Great Vacuuming Tips to You Save Time (And Less Stress)

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Great Vacuuming Tips to You Save Time (And Less Stress)

Vacuuming is hard work but nothing cleans a room like a powerful vacuum. It is estimated that a typical family vacuums the living room at least 100 times in a year. That’s a lot of vacuuming which means someone is spending a lot of time using the vacuum.

Here are some tips to help you do vacuuming in a stress free manner while saving some time:

Prepare Before Vacuuming

You can save a lot of time on vacuuming if the room to be vacuumed is prepared before you start cleaning it. Vacuuming an organiSed room is safer and it saves you a lot of time. For instance, pull away all the furniture from the walls and pick up all the loose items off the floor.

Also, remove all the small rugs from the floor to make vacuuming easier. Simply put, get rid of anything on the floor that you want to see again.

Invest in Attachments

Upholstery toolThere are a number of different types of vacuum attachments available in the market and these attachments are there for a reason. For instance, you won’t be able to clean up upholstery and corners without proper attachments. Therefore, get your hands on a few attachments and use them appropriately.

You need to have the all-purpose brush that can be used to clean shelves and books, the crevice tool that helps in getting rid of dirt in corners as well as narrow slots, the dusting brush helps in cleaning soft items, the radiator brush that have been cleaning narrow corners as well as the upholstery book brush that is specifically designed to clean up close.

Crevice ToolSimilarly, you may use a small handheld vacuum to clean carpeted stairs and upholstery. These handheld vacuums can save you a lot of time as you can quickly clean upholstery instead of using large sized vacuums. A portable vacuum is also great for use in cleaning the bathroom floor.

Fix a Schedule

ScheduleVacuuming is not going to give you great results if you do not have a fixed schedule. As far as the frequency of vacuuming is concerned, it should be done at least once in a week. However, this frequency should go up in case you have pets that shed or kids in the house. Similarly, vacuuming needs to be done frequently if you suffer from allergies.

Ideally, vacuuming should be done on a daily basis in high traffic areas and pet areas. The medium traffic areas can be maintained by vacuuming twice a week whereas you can get away with just one vacuuming in light traffic areas.

Using a Vacuum

You need to vacuum in a specific manner to ensure that all the dirt is picked up. You should start vacuuming at a point that is farthest from the door. Make sure to pass each area multiple times as one pass does not pick up all the debris entered. Keep using attachments as required.

Use Other Products to Get Rid of Stains

If you see some stains on the carpet, it is recommended to treat those stains with regular cleaning products. For instance, cornmeal or baking soda can be used to get rid of grease from the carpet. The baking soda should be left on the place and vacuumed on the next day. Better still invest in a carpet cleaner especially for heavy traffic areas.

Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Neato Robotics XV SignatureThere are a number of companies selling robot vacuum cleaners, and have come down in price massively in the past year or so. These cleaners automatically vacuum the house on a preset basis without requiring any input from the user once the initial schedule has been fixed. Check the reviews of various robot vacuum cleaners to find one that works best for your cleaning needs.


Overall, vacuuming is hard work but you can easily turn it into a fun activity by following the above-mentioned tips. Protection Status