.


Cordless vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular over the years because they remove the need for cords. This means you don’t have to jump between power sockets constantly just to get your home clean.

They also tend to be smaller and lightweight, which makes handling an absolute dream. The top Shark cordless vacuum? Well, for me, it has to be the IC160UK/T.

You can get this model in both a regular and pet form, and as with all Shark vacuums, the only difference between them is that the UKT comes with an extra tool for pet hair.

It is incredibly powerful and has a fantastic running time as well, lasting just under an hour so that you can clean your home at a relaxed pace. Lightweight and easy to handle, it’s a pretty exceptional model that you won’t want to be without.

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Shark IC160UK Latest Offers

Shark IC160UKT Online Deals

Corded Uprights 

The classic corded vacuum will never truly go out of style because cordless vacuum cleaners haven’t quite reached their level of power and suction yet.

Most upright Shark models come with extra features like duo-clean and lift away, which make them pretty unique as well as exceptionally good at what they do. My favourite is a model that incorporates all of these; the AX950UK/T

It’s a corded upright vacuum cleaner that just screams power, and this is certainly helped by the fact that it combines classic duo-clean technology with the ability to lift the main body away to create a portable model.

The UKT comes with a tool for pet hair, and you will find that it is actually very easy to handle and move around the home thanks to its sleek design. Additionally, it is exceptional across both hard floors and carpets.

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Shark AX950UK Best Online Deals

Shark AX950UKT Best Prices

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Floor Cleaners 

When I refer to floor cleaners, I mean steam cleaners, and Shark is the master of them all. In fact, Shark steam cleaners are how I first fell in love with the brand. They are perfect for cleaning even the most stubborn stains on your floor.

I would say that my top Shark steam cleaner would have to be the Shark S6001. This particular steam cleaner has fantastic double-sided pads that are able to pick up dirt and get it to stick, so you aren’t trailing it through the home or dropping it on your way.

The powerful steam levels mean that there are no streaks left behind while you are washing the floor; which means that there is a lot of hassle taken out of the process. It’s quick, effective, and kills all the bacteria it can find as it goes.

Shark S6001 Latest Online Prices

Steam Mops 

These are a lot like steam cleaners, and they are also incredibly effective when cleaning the floor and removing dirt and stains from them. They tend to be a little slimmer, lighter, but still just as effective as a regular mop.

My top choice for Shark’s steam mops is the S6003 because it’s super sleek and smart. One of the best features that this steam mop has? The kick and flip technology.

You never need to touch the cleaning pad on the bottom thanks to the quick release system, and a simple tap with your foot flips the head to release a powerful burst of steam.

It kills bacteria as well, so when you are cleaning up dirt and mud, there is a little more peace of mind. You also get a great steam indicator that lets you set the steam level according to your needs, and the smart technology makes it an automated process.

Shark S6003 - Best deals Online

Pet Vacuum 

If you live in a home with pets as I do, then you will understand the deep need for a pet vacuum cleaner. Something that is powerful enough to collect every little hair and all of the dander they leave behind.

It can be tough to find the right one, especially one that works on both carpets and hard floors, but the NV801UKT manages to tick all the right boxes.

This is such a great vacuum cleaner, and it does an excellent job on every kind of flooring; gliding across them to leave your home looking amazing.

The suction is incredible, and it is perfect at picking up all of the pet hair that is littered around your home, even the stuff that is stuck in the carpets.

The UKT comes with a pet tool that really works out the fur and fluff to make things easier for you; not to mention the effortless handling.

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Shark NV801UKT Lowest Prices 

To Conclude

Hopefully, this handy little guide has been some help when deciding which Shark model to buy, as well as finding the best online prices for them.

There are so many different vacuum cleaners and steam mops that it can be hard to choose, which is why I detailed the top model for you here; to give you a good idea of what each range offers.

Whether you are searching for a quick and easy steam mop or you would prefer a vacuum that can actually cope with all of the hair your pets leave behind, it’s right here and waiting for you.

What did you think of our Shark vacuum and steam mop guide? Did it hit all the right spots, or are there areas where we fell short of your expectations? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave a message in the comments below.