Sebo X4 Automatic Review –Extra & Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Over the years, a handful of companies have been able to ascend the ladder and gain the title of the best vacuum cleaner manufacturers.

Sebo is undoubtedly one of these companies. This company has managed to maintain an immaculate reputation, despite being in business for an extensive period of time.

Now, the company looks to once again stun the market with the release of a brand new vacuum. Will the Sebo X4 Review live up to the hype?

Review Summary

Product Name:

Sebo Automatic X4 Extra Eco

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Under £280


The vacuum excels in keeping your allergy troubles to a minimum


Review Summary

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Sebo Automatic X4 Pet Boost

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Around £300


While this vacuum cleaner is similar to the 950AM model, it is fairly different in that it is equipped with a powerful boost button.


How it Works

The Sebo X range includes a handful of upright vacuum cleaners. Each has been manufactured with extreme precision to ensure that your home will be cleaned to perfection, with as little effort on your part as possible.

The vacuums are not only reliable, but they’re also highly innovative.

They utilize a computer control system, which helps to improve the unit’s performance, while ensuring that the brush remains at an optimum height, at all times.


The Sebo X4 Automatic is designed to offer the highest performance level possible.

The greatest feature ever integrated into an upright vacuum cleaner is the electronic controller, which is actually the Sebo’s brain.

This feature is capable of regulating the brush roller’s resistance against the surface. When there is too much resistance placed on the floor, the controller will alert the power head, so the appropriate height adjustment can be made.

By doing this one action, the controller is ensuring the user that they will receive the highest performance level possible.

Gtech performance

Now this is not the only action that the controller performs, because it can also monitor clogged hoses, worn brushes, and the capacity of the dust bag. As soon as the warning system detects one of these issues, the electronic controller will take over and alert the user or shut the vacuum cleaner down.

As you can see, the controller is an amazing feature that ensures the vacuum longevity, since it prevents damage from occurring to the motor and other inner components. The onboard motor is capable of producing up to 1100 watts of power, which is significantly higher than most of the competitor brands.

This is my third Sebo vacuum over a 20 year period. I love them this seems to be the same as my previous one so far ticks all the boxes!


Design And Features

Sebo X4 Automatic Pet Eco

The Automatic X4 Extra and Pet Upright are both sleek and lightweight for upright vacuums.

It is designed to early maneuver around your home, without any assistance on your part. You’ll never have to worry about physically lifting the vacuum off of the ground, unless you need to move it upstairs.

This makes the vacuum ideal for almost everyone, regardless of age or stature. The vacuum delivers an 11m cleaning radius.

It is also perfect for allergy sufferers, thanks to its Anti-Allergy design, which has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

Whether trying to tidy up under your bed or couch, the design gives you the ability to do so, without any trouble at all.


Q: How often does it typically need to be emptied? Is it easy to empty? ...and where is the best place to get new bags?

A: Typically a packet of bags lasts people a year or so with normal usage. As for bags, of course they can be found on Amazon and also on specialist sites like 


Many upright vacuums are overly heavy and tremendously difficult to utilize. This is not the case with the Sebo X4. This vacuum weighs just 7.4kg.

This allows the consumer to lug it around, without a lot of trouble. Of course, the upright is designed to provide you with extreme freedom. This is evident with the 11m cleaning range.

Sebo X4 Extra Eco

SEBO Automatic X4 Extra ECO


Despite the upright build, the Sebo X4 is actually very maneuverable.

The unit is equipped with an electronic height adjustment. This helps to keep the vacuum perfectly setup for different types of floor surfaces.

The vacuum handle also folds somewhat flat, so you can easily clean up and under furniture and other items.

The arrangement of the handle and hose makes the vacuum ideal for cleaning crevices and corners.


In order to get a better idea of this vacuum, you should know that it utilizes a 1,100W suctioning motor.

The motor is sufficiently powerful for the majority of tasks. Of course, it isn’t overly powerful either. You can rest assured knowing that the Sebo will not tear the carpet right off of your floor.

Very competent vacuum cleaner, well made with a quality feel to it. A weaker person may find it a little heavy to carry up stairs - try in the shop first! 5 year guarantee is attractive.



Some vacuums are so difficult to empty that they’ll become frustrating and even mess. This is certainly not the case with the X4 Extra or Pet.

These vacuums are equipped with an easy to empty 5.3L bag. The bag can be emptied easily. Of course the best aspect of all is the fact that the unit is equipped with a bag change indicator.

This innovative addition will alert you whenever the bag needs to be changed.

Sebo X4 Extra Eco 2

What Is Included In The Package?

When purchasing the X4, you will receive a crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, and dusting brush. These tools are stored on the vacuum, so you will always have easy access to them.

The electrical cable is 40’ in length to prevent you from needing to unplug/plug frequently during your cleaning tasks.You will also receive one of the filter bags, which is capable of holding up to 1.4 gallons of debris and dust.

Everything is included in the package, so you can start using the vacuum after the assembly process is complete.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Sebo truly excels, when it comes to their warranties. These vacuums come with an extensive 5-year parts and labor guarantee.

There are very few vacuum manufacturers or any other type company for that matter that is willing to stand behind their products like Sebo! The 5-year warranty enhances the vacuum’s value significantly.

Editors Review

Sebo X4 Extra Eco

If you’re interested in investing in a good vacuum, which is eco-friendly, you should look no further than the Sebo X4 Extra Eco.

The vacuum excels in keeping your allergy troubles to a minimum. The Ultra Bag is very hygienic and will help to decrease the potential of an allergic reaction. Those that suffer from allergies can do no wrong with the Automatic Extra Eco.


The Good Stuff:
  • Warranty is tremendous
  • Delivers extensive use, with many using the product for over 10 years
  • Very efficient and doesn’t utilize too much energy
  • Long hose is perfect for stairs and vehicles
  • Definitely helps to decrease allergic reactions
The Bad Stuff:
  • Slightly heavy
  • Exterior design has no pizzazz

Editors Review

Sebo Automatic X4 Pet Boost

If you have pets with long hair, you definitely understand the difficulty of keeping your carpet, upholstery, and hardwood tidy.

In order to tackle those long pet hairs, you will need to invest in the Sebo X4 Pet Boost. While this vacuum is similar to the 950AM model, it is fairly different in that it is equipped with a powerful boost button.

Once the button is pressed, the performance level will increase significantly to remove those stubborn pet hairs.

The S-Class filter will also capture and hold the pet hair to prevent it from escaping back into the environment.


The Good Stuff:
  • Powerful boost performance button
  • Includes a turbo brush for removing hair from upholstery
  • Superior filtration system
  • Filter is embedded with charcoal to help remove pet odor
The Bad Stuff:
  • Price tag may be a little out of reach for some homeowners


When it comes down to it, consumers really cannot lose with any vacuum within the Sebo lineup.

The vacuums are affordable, well rounded, and incredibly convenient. Although they may not have a futuristic design, none of this will matter, when you flip it on and experience its immaculate performance.

Do you own a Sebo vacuum, thinking of purchasing one ? Let us know at smartvacuums what you think in the comments below.

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  • I went in all ready to by the Dyson Animal ball 2 and walked out with the Sebo X4. It was a no brainer after being educated about the 2 machines.

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