Dyson V11 Review: What’s Difference from the V10?

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Dyson V11 Review--What’s Different from the V10

You’ve no doubt seen the new Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s been the talk of the town since release, and for quite a few reasons. 

One of them is that this is the first vacuum cleaner that the company has released since they announced that they would no longer be manufacturing new corded vacuum cleaners, and would be focusing solely on cordless models instead.

So, when this hit the shelves, we were all waiting with quiet anticipation. I love Dyson vacuum cleaners, and I have always been excited when they release new models.

They are always one step ahead of the game, developing new and innovative technology to make cleaning an easier task. When I had the chance to get my hands on and review the Dyson V11, I was a little skeptical because the massive price tag did make me quite hesitant.  

However, I did it, and I looked forward to seeing how it coped with my home. Did I love it? Yes. Was it perfect? Not exactly. 

It’s time to put on the kettle and get comfortable as I not only take you through the Dyson V11, but also compare it directly to the V10. As a quick note, I am looking at the Absolute models for both of these vacuum cleaners.  

Review Summary


Product Name:

Dyson V10 Absolute

Product Type:

Cordless 2-in-1 vacuum




A cordless beauty, this vacuum cleaner remains lightweight and easy to handle, with a long battery life that gives you time to get your home clean.

The soft cleaner head for hard floors is ideal for dust removal, and it is effective on all floor types as well as perfect for allergies and asthma.      

Review Summary


Product Name:

Dyson V11 Absolute

Product Type:

Cordless 2-in-1 vacuum  




With the longest battery life yet, you can’t go wrong with the V11. Smart, sleek, and in control, there is very little about this model that doesn’t feel right.

It’s effective for homes with or without pets, with a soft brush roll for that really fine dust and debris. Not to mention the powerful suction.     



  • Powerful suction
  • Large dust capacity
  • Quiet running
  • Quick charging period 
  • Long battery life  
  • Lightweight  
  • Easy to handle 
  • Great for asthma and allergies 
  • Good for homes with pets
  • Brilliant attachment selection 


  • Have to hold the trigger down 
  • A little expensive


  • Powerful suction 
  • Lightweight  
  • Easy to handle  
  • Quiet 
  • Easy to empty  
  • Two-part filtration system 
  • Long battery life 
  • Short charging period  
  • Great for asthma and allergies  
  • Great for pets  
  • Great attachments to choose from 


  • Very expensive 
  • Have to hold the trigger down 
  • A little heavier than the others in the V range  

So, What’s Different and What’s the Same?

The V range always has some things that are the same among all of the differences, and the consistency is something that many find quite reassuring.

While a lot of this review will focus on the things that are different between them, I want to run you through some of the features that have remained unchanged between these recent rivals. Have a look and take note:  

  • Cordless vacuum cleaner with an included docking station that can be mounted if desired 
  • The advanced technology in the brush roll means it is way more efficient at picking up debris 
  • Excellent filtration system, perfect for asthma and allergies  
  • Simple process for emptying the dust canister  
  • Can transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner to get difficult places like the stairs  
  • Max power of 100-115 air watts (equivalent to some corded uprights) 
  • 60-minute running time across both models  

Now that you have had a chance to read through some of the similarities between the models of vacuum cleaner, it’s time to look at the comparison section.

This goes through similarities and differences between the V10 Absolute and V11 Absolute so that you can get a clear idea of what they have to offer.  

Comparing the Dyson V10 and V11

Design and Features

I have to say that I love the look of the V range that Dyson has. They all have the same basic design in terms of the main body and the long wand with the floorhead at the end. 

The V10 and V11 are slightly larger than their older counterparts in terms of the body where the dust canister is, but this only adds to their excellent appearance. The V10 Absolute is copper in colour, while the V11 Absolute is a deep blue.  

Both come with the fluffy floorheads, which are used for hard floors to pick up smaller debris effortlessly. While both are very powerful, the V11 does offer better pickup than the V10 because the technology has been further developed and the suction is more powerful.

It should be remembered that this tool can only be used on hard floors and won’t have much of an effect on carpet. The main floorhead has its own motor, and it is also known as the torque head.

Once again, both vacuum cleaners have this included, but the V11 has a few differences. For starters, it is more powerful than the V10 version, but it also uses a new type of brush on the bar.

dyson v11

They have carbon fibre bristles that are more hardwearing and last longer, but can also be replaced when needed.  

Each vacuum cleaner has a slider on the front of the main floorhead that allows you to switch between carpets and hard floors so that you are using the right level of suction. 

