Lift Away the Dust with Your Shark NV601UK and NV601UKT Review and Clean Your House with Ease

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Lift Away the Dust with Your Shark NV601UK and NV601UKT Review and Clean Your House with Ease

The lift away Shark vacuums is among the most popular that the company has manufactured, and they tend to be pretty reliable too. Overall, they are a solid choice of vacuum cleaner that will leave your home looking lovely and clean.

There are quite a few of the lift away models around though, so knowing which one to buy is not an easy task. This is where I come in to help you out. As an avid fan of Shark and vacuum cleaners alike, I have tested out pretty much every model made.

Having loved the lift away series since I first laid eyes on it, I knew that I would get my hands on this model sooner or later.

I’ll be looking at the Shark NV601UK and NV601UKT in this review (the latter of which is the pet version), and you can find out whether or not it was love at first clean.

Eager to know what I made of the Shark NV601UK/T? Well, all you need to do is get comfortable on the sofa (or in your desk chair), grab a snack, and prepare your mind for another one of my ultimate reviews. 

Review Summary


Product Name:

Shark NV601UK

Product Type:

Corded upright vacuum


Around £226


This vacuum cleaner offers a wonderful clean with very little effort, promising to glide across your floors while delivering superb results. It comes with a good selection of attachments, as well as some classic Shark features. Not to mention the massive dustbin capacity for your convenience. 

Review Summary


Product Name:

Shark NV601UKT

Product Type:

Corded upright vacuum


Around £189


Working wonders on your floors and providing you with quick and easy cleaning, this vacuum was made to deal with pet air and dirt like no other. Complete with a handy tool to get the job done, there is a lot of versatility when it comes to cleaning with this model. You’ll never have to worry about fur and fluff again.

  • 1.65L dustbin
  • 6.6kg weight
  • HEPA filter
  • 750w motor
  • 5-year guarantee 

Presenting the Shark NV601UK and NV601UKT

Shark NV601UK

The Shark NV601UK and NV601UKT are fantastic models for those who want something hardy and powerful to use around the home.

Of course, the NV601UKT is also the one you want if you have pets that need to be cleaned up after.

Each of these vacuums offers great handling and flexibility despite their size, as well as the lift away technology.

Of course, there is the fact that it is both corded and has a shorter cable than expected.

If this is a feature that you don’t like the idea of, we do have some cordless Shark reviews you can look at, or the corded Shark HV390UKT which has a 10m cable and is also designed for homes with pets. 

What’s the Difference Between the Two Shark Models? 

NV601UK vs NV601UKT – what’s the difference? Well, like with pretty much every Shark vacuum cleaner, there is only one.

The T in UKT stands for True Pet, and this means that it comes with a pet tool that will help you to achieve a deeper clean and really scrub their beds. They are also different colours, with the NV601UK being electric blue and the NV601UKT a lovely shade of Bordeaux.

Other than that, there is nothing else that separates them, and because of the included pet tool, I will be focusing on the NV601UKT in this review, but you can apply the same information to the NV601UK.

Key Features 

Design and Features 

The overall design is pretty standard for Shark upright vacuum cleaners, so it has a good look with a slim handle and slightly chunky trunk. The instruction manual that comes with it is also very simple to follow, and I had this model put together in no time at all.

The lift away technology is the star feature, and the one that really draws attention to the Shark NV601UKT. It’s very simple to access, with a very visible button that you just need to press down in order to release the main body from the stand and main floorhead.

Once this is done, you are left with the wand, hose, and body of the vacuum so that you can move around freely cleaning your home. 


The main floorhead doesn’t have the Duo-Clean that we have come to know and love, and this is because it is an older model of Shark vacuum. It does still have the bristle bar, however, and this is the main one you need for good pickup of hair and fluff.

The roller found in the Duo-Clean models is perfect for deeper cleaning, but you can get good results without it.

The access to the brush bar is excellent as well, with a removable plate that will let you get right in there if there is a blockage or too much hair has become wrapped around it.

