Remove Those Stubborn Pet Hairs with the Shark Duo Clean AX950UK and AX950UKT Review

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Remove Those Stubborn Pet Hairs with the Shark Duo Clean AX950UK and AX950UKT Review

I love Shark, and I love reviewing their vacuum cleaners. While I have declared myself an avid lover of other brands, like Vax, my heart will always belong to Shark.

Having fallen in love with them from the moment I use their original steam cleaner, there is nothing better than a good and reliable Shark vacuum cleaner. 

The Shark AX950UK/T is a model that I can get excited about because it takes everything I love and wraps it into one neat and tidy package. It’s got powered lift away and duo-clean technology; my two favourite features.

As someone who lives in a home with loads of pets and those with allergies and asthma, finding a vacuum cleaner that can cater to all my needs is not always an easy task. Usually, Shark hits the mark, but did it with this one?  

In short, yes, it did. I really like this model. It’s wide, it’s proud, and it’s always ready for action. No, I have not found a perfect vacuum yet, but this one comes close.

What did I hate? Well, you’ll need to keep reading to discover that little nugget. Kick back and relax; it’s time for another one of my exhilarating adventures with Shark.  

Review Summary


Product Name:

Shark AX950UK

Product Type:

Corded upright vacuum 




This savvy Shark has a larger floorhead, as well as both duo-clean and lift away to make your life easier. Designed to pick up even more than before, it’s an upgrade that you are sure to love. Not to mention that it comes with some very exciting extra features.  

Review Summary


Product Name:

Shark AX950UKT

Product Type:

Corded upright vacuum 




Made for pets and the fluff that they leave behind, this is the vacuum cleaner for animal lovers everywhere. It comes with some fantastic accessories, while also remaining easy to handle and incredibly smooth when running over your floors.          

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out of stock


out of stock



  • Excellent suction 
  • Excellent for homes with pets 
  • Excellent for homes with stairs 
  • Excellent accessories 
  • Main floorhead is wider 
  • Good size dustbin 
  • Effective on all floor types 
  • Duo-Clean floorhead 
  • Powered lift away


  • Can be a little heavy
  • Cord is a little shorter than anticipated
  • Cannot remove brush bar

Presenting the Shark AX950UK and AX950UKT

The Shark AX950UK and AX950UKT are both perfect for homes with a lot of traffic and multiple floor types. They deliver powerful suction that cleans the area up speedily, and the attachments that come with them are superb.

Plus, the AX950UKT is the companion you need for clearing up pet hair and fluff. They both offer some seriously great advantages for any home. You do have a big downside in terms of the weight and the cord length.

I mean, it’s not so heavy you can’t move it, but it is a noticeable addition compared to other models. Plus, there are Shark’s out there with 10m cords, so you don’t need to settle for a short one.

You can check out our other corded and cordless Shark reviews for a more varied choice in terms of weight and cord length. 

What’s the Difference Between the Two Shark Models? 

The big question is what the difference between these upright vacuum cleaners is, and the answer? Well, it’s all in the T – literally. The T in UKT stands for true pet, and this refers to the pet attachment that comes with the vacuum.

So, the only thing different between them is that one tool; the AX950UKT comes with it, and the AX950UK does not.

The wands are usually different colours as well, like Dyson, so you can tell the difference. Due to the extra accessory that comes with the AX950UKT, this is the model I will focus on during the review.  

Key Features 

Design and Features 

I love the build of Shark upright vacuums, and the AX950UKT is no exception to this. It has a boxy look, but still remains quite a slim model in comparison to uprights from other brands.

Plus, due to the fact that it packs away so compactly, it slots into my small cupboard with ease. I will also note that the assembly was quick and simple, with everything clicking into place within seconds. 

It has duo-clean technology, which is fantastic, and if you don’t know already this means that there are two brush bars in the main floorhead. The rear one is the firm bristle brush, which is for carpets and can be found in all Shark vacuums.

The front one is the soft brush roll, which is for hard floors and is brilliant at picking up fine dust and debris.  The rollers are very easy to access when you flip the head over, and this allows for easy cleaning of each bar.

