How to Deep Clean Your Mattress with a Steam Cleaner

Perspiration and one’s mattress obviously don’t go together. If you do the math, a person sweats out about a half pint every day and spends about a third of the day sleeping.

With all the disgusting body liquid seeping their way into our mattresses, it can be shocking how many of us rarely even think about cleaning it.

Unfortunately, mattresses aren’t the most fun to clean up. Once you’ve stripped it off with the sheets, there’s really nothing much you can do.

You can’t take apart the actual mattress and cleaning it all by yourself can be like wrestling a huge adult.

How to Clean, Care and Freshen Up Your Bed Mattress

Adults will, however, have to face the reality that mattresses need regular cleaning. Not only does our sweat get accumulated in it, it can also have stains and dirt and be a breeding ground for dust mites and bed bugs.

So, how do you try to care for, clean and freshen up your bed mattress so that it feels and smells like new? Here are some easy to follow steps:

How to Clean, Care and Freshen Up Your Bed Mattress

Step 1: Spot cleaning and removing stains

Any type of liquid and your bed mattress will never be best friends so don’t even think about joining them together.

There is usually only one type of liquid stain that gets their way into a mattress. Protein stain can be any bodily liquid such as blood, sweat, urine, vomit and other unmentionables.

To get rid of such types of stains, simply blot out the area with moist cloth and remove the extra moisture using a dry one. Avoid using circular motions as this spreads out the stain and the moisture – use a pressing motion instead.

Only work on the affected area to minimize the ‘damage’ and immediately get to work once the stain is in place. Use cold water instead of a hot one as the latter will only set the stain.

How to Clean, Care and Freshen Up Your Bed Mattress1

Step 2: Deodorizing your mattress

Cleaning up a bed mattress goes beyond removing the physical stain. After all, there are still four other senses that will recognize the presence of dirt.

A foul-smelling mattress will most likely give you a hard time sleeping so make sure that you do not only remove the actual stain but also the odor that it comes with.

To do this, simply create a mixture of salt, baking soda and water and create a paste. Next, rub it on the affected area and leave it on for about 30 minutes before brushing it off.

Use a cool, damp cloth to remove the excess moisture and allow it to dry. You can also directly sift or strain baking soda powder into the mattress and leave it on for about an hour.

Using baking soda powder not only takes away the foul smell but also helps lift off moisture and dirt from your bed mattress.

How to Clean, Care and Freshen Up Your Bed Mattress2

Step 3: Vacuuming your mattress and sleeping area

Once everything has dried up, it is now time to take out your most trusted vacuum cleaner to do the work.

You can use an upholstery attachment to make sure that your machine is able to thoroughly vacuum the powder and the dirt on the bed. Run the hose slowly around an area so that it is able to efficiently pull out what it needs to clean.

Don’t forget to clean and vacuum your bed and the area around it so you can be sure that none of those nasty bugs and dirt will make their way into the bed mattress again. Also make sure to properly wash and clean your sheets.

Step 4: Deep cleaning using steam

While many people – especially those with allergies or asthma – would prefer deep cleaning and steam cleaning their mattresses, it is much better to leave this job to the professionals instead of doing it by yourself.

Professionals would know what to do and have the right equipment to properly extract moisture. You would want to be sure that no amount of liquid gets trapped in your foams.

If you want your bed mattress to last a long time, keep it clean and spotless, deodorize it and vacuum it to remove dirt, debris and bugs. Another tip would be to flip your mattress every few months or so in order to even out its wear.

The whole cleanup process may wear you out but you will be rewarded with a clean and fresh-smelling bed every night.

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