Best Window Vacs – for Easy Streak Free Glass

Best 5 Window Vacs – for Easy Streak Free Glass

Best Window Vacs – for Easy Streak Free Glass

Windows get grimy, it’s just an accepted part of life, and it often happens way sooner than we expected. The moment we have all the grime cleaned off, it comes back, and you find yourself armed with the manual squeegee once again. However, all of that is about to change.

Instead of wasting your time and energy on a manual squeegee that you just know is going to end up leaving a streak somewhere, you should pick up a window vac instead.

The wipers can be varied and adjusted, but the suction also means you end up with beautifully clean glass that everyone will be envious of. It saves you time, but also ensures that a good job is done. Plus, you will find that they aren’t nearly as expensive as you might think they are.

They really can help to make your cleaning life a little easier. Of course, picking the right window vac is not necessarily easy, but we are here to give you a hand with things.

In order to help you find the best window vac, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant window vac reviews in one place, ensuring that you find the one that is best suited to you, your home, and the level of grime on your windows.

How to Use a Window Vac 

Using a window vacuum could not be easier, and we are serious when we say that. In this section, we take you through the three basic steps of use, but keep in mind that things may vary depending on the make and model that you pick up – so always read the instructions first.

Step One: take the window vac off the charger, or plug it in. Then, take the window solution and spray it onto the surface you plan to clean.

Step Two: take a microfibre cloth (these are gentle and effective) and wipe the sprayed area down. Make sure you do this with a gentle hand.

Step Three: Use the window vac to squeegee and remove all of the excess water and solution in a steady motion. This will leave the surface in question both clean and dry.

It really is that simple, so when you get your window vac, there is no need to worry about anything complicated. Just put it together using the instructions, and you are good to go.

Best Window Vac for Condensation – Karcher

Karcher is a massive brand, and the leader when it comes to things like pressure washers and window vacs. If you are looking for something that can really tackle condensation, this is the model for you.

Why not take a moment to flick through the reviews below and see for yourself?

The Good
This window vac has everything you need to get started, and there is even the option to buy bundle deals if you feel like it.

Efficient and powerful, it works fast to prevent dripping and streaks so that you can have windows that don’t even feel like they are there. I

t will even prevent the same thing on tiles, shower doors, and more, so you can benefit from clean surfaces throughout your home.

While it is a cordless model, you don’t need to worry about it running out of steam as it has a great battery life (35 windows per charge) as well as a replaceable battery – making your life a little easier.

It comes with several wiper heads, so you can choose between large windows and little cabinet glass slides, as well as a spray bottle and some Karcher solution to get you started on your journey.

The Not So Good
Some customers have found that the three-hour charging period can be inconvenient for those with larger homes (and, therefore, more windows).

Our View
This window vac comes at a pretty reasonable price, and should be able to fit into a good number of budgets quite comfortably. While it does have a charging period of three hours, the amount of power and suction you get from it while running is worth the wait.

It leaves you with a clear and streak-free window, but also comes with a number of wiper heads for you to choose from when you are cleaning. Plus, the included spray bottle and cleaning solution really is the icing on the cake.

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Best Window Vac for Condensation - BESTEK

Another excellent brand, BESTEK is here to ensure that condensation is tackled quickly and effectively so that your windows don’t suffer the consequences in the form of streaks and stains.

If this issue sounds familiar to you, make sure you keep reading to see if this is the right model.

The Good
This window vac comes in a great little set that has everything you need to achieve window perfection.

The model itself is comfortable to hold and easy to handle, gliding across the glass effortlessly and ensuring no streaks or stains are left behind. 

It is also a lightweight vacuum which prevents wrist strain, and cordless so that you can move freely without worrying about cables being in the way. The included extension set allows it to be adjusted to different heights, meaning that you can reach every pane of glass in your home without breaking a sweat.

There is even a dust filter built into it that is able to collect small granules while you are on the move, and the window vac is suitable for use on multiple surfaces. It even comes with different wiper heads for you to choose from.

The Not So Good
Some customers noted that it needs to be emptied regularly or it does start to drip quite a lot.

Our View
This window vac may be cheap, but it certainly offers the same level of quality you would expect from the more expensive models on the market. While it does need to be emptied often to prevent dripping, the same could easily be said about any window vac because they all have a limited capacity.

This model comes with loads of nifty tools and attachments to make the job easier and more manageable for you, ensuring that you are able to get your windows clean without taking up half your day.




Best Solution / Product to Use with Window Vac – Karcher

Using the right solution is often just as important as picking the right model, and that is why we have included this handy bundle form Karcher for you to look at.

A complete set that includes the window vac and the solution, it may just be the perfect match for you and your home, so take a little peek.

The Good
This window vac offers effortless and easy cleaning thanks to the combination of powerful suction and a comfortable handle that ensures smooth gliding over the glass. 

Additionally, this model is also suited to being used on tiles, shower doors, kitchen counters, and other such surfaces that may need a good clean. It also promises not to leave any streaks behind after use, ensuring very clear glass.

The solution that comes with it is also made by Karcher, and there is even an accompanying spray bottle so that you can apply it to the window with great ease.

It’s powerful and effective, getting rid of grime and dirt while also polishing the window for a really lovely finish. Combined with the 20-minute runtime that this window vac has, it makes for the ideal combination for amazing windows.

The Not So Good
Some customers feel that the solution does not work as well for mirrors.

Our View
This window vac comes at a very good price, making it a budget model as well as a reasonable bundle to pick up. While the solution may not always be as good on mirrors as it is windows, it still does a very impressive job on other surfaces and will also ensure that your windows are left sparkling afterwards.

The combination of the machine and spray is great value for money, but each of them also come from a brand that is reputable, trustworthy, and reliable.




Further Models of Window Vac 

Here are some further models of window vac, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

Vileda WindoMatic Window Vacuum Cleaner

This window vac is a cordless wonder, offering you a quick and easy way to get your windows looking absolutely incredible in no time at all.

It has a wide wiper blade and very powerful suction, removing the water from the window efficiently and without any drips being left behind. The flexible head also means that you can clean from any angle, allowing for a perfect finish and great results.

The handle is comfortable and easy to grip while you work, and the model itself is not limited to windows. You can use it to clean anything from floor tiles to shower doors, all for a very cheap price.

Bosch GlassVac Cordless Window Vacuum

Bosch is a big name, and so you expect a lot from this particular window vac. It certainly doesn’t disappoint, providing you with a massive amount of power thanks to the excellent battery that comes with it.

The wiper blade glides effortlessly over any surface, keeping things clean and smooth, as well as preventing streaks from being left behind.

You even have a choice between two wiper heads depending on the surface in question, allowing you to switch between tiles, shower doors, and the classic window.

With an LED light installed for accuracy and easy handling, this affordable model is a real dream to use. 

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best window vac, and that the window vac reviews have allowed you to make a good choice with regards to which one is going to make the process of getting your windows back to normal a smooth one.

Ensuring your windows are clean and clear at all times is quite important, and it can be a regular job depending on where you live. That is why we have gathered a number of models from a whole host of brands, all of which are available at reasonable prices – so there is a model to fit absolutely every budget nicely.

Whether you want a standard wiper, or one with more options available, there is something here that we know will suit your needs perfectly.

What did you think of our window vac guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below. Protection Status