Sadly, the bristle brush still cannot be removed, and this is something I really am losing hope for. However, the soft bar can be taken out and cleaned; which it will need regularly as it picks up a lot.

You will also notice that there is a much wider opening for the central air path, which means better suction and a wider range.  

The floorhead has its usual LED lights on the front, showing you all the dirt and dust that you are missing. You can recline the vacuum cleaner with a little peddle, and away you go.

A new feature that I really liked was the automatic shutdown if anything (like a sock) gets sucked into the head. A light will flash, and the machine will turn off so that you can remove it. I do sometimes suck up things I shouldn’t, and it passed the sock test with flying colours.  

The Shark AX950UKT also has powered lift away; another feature that I adore. Combined with the duo-clean, it makes for an unstoppable force of nature.

You just need to click a button on the main body, and it will come away from the frame effortlessly. This turns it into a portable vacuum, and even the handle comes away for easy handling. The tool storage is also on the back of the body.  

As it is a powered lift away model, this also means that you can attach the main floorhead to the wand in lift away mode.

So, you can reach under furniture and get to difficult places. The flexible hose really helps with this aspect too; creating a really versatile machine that has a lot to offer. 

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Moving onto the handle itself, this actually has its own little headlight when in lift away mode, so you can see everything clearly – especially during floor to ceiling cleaning.

The handle also has the usual controls for hard floors and carpets (as well as a lower brush speed for rugs) and the suction valve.

What does this model have that I’ve been wanting? The power button is on the handle at last! I’ve been waiting for so long, and it really does make everything more convenient.  

How Noisy is it? 

It is 80db, but it sounds even quieter than that. While I have found that the 80db vacuum cleaners are very bearable to use, this one is even more so because the sound feels muffled. It makes vacuuming more relaxed, that’s for sure.  

Cord Length and Storage 

Despite all of the perfect features this model has, the Shark AX950UKT has an 8m cord.

It’s not the end of my love for the machine, but I would have preferred a 10m one instead as it means less socket switching while I clean. However, 8m did well, and the cable tidy on the back kept everything nice and neat.  

Weight and Handling

It comes in at 7.5kg, which is a little heavy if you decide to try and lift it up, and half this when in lift away mode.

It does feel like the weight of Shark vacuums is steadily increasing all the time, but it’s something I can look past for the sheer power and manoeuvrability that they offer.  

The handle is comfortable, with a padded grip that allows for prolonged cleaning without ending up being stiff or sore. The handling is also very smooth and easy, so you can swing around obstacles without issue or hassle.

Despite the added weight, you hardly feel it when you are vacuuming the house in upright mode, and it really does make for an amazing experience.  

Dust Canister and Filter

The dust canister has an excellent capacity at 1.65L, and while there are some who have felt this is too small; I think they are wrong.

It’s a great size for pretty much every home, and it gets you into the practice of emptying it after every use so that it is empty and fresh for the next run. In fact, it can easily fit two vacuuming sessions for my house.  

The bin itself clicks on and off quickly, and there are two emptying points for efficient work when you have finished with your run.

The cleaning is much easier than previous models as well, with a removable shroud so that you can remove any stuck hairs, dirt, and dust. It’s just a smooth process overall. The Shark AX950UKT has the usual filters that you would expect to find.

The first is the sponge with the felt seal underneath. This is a very large filter, but it also absorbs a lot of grime; which makes it really effective in dusty areas.

Shark says that you should wash it every three months, but I can assure you that monthly is the best way to go if you want to avoid loss of suction and keep things running smoothly.  

The HEPA filter is located near the motor, as usual, and this is perfect at trapping allergens to help avoid allergy or asthma attacks in sufferers.

It can be removed, and there is a tight seal underneath to prevent dust from getting into the motor. This should be washed once or twice a year, and both filters should only be washed with water before being left to dry completely.  

How Well Does It Clean?

It does a great job on hard floors thanks to the duo-clean front brush roll, which picks up fine dust effortlessly.

The suction is superb, and there is no snowploughing of large debris; which makes it pretty perfect in my mind. One pass is usually all it takes to pick everything up, although it might need a second just to make sure.  

