The Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite: Could It Be the Best Budget Upright?

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The Zanussi ZAN200A AirSpeed Lite: Could It Be the Best Budget Upright?

Finding the perfect vacuum cleaner is no easy task. We have so many to choose from that it can become a little overwhelming when you start the search.

The Zanussi ZAN2000A review we give here will help to make things a little bit easier for you when it comes to deciding.

If you are looking for a cheap upright vacuum cleaner that has a stylish look and powerful suction, then this could be the one for you. Many agree that is could very well be the best budget upright vacuum, and this could very well be true for you too. Take a look at our review.

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Product Name:

Zanussi ZAN2000A

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Upright Vacuum




For those who want a cheap vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and upright, this is the perfect model. It has a long cord and is bagless with a 1.5L capacity canister. Stylish and powerful, it is a great machine that has generally impressed those who use it.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Zanussi ZAN2000A

Zanussi ZAN200A

For people who suffer from allergies and asthma, a vacuum cleaner that collects dust and other microbes is essential to everyday life.

This model provides just that thanks to its powerful filter. Plus, they are really easy to clean and replace as well. On top of that, the cyclonic technology prevents the machine from clogging due to the dust. It offers all of this at a budget price.

If you are looking for something that can handle pet hair, this might not be the one for you. Instead, the Gtech K9 would be a more suitable model.

While this model is ideal for those who suffer with allergies and other unpleasant reactions, it is not quite powerful enough to deal with animal fur and fluff.

Before you go to purchase the Zanussi ZAN2000A, you should ask yourself a few questions. These should be things like, how much am I willing to spend? Do I want something simple with powerful suction?

Do I need something that will help to prevent allergic reaction due to dust and other microbes? Do I want on board tools?

If you are looking for something that has a low price and answered yes to the questions asked, you might want to take a look at this model.

Presenting the Zanussi ZAN2000A

The Zanussi ZAN200A is perfect for those that want something lightweight and sturdy to power through their home and keep the carpets clean.

So if this is what you are looking for, then this is going to work fantastically with you. Plus, it has a brilliant yellow colour that is sure to bring you a little extra joy when it comes to doing the housework.

It's really easy to move around, so you don’t need to work out in order to push it along the floor. Of course, if you are looking for something that delivers enough power to deal with pet hair then this will not be your first model of choice.

For this, the Zanussi ZAN2011AZ is the better model as it was designed for pets and even comes with a turbo tool to get the fluff out of the upholstery and furniture.

Features and Benefits

The Zanussi ZAN2000A has some fantastic features that make it a truly formidable model. It is able to transition seamlessly between floor types at the flick of a switch, with a steady B rating for both hard floors and carpet.

The dial on the front of the machine has several settings so that you can find your ideal mode for the floor type at hand. The brushes will just adjust themselves to match the setting you chose – there is minimal effort on your part.

Zanussi ZAN200A 2

It has a very long cord (6.5m), so for those in larger or smaller homes are sure to find vacuuming a lot easier as there is much less need for you to keep switching power sockets in order to vacuum the house.

So it ends up saving you a little extra time and effort. Plus, the hose is a reasonable length, making vacuuming the stairs a little less awkward – especially since uprights are usually a little tricky to get the stairs with.

The Airspeed Lite also comes with some great on board tools to help make things easier when you are cleaning your home, which is great for a budget model.

The extension tools make those difficult places a little easier for you to reach, and when combined with the crevice tool nothing can escape you.

Cobwebs and high up dust have never been so accessible. The dusting brush is very gentle and can be used on the stair railing and even electronics.

It has a HEPA filter to capture dust and other microbes that are in the air. This means that once they are captured by the machine, they will remain trapped in the filter until it is washed.

So when the vacuum is running, the dust and microbes are not shot back into the air for you to breathe in.

This is what happens with filters that are poor quality. So when you use this machine, you know that you aren’t going to end up having an allergic reaction or asthma attack.

The Airspeed Lite is also bagless, making it easier to empty and less of a reaction hazard for those with respiratory issues.

The canister has a 1.5L capacity and is very easy to empty – just hold it over the bin and open it with the click of a button. Plus, with the multi cyclonic technology you are less at risk of clogs so you can clean with higher power for longer.

How Does It Compare?

Here are some excellent alternatives to the Zanussi ZAN200A, in case this model isn’t quite what you were looking for.

Zanussi ZAN2011AZ

Zanussi ZAN2011AZ

This vacuum cleaner is powerful and perfect for those who have pets. It comes with a fantastic turbo tool that can be used to pull up embedded fur and keep furniture in pristine condition.

It is completely worth it if you live in a pet or multi pet household. Lightweight and easy to move around, it is a fantastic option. Even better, is that it is around the same price as the ZAN200A.

Shark NV680

Shark NV680

Shark is a popular brand that is trusted by many, and their pet vacuum cleaner offers fantastic suction as well as consistent power levels.

It has advanced steering technology for better manoeuvrability, as well as anti-allergen technology that traps 99.9% of them away. It’s a powerful machine that comes at a reasonable price.


Vax U90-Ma-Re 

This upright vacuum cleaner comes from a trusted brand at a low price. It has multi cyclonic technology for powerful, uninterrupted suction, and an excellent cleaning experience.

It’s incredibly lightweight, and comes with a range of attachments to make life easier for you. Energy efficient, and ideal for pets, this vacuum is reliable and has a low price point.

Read about the Vax U90-Ma-Re Review

To Conclude

For those that want something stylish and lightweight on a budget, this is the ideal vacuum cleaner. It provides a great deal of power, with cyclonic technology that means you aren’t going to lose suction any time soon.

It’s not ideal for homes with pets, and it can be a little awkward on the stairs, but if you suffer from allergies or asthma the HEPA filter in this machine will help prevent reactions.

With a range of great features and tools, the Zanussi ZAN2000A review from us is a positive one. It delivers power and easy use for those of you that need something quick, cheap, and sturdy in your home.

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