Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Batteries – Which Should You Choose

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Batteries – Which Should You Choose

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Batteries – Which Should You Choose

When we buy vacuum cleaners, we also should pay attention to the quality of batteries which are a part of it. There is no point having a vacuum cleaner with the best of characteristics unless the same is supported by the best possible vacuum cleaner batteries. However, since there are so many options available, choosing the right one could be a tough and difficult task. Hence we will try and have a look at a few important points and tips that one should keep in mind whenever there is a need for identifying such batteries.

They Are Consumables

There is no doubt that vacuum batteries are almost similar to various other batteries that are used in many other electronic and electrical devices like remotes, shavers, electronic music playing systems just to name a few. Hence, when buying them, you must be sure that you are buying something which has the best of ratings.

The most common ratings are AA and AAA, and therefore you must always keep this in mind. When replacing the batteries, you must be sure that you replace them with batteries of the same ratings. There are also other ratings such as CR2032, 18650, LR44, CR123A and also lithium, silver oxide and alkaline batteries. You must, therefore, do your research and choose the one which is the best in the above categories. Check out our guide for cordless vacuums here. 

Look Up For Customer Ratings

When buying batteries customer ratings are also important attributes that one needs to bear in mind. There are many sites which have a number of customers coming out with auto battery ratings. The onus lies on customers to look for such sites and pay close attention to the ratings that are offered by customers. Anything less than 4 out of 5 should not be looked at seriously. However, you must make sure that the ratings are honest and original and are not paid for.

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Types Of Batteries

When we talk about batteries for vacuum cleaners, as mentioned above, there are many options to choose from. Lithium-Ion-batteries and lithium ion polymer batteries are often considered to be high-quality batteries. They have the much higher capacity and mass, and they also do not have a memory effect. Hence they are considered to be one of the best options when you are planning to buy vacuum machine batteries.

Lead Acid Batteries

These batteries are suitable for old-fashioned vacuum cleaners. They may still be used in cordless vacuum cleaners where weight is not a major issue. However, they are sure to lose capacity rapidly and therefore must be regularly recharged. They are unsuitable for long-term use. Furthermore, they should be discharged to only 20 to 25% of their capacity because overcharging could lead to damage of the battery cell.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries

Though they are powerful, they are not exactly environment-friendly. However, in terms of capacity, they are much better than lead-acid batteries. For high discharge currents, they are considered one of the best options. However, this kind of high discharge is not usually found in vacuum cleaners. Therefore you must think twice before using these batteries and do so only if it is recommended in the user’s manual.

Final Word

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that there are quite a few things which must be considered before choosing cordless vacuum cleaner batteries.

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