As is often the case with Shark vacuum cleaners, the bar is not removable, and so if it wears out the whole head will need to be replaced. I’m still waiting for a Shark that has this much-wanted feature.

Of course, I won’t forget to mention the classic LED lights that are on the floorhead to help you see any hidden dirt and dust. Getting started and using the vacuum cleaner itself is very easy.

All you need to do is lightly press your foot on the head and tilt the vacuum cleaner backwards in order to start the suction process. All of the controls are located on the handle of the vacuum as well, which makes it easy to switch between functions when you need to.

You might be wondering how this works since the lift away feature means that the vacuum comes away from the floorhead and back. Well, the handle actually comes off with the body and is attached to the hose, which is perfect for easy and comfortable cleaning.

The Shark NV601UK/T also has some excellent on-board storage for the tools that come with it (which I will get into more detail on later). This is ideal for taking them around with you while you are vacuuming, making them easily accessible when you need them. 

I will also note that it is a 750w motor, making it an incredibly powerful machine with brilliant suction.

I was very impressed by its ability to clean, which you will learn more about as you go through this review, and it remains EU compliant. It’s an energy-efficient motor as well, which should save you some money on your electricity bills. 

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How Noisy is it? 

It comes in at 80db, which is quieter than a lot of vacuum cleaners were before the EU legislation came into effect.

It is quite pleasant to use and not too bothersome, especially with the extra padding provided by the filtration system; effectively muffling the sound. While there are quieter vacuums out there, this one is not offensive to the ears. 

Cord Length and Storage 

I was disappointed with the 8m cable that comes with the Shark NV601UKT, especially since the newer Shark vacuums have 10m cords. The missing 2m really does make a difference, and you can feel it when stretching through the house.

I did find myself unplugging more than I used to, and while it wasn’t a massive downside, it could have done with the extra length. I was pleased with the cable tidy on the back of the vacuum though, and it certainly made storage easier. 

Weight and Handling

As this is a full upright vacuum, you can’t expect it to weigh hardly anything, although it can be a shock to the system when you have been using cordless or stick vacuums for so long (like me).

It comes in at 6.6kg, but you are pushing and pulling this weight as opposed to lifting it, so you don’t necessarily feel it as much. In its lift away form, it is much lighter at 3.5kg.

The fact that the Shark NV601UKT uses swivel steering in the head does help to make things so much easier, and the handling becomes very smooth and streamlined.

The handle is comfortable to grip, as well as padded, preventing you from getting sore or tired hands when you are performing long vacuuming tasks. It takes some of the weight away, making the process feel effortless. 

shark vacuum cleaner

Dust Canister and Filter

The dust canister has a 1.6L capacity, which I found so great because I need a larger capacity in my home. Especially with the amount of fur my dog sheds.

So, this big bin was just what I wanted in life, and the fact that removing it from the main unit and emptying it is so easy was the icing on the cake. There was one point when some fluff got stuck inside, but it wasn’t too messy to clean out.

The filter is the classic foam one we see in pretty much every Shark vacuum, and it is just as massive and ready to absorb unnatural amounts of dust.

The sponge slides out of the unit and can be washed with water, and the little filter we see underneath that can be washed in the same way. While Shark suggests they are washed every three months, I strongly recommend monthly washing.

There is a second filter as well, and this one can be found by the motor. It is a HEPA filter, which means that it traps allergens to help prevent reactions as well as asthma attacks.

It can be removed, and the area around it is sealed to prevent dust and debris from getting into the actual motor. This filter does not need to be washed as often, but you should check on it. 

How Well Does It Clean?

In short, the Shark NV601UKT is efficient on all floor types. On hard floors, it picks up very well and quickly, although there was some snowploughing with the larger debris.

Admittedly, it wasn’t nearly as much as some of the other brands I have tested out though. I was pleased with the overall clean, and it didn’t take long to get rid of everything. 

Carpets also went well, and the bristle brush worked deep into the layers of my floor to reach some dirt and hair I didn’t even know was there.

