8 Health Benefits an Air Purifier Provides

Breathe Easy: Find out the Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

8 Health Benefits an Air Purifier Provides

You may have been considering an air purifier in your home, after all, they have fantastic health benefits and tend to be quite quiet when they run.

If you suffer from respiratory conditions, or anything similar to that, then it may be an even more important investment. They aren’t particularly expensive if you go for a basic model, and they work fantastically through all the seasons.

Take a look at this article for any signs that show you need an air purifier, as well as the health benefits.

Signs You Need an Air Purifier

Here are some of the signs that you need an air purifier in your home:

  • Constant sneezing due to allergens
  • Your house smells of varnish and disinfectant constantly
  • Your air is stale and stuffy
  • More and more dust is gathering
  • You suffer from emphysema or COPD
  • You have sick family members in the home
  • You snore loudly

The 8 Health Benefits of an Air Purifier

#1 Second Hand Smoke

Lingering smoke still poses a risk for non-smokers, and whether it is someone in your house smoking, or a neighbour in your apartment building, you don’t want to be at risk of cancer or respiratory issues.

Purchasing an air purifier for smoke can really help when it comes to removing the second-hand smoke from your home.

Not only does it remove the smoke, but also the smell it leaves behind. In apartments buildings, the smoke can travel through the vents, so it offers a little added protection.

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#2 Combats Dust Mites

Dust mites are one of our invisible enemies. They are able to multiply rapidly and infest just about every fabric in your home at rapid speeds. An air purifier works to remove as much dust as possible, including the pesky mites that might be spreading through your home.

Dust mites can be troublesome because they often cause allergic reactions. Things like skin rashes, itchiness, and general irritation.

Plus, they eat the skin we shed, so our homes are the perfect environment for them. Make sure you get an air purifier sooner rather than later to avoid this issue.

#3 Reduces Inhaled Air Pollution

An issue that is particularly valid in large cities and industrial areas, air pollution is something to be aware of. If you live in an area with a large amount of air pollution, then it might be worth investing in an air purifier for your home.

It removes the pollutants and toxins so that you can breathe cleaner air, which is good for your health and your lungs.

#4 Better Sleep

This one comes as a surprise to many, but an air purifier can actually help you get a better night’s sleep. If you tend to snore loudly when you sleep, allergens and pollutants tend to congest your airways, contributing to your snoring and making it a little harder to breathe while you sleep.

When you purchase an air purifier and set it up you will notice, over time, that you will be sleeping better and snore less.

 A model with high square footage in your bedroom can be run on the lowest settings and still be effective, but it will also be quieter.

#5 Can Help Hay Fever

In the springtime, hay fever starts to raise its head – affecting children and adults alike. It can cause red, itchy, eyes, as well as sneezing, coughing, and even asthma attacks for those who are already at risk of them.

It can be difficult and frustrating to deal with, but with an air purifier, you will find a lot of the pollen and outdoor allergens are filtered into the purifier, leaving the air clearer than before.

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#6 Can Prevent Mould Spores

Mould spores are incredibly dangerous for all inhabitants of a home, but especially those with respiratory conditions like asthma. It thrives in damp locations, like bathrooms and even kitchens (due to the condensation from cooking).

An air purifier can assist in the cleaning of the air, helping to fight mould spores and keep them out of your home.

 The HEPA filter that is found in most models is fantastic at catching and removing pollutants. If the damp issue in your bathroom is quite severe, however, it might be better to pick up a dehumidifier.

#7 Makes the Air Easier to Breathe

The air in your home can become quite stuffy and stale, making it feel thick to breathe in. This can make things difficult for those with breathing conditions, or sick family members.

The best solution for thick and stuffy air is to purchase an air purifier. This removes the pollutants and toxins, cleaning the air and making it easier to breathe.

#8 Helps to Get Rid of Indoor Allergens

If you have pets, such as cats and dogs, then they are likely to bring allergens in with them, but they often contain allergens themselves.

Pet dander is something that many people find themselves reacting to, either by sneezing or serious itching.

The use of an air purifier is ideal for removing things like pet dander, as well as the outdoor allergens that they bring in with them.

So you don’t need to stop your cats and dogs from sleeping on your bed with you because they make you sneeze, as the air purifier works to protect you from a reaction.

To Conclude

An air purifier can make a great addition to your home, especially if you could benefit from cleaner air that is easier to breathe.

 If you, or anyone you live with, suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions, then an air purifier is something you need in your home.

 It can reduce the risk of attacks and reactions, but it can also be beneficial to your general health. We all deserve clean air, and a purifier is an excellent step towards that.

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