Removing the heads and switching them around on the V10 and V11 is also very easy thanks to the quick release system, so you can focus on cleaning instead of fiddling with settings.  

Both models can have the wand removed so that they can be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner. This makes tidying the home easier as you will be able to reach difficult spaces or high surfaces effortlessly.

It’s also ideal for cleaning inside your car because it’s so simple to just take apart and carry outside for use. Neither of these models has onboard tool storage, but they do come with a fantastic docking station so you can charge them.

This can be mounted on the wall if you want, or you can just plug the vacuum cleaner directly into the mains. It comes with everything you need to ensure that it can be hooked up after every use.

If you want some different options for mounting your charging station, I actually have a great Dyson 101 guide you can check out.  One thing that the V11 has that I really love is the display on the back of the main body.

While you are vacuuming, it will tell you how much time you have left, and the setting you are using. Plus, when it is running low on battery, it will let you know.

There is a little button next to it that allows you to flick through the power settings until you find the one that is right for you. This little technological addition really separates it from the other cordless models.  

How Noisy is it? 

The good news is that both of these vacuum cleaners are well within the EU regulations for vacuum cleaner noise.

They measure up between 70 and 78db, depending on the setting being used. Of course, the lowest setting is the quietest, and the highest setting is the loudest.  

Charging and Runtime 

The Dyson V10 Absolute and V11 Absolute both have an approximate running time of 60 minutes. This is an exceptional amount of time because you will be able to clean your home in a relaxed manner.

However, it also depends on the setting you are using. Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • V10 Low Setting: 60 minutes  
  • V10 Powered Floorhead: 20 minutes 
  • V10 High Setting: 8 minutes  


  • V11 Low Setting: 60 minutes  
  • V11 Powered Floorhead: 30 minutes  
  • V11 High Setting: 8 minutes  

When you are using the main floorhead with the V11 (torque), you can also use the auto mode. This will adjust the power and settings according to the floor type you are vacuuming on automatically.

It’s a really handy feature to have when you want to be as efficient with your power use as possible. As for charging, you will be pleased to know that Dyson didn’t go the same way as the V8; I was.

They only take 3.5 hours to reach full charge, which means that you can get back to cleaning faster. The speedy charging is one of the things I love about both the V10 and V11.  

Weight and Handling

The Dyson V10 and V11 do differ in terms of weight. The former is lighter, coming in at 3kg, which makes it quite easy to handle and move around the home. The latter is heavier at 5kg, and is also quite large for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

This does make handling it a little harder to get used to, but once you have the hang of things, it’s easy.  There isn’t much else that is different with these two vacuums, and the general mechanics of handling them remains the same. 

The major downside to handling though? It’s the trigger. You have to hold it down constantly for it to work. This can be a little painful after a while, especially if you have a condition like arthritis. It does save the battery, but it’s one feature I will always find frustrating.  

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Dust Canister and Filter

The V10 was impressive when it was first released because of its 0.5L capacity. It’s still a spacious bin, especially when previous models are so much smaller. The V11 comes out on top again though, as it has a capacity of 0.76L.

This means it can collect way more dirt and grime, which I was thankful for when vacuuming. It’s especially good if there is a lot of pet hair to collect.  For both vacuum cleaners, the canister is really easy to empty.

They each feature the newly designed system that ensures you barely need to touch it in order to get everything out. Just pull the release and watch everything fall out with ease. Clip it back together, and you are good to go again.

It even cleans the shroud so that nothing gets stuck there. The V11 also has a longer bin for your convenience. For the filters, there is one thing I need to say about the V11 now.

The display on the back of the machine actually shows you how to take the filter out and put it back in when it needs cleaning. It’s a brilliant and handy addition. 

For both vacuum cleaners, the filters need to be washed once a month to ensure that they remain clean and free from dust.  

The V10 Absolute contains a standard Dyson filter, which is excellent at collecting tiny particles and allergens. As it is a HEPA filter, it is perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers to use.

The same goes for the Dyson V11, except the filter is also pleated for extra absorption. You will find that it is in the top of the vacuum cleaner in both models, and that they are easy to remove.

The vacuum cleaner will not start if the filter has not been put back in either, which is a superb safety measure.  

How Well Does It Clean?

How do the V10 and V11 do with cleaning though? I have put both to the test in order to give you the rundown. With each cleaning mode, you will find the similarities and differences between these two vacuum cleaners and the results they produce.  

