Vax U84-AL-PE Review – Air Lift Steerable Upright Pet Vacuum

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Vax is one of the leading brands when it comes to vacuum cleaners, and they have a reputation for being both trusted and reliable. Customer praise for this brand could not be higher, and it really shows in the quality of their products.

With some of the best and most effective technology, you are sure to see a remarkable difference in the overall cleanliness of your home.

The Vax U84-AL-PE Air Lift is a vacuum cleaner that works hard to live up to the high standards that are expected from a company like Vax.

Perfect for pets and easy to handle, this could be the perfect model for you. Read more in our review of the U84-AL-PE below.

Review Summary

Product Name:

Vax U84-AL-PE

Product Type:

Upright Vacuum




Lightweight, powerful, and easy to handle, this is one of the best vacuum cleaners you are likely to find.

With multi-cyclonic technology and seamless manoeuvrability, it will glide across your carpet or hard flooring – all without missing any of the pet hair around your home.


Vax U84-AL-PE Review – Air Lift Steerable Upright Pet Vacuum

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vax U84-AL-PE Air Lift

Vax U84-AL-PE

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and easy to move around your home, then the Vax U84-AL-PE Air Lift might just be the answer you need.

Despite its seemingly heavy appearance, it is actually very lightweight and portable – making the task of cleaning your home and easier one. Plus, the upright build makes it that much easier to store away.

This vacuum cleaner also offers an excellent level of power, making it great for all floor types.

Plus, for those with pets in the home, it makes the perfect solution for sucking up all of the pet hair that is lying around. In addition to this, it is also the perfect vacuum cleaner for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

When you do look at the Vax U84-AL-PE Air Lift, you should be asking what it can do for you and your home. Can it handle your floor types? Is it suitable for the tasks you need it to complete?

Does it have a range of tools and attachments that will enhance your cleaning experience? from our review the answer is yes  but this extensive guide can help you to learn even more about what this model has to offer.

Presenting the Vax U84-AL-PE Air Lift

This model of vacuum cleaner promises to deliver excellent suction and power throughout its life. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and can tackle all of the daily tasks you need to complete in order to keep your carpets and hard floors beautifully clean.

With a sleek upright build, it’s surprisingly easy to store as well, which is perfect for those who want something that takes up a little less space. It’s the perfect machine for those who have a variety of floor types, allowing you to switch easily between hard floors and carpet.

If you suffer from allergies and asthma then read more about our hepa vacuum here, this vacuum cleaner will ease your suffering while you do the housework. For those with high traffic homes and pets, you will be more than satisfied by the suction provided and the clean results.

Whether you have a family, or just need to do a quick once over a couple of times a week, this model won’t leave you disappointed.

Features and Benefits

The Vax U84-AL-PE Air Lift is a lightweight model that has been made to be manoeuvrable, gliding across all your floors with ease.

The ease of movement that comes with this vacuum cleaner is all thanks to the swivel head that Vax is known for, making turning tight corners an absolute, breeze, as well as helping you to reach every area of your home.

Plus, it even goes horizontally under furniture where it can fit. No dust bunnies in your home will be safe with one of these.

Vax U84-AL-PE

It uses cyclonic technology as well, meaning that the suction level is not only powerful but also consistent – so you never lose suction while you are vacuuming.

This also means that it is powerful enough to pick up pet hair and dirt of all sizes, even lifting the embedded pieces from the base of your carpet.

 It has AAAA performance ratings across the board, so you don’t have to worry about the floor type compromising the overall quality and suction.

Following on from the previous point, this model from Vax is able to take on any floor type that you throw at it. With a quick and easy to use switch on the head of the vacuum, you can tackle any floor type with ease.

Whether you have hard floors or deep pile carpets, no pet hair will be left behind after you’ve run this vacuum over the area. After all, two of the A’s in its performance ratings are for carpet and hard floors.

The other two A’s are for its dust emissions and energy usage, the former of which is what makes it such a great option for those with allergies and asthma. In addition to this, the canister itself is incredibly easy to empty, so you don’t need to come into contact with the dust and debris at any point.

With a clear canister, you can see exactly how full it is and when it needs to be emptied, so you’re never left guessing.

The Vax U84-AL-PE Air Lift also comes with some fantastic tools and accessories. The 3-in-1 tool is one of the best features, as this can be used as a crevice tool, dusting tool, and even an upholstery attachment that works wonders for your car or furniture.

It also has a turbo tool that has been designed especially for pet hair, reaching deep into the carpet to lift up old and embedded hair so that it can be removed – leaving your carpet in amazing condition.

How Does It Compare?

Here are some excellent alternatives to the Vax U84-AL-PE Air Lift, in case after reading this review, this model isn’t quite what you were looking for.

Shark NV680UK

Shark NV680UK

This vacuum cleaner comes from a trusted brand and at a reasonable price. At the same price point as the Dyson, it makes a great alternative if you are looking for something with event more portability – thanks to the nifty lift away feature.

With advanced swivel steering and powerful suction, don’t miss out on this hidden gem. Read our review of the Shark NV680UK here

Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlet Animal

Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlet Animal

From a brand that many know and trust, Bosch is known for producing excellent quality household tools and appliances that you know will last a long time.

Available at a slightly higher price, this sleek upright vacuum was made to deal with multiple animals – and it really shows in the power levels.

Usable on all floors and with lightweight handling, it’s a good looking and excellent feeling model. Read our full review of the Bosch Athlet here

Vax U85-AS-Pe Air Stretch

Vax U85-AS-Pe Air Stretch

This vacuum cleaner from Vax comes as a cheaper alternative to the one listed here. Ideal for homes with pets, and including the same cyclonic technology you would expect to find with any Vax model, it boasts a powerful and lightweight operation that is sure to leave you gliding across your floors.

So, for something that works just as well but tends to cost you less, this might be a great alternative.

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Q: What attachments are included with the vax?  

AIncluded is a hand held brush roller attachment ideal for stairs and upholstery. And a narrow nozzle, and a dusting attachment.

Q: How do you clean this macheine ?

ACylinder comes off by pushing one button. Push the bottom button on the cylinder trap door opens for emptying. The filters can also be easily removed for cleaning by unclipping the top. Very easy to do compared to other vacuums .

To Conclude

If you live in a home with pets, this could be exactly what you have been looking for. With multi-cyclonic technology to prevent a loss of suction while operating, you won’t find yourself becoming frustrated with fluctuating suction levels when you are trying to pick up all the pet hair.

The accessory range is also fantastic, providing you with the means to reach every corner of your home, but also giving you a little extra power to remove all the pet hair from your carpets.

However, some feel that the flex hose is a little short, and others have stated that it seems to be a bit of a delicate machine.

Saying that, this model makes up for everything with its excellent suction and superb reliability.

So having now read our review, what do you think of the Vax U84-AL-PE Air Lift? Is there anything that you would have added to this review? We love hearing your thoughts and opinions, so let us know what you think of this vacuum in the comments below.

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