Cleaning Methods for Different Living Spaces

Cleaning Methods for Different Living Spaces

Cleaning, especially big spring cleaning is the most notorious of all chores. It requires careful planning, many hours of scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming and it can be quite stressful for everyone involved. But, no matter if you live in a big family house, small apartment, dorm or strata, there are some cleaning tips that can help you with your chores. Follow these tips and you’ll have a clean living space in no time.

Family home cleaning

Family homes usually have the most space, both indoor and outdoor, and keeping them spotless can be quite challenging. However, with the right strategy, you can expect great results.

The biggest mistake people make when cleaning is tackling it room by room. It’s too slow and too distracting. For instance, you can get stuck concentrating on your stove while leaving the rest of the home messy. Instead, try tackling individual tasks like dusting, vacuuming or scrubbing. Dust the whole house before jumping onto the next task. This will help you moving forward instead of getting carried away with details.

Another thing you must remember is to get all the necessary supplies. If you find yourself missing a mop or if you realize your vacuum cleaner is not working, your whole cleaning plan will fail. So, arm yourself with enough cleaners, microfiber towels (these are cheap but do a great job), mops, brooms and make sure your vacuum is in top shape. You can even opt for homemade eco-friendly cleaners to avoid indoor air pollution from all the chemicals.

Cleaning Methods for Different Living Spaces

Apartment cleaning

Since apartments are usually a bit smaller than family homes, you might think you’ll finish faster. But without a good plan of attack, you’ll end up stuck with clutter. Apartments, especially very tiny ones, contain many items in a small space, so make tackling the clutter your priority. Once you free enough space to maneuver your vacuum and mop, you can start cleaning. Again, make sure to have all the necessary supplies (renters should double-check).

If you happen to live on the eight-floor and have one of those windows that don’t unlatch, you can still keep them sparkly clean without putting yourself in danger while teetering on the window ledge. Simply pick up a magnetic cleaner for fast and efficient cleaning of both sides at once, or opt for a U-shaped telescopic pole that looks a bit weird, but functions great.

Dorm cleaning

Dorm rooms are usually super tiny, and yet you have to find a way to cram everything you need into this small space. This means it will get messy and dirty quite fast, so be prepared to tidy up often. Stock up on plenty of plastic boxes and baskets to contain loose items, laundry and clothing to make the cleaning process easier. One good thing about small dorms is that you have very little surfaces and floors to vacuum and wipe down, so if you conduct your cleaning regularly, you can finish everything in half an hour!

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Don’t forget about shared spaces

Strata living is a very common thing, especially in Australia. However, that type of housing situation can be quite tricky, because everyone has a different opinion on how to keep it clean. The best solution is to contact strata cleaning professionals who can tackle all of your shared spaces including steps, balustrades, ceilings, floors, windows, runner rugs and many others. This way, you’ll have a professionally cleaned space without any effort or conflict with neighbors. It’s a win-win situation!

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Don’t forget about shared spaces

It doesn’t matter that your interior is spotless if you have clutter and debris all over your front and backyard. So, make sure to pay equal attention to you outdoor spaces to maintain the clean vibe throughout your home. If you have a big garden with plenty of greenery, make sure to keep your lawn neatly mowed and your trees and shrubbery trimmed. This is especially important in spring, when your plants are experiencing growth spurts. Get rid of old and damaged branches to make space for the new ones and allow the sun to better reach your garden. You can also give your balcony, outdoor furniture and deck a thorough scrub to remove winter dirt and make it ready for spring hangouts.

So, no matter what your living conditions are, you can have a spotless, healthy and comfortable space. Employ these cleaning strategies and you’ll end up with a sparkly clean space with zero stress!

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