Lupe One Vacuum to Rule Them All

Lupe One Cordless Vacuum

What happens when two ex-Dyson engineers get together? They form a new company called Lupe in Wiltshire. Yes, it’s true, and the internet is buzzing with news about their revolutionary new vacuum cleaner, the Lupe One, which is set for release late 2018. Aside from its very stylish and modern design, what about the Lupe … Read more

Samsung Could Give Dyson a Run for its Money

Samsung Power Stick Pro

Dyson is one of (if not the) most well-known and trusted vacuum cleaner brands on the market. Their models have a place in nearly every home, and they are known for their excellent suction as well as their reliability. However, Samsung has just taken the market by storm with the announcement of the Samsung Power Stick Pro, … Read more Protection Status