On hard floors, both vacuum cleaners worked fantastically with the fluffy head. It runs smoothly across the floor, and one of the best parts is that it doesn’t snowplough anything. This means all the debris is sucked up effortlessly.

Of course, the V11 has more powerful suction so it was able to do it faster, but the V10 still did a fantastic job.  Carpets were also good for both models. Again, the V10 was less effective than the V11, but that doesn’t mean it did a bad job.

In fact, it was fantastic, and still a worthy machine. Of course, it is better to use the carpet mode for them if you want the best results, and the boost setting is best if you have really bad carpets. The same applies if you have pets and need to clean up their hair.  

The pet tool was really good for getting those stubborn areas and working the hair out. It was also fantastic for upholstery and furniture, as well as giving my dog’s bedding a good clean. He has what I would call sticky hair, and this sorted it out quickly.  

Stair cleaning is a breeze for both models because of the handheld mode, and the fact that you can attach the tools to it. The V11 is a bit more cumbersome to use in this form, but does a great job.

Similarly, the wand is simple to use with the attachments for floor to ceiling cleaning, but once again the V10 is the lighter and more agile option.  


The great thing about the V10 and V11 is that they both use the new quick release accessories. This means that you can interchange them freely.

On the downside, it also means that you can’t switch the tools out with the older Dyson models (anything before the V7). The new tools are pretty excellent though, and you are sure to find that they are able to help you keep the house clean. 

Both models come with the same tools, and the first of these is the mini motorized pet tool. This is a great addition to the set, and as described above, it is perfect for getting that really stubborn hair out of your carpets.

I will note that the V11’s version of this tool is newly designed, just like the ones that come with the upright vacuum cleaners.  

There is also the combination tool, which combines a crevice tool and a dusting brush in one. The former of these is for reaching tight corners and gaps that you wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise.

The latter is perfect for surfaces and banisters, especially when you need to get dust off. I also use it on my bookshelves because it is gentle on the books. Additionally, you have the soft dusting brush.

This one has even gentler fibres for really delicate surfaces that need careful attention. They also don’t scratch because of the longer fibres, which works excellently across a range of surfaces.

I really like using this one on my kitchen floor. It might sound a little odd, but it is actually really good for giving it an extra clean and getting into every nook and cranny. I would recommend trying it out.  


The price difference between the two isn’t massive; there really isn’t much in there in the grand scheme of things. Here’s a quick look at the prices for the whole of the V10 and V11 range: 

  • V10 Absolute: £449.95
  • V10 Animal: £439.95 
  • V10 Total Clean: £600 
  • V11 Absolute: £600 
  • V11 Animal: £649.23

As a quick side note, all of the prices above are from Amazon UK and are correct at the time of writing this article; April 2019. There are also payment plans available for each vacuum cleaner, depending on the website you buy it from.  

What Do the Other Models Mean?  

The Absolute is not the only model available for the V10 and V11. While the types of model do vary according to different numbers in the V series, there are two that apply to the vacuum cleaners in this review. It’s worth a look so that all of your options are laid out clearly. 


These vacuum cleaners have been made to deal with pet hair and all of the extra debris that they leave behind. They usually come with an additional tool as well that is used for removing fur from really tough areas like carpet and furniture.

The suction is also a little stronger as well a lot of the time, which is so that it can reach right into carpets to pick up fluff.  

Total Clean 

Only the V10 has this model, and it is quite thorough when it comes to cleaningThere are additional tools for using around your house, and it does a fantastic job of keeping the home clean. 

Some see this as the expert Dyson, one that is able to tackle a whole load of messes with ease, and this is why it sometimes has a higher price. It is thorough though; I can’t fault it on that front.  

To Conclude

I hope that this review has been able to help you when figuring out exactly which vacuum cleaner you need, and which is going to be best suited to your home.

Both models have some amazing features and qualities that help them stand out, which can make choosing between the two difficult.  

While there are quite a few similarities, there are also major differences between the two machines. The V11 has a longer running time, but the V10 tends to be a bit lighter and easier to handle. 

Both machines are expensive and rely on the trigger being pressed down at all times, but the V10 remains the slightly cheaper one of the two.

Despite their few weaknesses, they have plenty of strengths to make up for it, and truly remain some of the best vacuum cleaners out there. So much so that both models are featured in our Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Guide. Read more here

Both of them get full marks from me, and the difference really is down to the runtime and the price. What did you think of our Dyson V10 and V11 comparison guide?

Do you agree with our thoughts on the models listed, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below.