It didn’t complete its job on the first pass, but after a couple, everything was gone, and the floor was left looking fantastic. I didn’t have to clean the brush bar at any point, but it probably helps that there is no long hair in my home. 

Shark_Powered_Lift_Away_Speed_Vacuum_Cleaner_Demonstration_Review (1)

I used the lift away feature for the stairs, because there is no way the standard build would ever be able to tackle that.

It was really easy to use and handle, but also did well cleaning the carpet on the stairs with the upholstery tool and the pet tool (I will talk about the latter in the next section). The power was great, and it was just a very simple job with no stress. 

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The wand and lift away mode combined also make floor to ceiling cleaning simpler and more versatile, with great reach so that you can access every corner of the home.

Combined with some of the included tools, you’ll become an unstoppable force of cleanliness; just like me. Seriously, there are no webs left in my house, and it feels amazing. 

How Well Does It Cope with Pet Hair? 

I always have a good test for pet hair because my dog sheds so much and has a double coat, which means fur that is absolutely everywhere; even on my coffee table. I vacuum every day, and it’s still somewhere.

So, the pet tool was put to the test here. I used it on my dog’s bed as well as the furniture he sleeps on (basically all of it), as well as a few tough spots on my carpet. The results were fantastic.

I was really impressed with how clean and fur-free everything was by the time I was done. As for the main floorhead, that performed well too.

On hard floors, piles of fluff were picked up quickly, but some of the finer dust and dirt did need a few runs before it was gathered (missing the Duo-Clean).

On carpet, it really reached down and pulled the gunk up, and again took a few passes but did an excellent job overall. 

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The Shark NV601UK/T comes with some excellent tools, the first of which is the pet power brush, which is only included with the pet version.

It’s effective and fast-working, with a powerful motor that really sucks up the fluff – something I explore more in the section above. It also has a 2-in-1 crevice and dusting tool, and this is great for reaching those high corners and difficult areas.

I found that I could get into every nook and cranny in my kitchen with the crevice tool. The dusting brush is very gentle as well, which is ideal for bannisters and delicate areas, but also tabletops and other hard surfaces like counters. 

How Does It Compare?

Here are some other, similar, models of vacuum cleaner for you to consider, just in case you want to look at other options before you commit to a Shark NV601UK or NV601UKT

Vax Air Lift Pet Max

Vax Air Lift Pet Max 

Vax is a fantastic brand, and another one that incorporates the concept of a portable main body.

This model comes with a pet tool, as well as a great capacity within the canister for all your cleaning needs.

It is suitable for all floor types, and is actually surprisingly lightweight considering the build, as well as easy to handle. It even has an A rating for energy efficiency. 

Vax air lift pet pro

Vax Air Lift Pet Pro

Smooth steering and flexibility make cleaning a dream with this Vax.

Multi-cyclonic energy improves the suction and efficiency, and there is even a tool just for hard floors as well as one for pets. 

With a portable body, stair cleaning and general movement have a lot more freedom, and the canister capacity is excellent for a full house clean. 

To Conclude

We hope that this Shark NV601UK and NV601UKT guide has helped you to learn more about the different features they have, as well as which one is going to be best suited to your home.

I usually advocate for the pet version since they are often cheaper, and they come with an extra tool that can even be useful in homes with no animals.

Of course, no vacuum cleaner is perfect (sadly), and this one comes with two main flaws; it has a short cable and is a little heavy. Neither of these is necessarily deal-breakers, but they can make things harder.

Switching sockets more frequently can be frustrating, just as wielding a vacuum that is heavier than you are used to can become more of a chore than anything. However, there are plenty of positives that come with the NV601UK/T which make them worth it.

The suction is amazing, the tools are superb, and the lift away technology makes life so much easier. Overall, I would happily award this vacuum cleaner 4/5. It’s not my favourite, but it did an amazing job, nonetheless.

What did you think of our Shark NV601UK and NV601UKT review? Do you agree with our thoughts on the vacuum, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below. Protection Status