How to Vacuum Furniture Properly: Ultimate Guide

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How to Vacuum Furniture Properly: Ultimate Guide

Every home has a vacuum system of some type. Homeowners understand the importance of vacuuming their carpets on a regular basis. When we vacuum our carpets regularly, we remove not only dirt and dust but also we remove harmful pollen and dust mites that can cause our allergies to flare up. Unfortunately, homeowners who regularly vacuum their carpets and floors either forget about vacuuming their furniture or do it in a way that is ineffective. Most homeowners simply eliminate the dust on furniture by wiping it off. This type of process will send the dust into the air and cause further future problems. The best way to remove dust from furniture is to completely remove it by vacuuming the entire surface.

Vacuum furniture

A backpack or handheld cordless  type of vacuum cleaner is easier to use on furniture and will make the vacuuming less challenging. A regular vacuum of your furniture will keep it from ageing prematurely. Also, if you own furniture that has a vinyl or leather covering, then you will need to make sure that you vacuum it in the right way. If you clean it the wrong way, it can wear down the material prematurely or leave unsightly scratches.

Crevice ToolThe better vacuum cleaners come with an upholstery crevice type tool and a utility belt. The crevice tool will allow you to reach hard to get places. In fact, today’s vacuum cleaners have a longer crevice tool than vacuum cleaners of yesterday. This longer crevice tool improves cleaning efficiency and versatility.

There are many different varieties of vacuum cleaners on the market today. The president of a leading janitorial supply company in New York suggests that you combine the right vacuum cleaner with the appropriate extension tools for the best performance. He also suggests that you purchase a vacuum cleaner that has a reliable Hepa filtration system.

Upholstery toolMany of the commercial vacuum cleaners use up to three different filters. These multiple filters will help you to capture more of the debris and dirt and thus prevent it from returning to the air.

When vacuuming your chairs or couch make sure that you go over all of the areas with the upholstery head attachment. As you are vacuuming, press down so that you create a tight seal between the tool and the fabric. You will know when you have achieved this seal, because you will see slight tool marks on the upholstery as you continue to vacuum.

If you have recliner chairs, make sure to use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove any dust first. You should then use a soft or microfibre cloth to wipe the surface gently.

Make sure that you get all of the furniture’s sides plus any areas that are underneath the removable cushions. Many upholstery tools have detachable parts which include small built-in brushes. The small brushes are excellent to use on upholstery in a house that has dogs and cats. It is the easiest way to remove this type of hair from your furniture. After a simple dry vacuuming, you will be amazed at how beautiful your upholstery looks. Protection Status