Carpet is also a big success, and I really enjoyed the smooth operation. The low mode for rugs was really good, and it picked everything up without dragging the rug up with it.

On regular carpet, two passes had 99% of the mess on the floor, and it just needed a couple more to get rid of the really fine debris. 

The stairs were made easy thanks to the lift away technology, and the fact that the powered form meant I could use the floorhead in this setting allowed for extra cleaning.

It was light and effortless, and I was able to focus on vacuuming instead of balancing the machine on the steps.  

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Floor to ceiling cleaning was another important aspect, and this was way simpler and quicker than normal thanks to both the lift away tech and the long reach of the wand.

Using my desired attachments, there was no area I couldn’t reach, and there was no painful stretching of my arm to do so.  

How Well Does It Cope with Pet Hair? 

On hard floors, pet hair stood no chance. Both the front and back brush rolls worked in unison to pick up the hairs and larger clumps, while the front roller picked up finer debris, hairs, and dirt from the ground.

It reached right into the dips in my tiled floor, and I could swear that it sucked lost hair up from between the wooden planks in the living room.  

It was just as effective on carpet, and I was pleased to see that this pet vacuum didn’t ball the hair up while it worked, instead just sucking it up and getting rid of it.

It did take a couple of passes on carpets and rugs alike, but I could really feel the bristle brush working deep into the carpet to pull everything up.  

I’m always excited by the pet tool, and this was no exception. I got straight to work on my dog’s beds (yes, he has three) to remove all of the fur and fluff from them.

It did a fantastic job, and worked quickly to get rid of everything; leaving it looking perfectly clean. Plus, it did an excellent job on my furniture, stairs, and stubborn areas of carpet.

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I’ve already talked about the pet tool and how much I love it in the above section, but it is still important to list it here. Then, you have the upholstery tool.

This is used for car interiors and furniture, and it does a fantastic job on both. It picks everything up, and it clicks into place very nicely. It even rotates for an even smoother cleaning experience.  

The crevice and duster tool is a 2-in-1, but the latter part is actually removable this time if you find it gets in the way. The crevice tool is nice and long for good reach, and it can get right into tight corners and spaces without issue.

The duster brush can be used on delicate surfaces and bannisters, and I like to vacuum my kitchen floor with it; seriously works wonders. 

How Does It Compare?

Here are some other, similar, models of vacuum cleaner for you to consider, just in case you want to look at other options before you commit to a Shark AX950UK or AX950UKT. 

Shark NV801UKT

This model from Shark is amazing on all floor types, and works wonders on pet hair and stubborn areas.

It can be used on the stairs and to reach tricky places with great ease, and there are loads of attachments to make the job easier. 

The steering is brilliant and easy, with no strain or effort, and the price tag that comes with it isn’t bad either. You can read our full review of it for more info.  

Shark AX910UKT

Another one from Shark, this is very similar to the AX950UKT. It has also been made for pets and combines the duo-clean and lift away tech to create a flexible and powerful vacuum cleaner that can cope with practically anything. 

The wide floorhead means that a wider area is reached, and the powered lift away combined with duo-clean tech really brings this model to life.  

To Conclude

We hope that this Shark AX950UK and AX950UKT guide has shown you what each model has to offer, how they can benefit your home, and which one will suit your needs.

Personally, I always go for the pet model because I have pets, but even if I didn’t, I would still buy it for that amazing tool. It really is amazing.  

The short cord is the only thing that really bugged me because I keep begging for all Shark vacuums to have them and yet, so few actually do. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a pet peeve.

Yes, it is a little heavy, and the bristle brush still cannot be removed, but I can look past these with more forgiving eyes. Despite this, it remains one of the best shark vacuum cleaners because of that wide head, amazing airflow, and all the little features that turn it into a massive machine. 

Let’s not forget the lift away and duo-clean combination either. I really did love this vacuum, and I feel it deserves a full 5/5 even though the cord length fell short of my expectations.  

What did you think of our Shark AX950UK and AX950UKT reviews? Do you agree with our thoughts on the vacuum, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below. Protection Status