Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Review (Best Prices Compared)

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Dyson is one of the best and most trusted brands when it comes to vacuum cleaners and other home appliances. Their models are powerful, durable, and highly reliable – earning them the seal of approval with customers across the globe.

With some of the best and newest technology, you are guaranteed an amazing clean when you use one of their vacuum cleaners. This Dyson DC40 Multi Floor review aims to see if it lives up to expectations and if it can deliver the results it claims it can. Ideal for all floor types and with powerful suction, this model might just be the one for you.

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Product Name:

Dyson DC40 Multi Floor

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Ball upright vacuum




Lightweight, powerful, simple. These are three words that describe this exquisite vacuum cleaner from Dyson. With state of the art ball technology for smooth manoeuvrability, this vacuum cleaner will glide seamlessly along your floors – leaving you with a deep clean and stunning results.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dyson DC40 Multi Floor

Dyson DC40

For those looking for something lightweight and easy to move around the house, this model from Dyson might be the answer. It has a surprisingly light build, which makes it easy to lift and carry – especially when you are doing the stairs. Plus, the upright build of this vacuum also means that it is easy to store, taking up less space in your home.

It offers a lot of power as well, which is great for those with thick carpets. It solves quite a few issues for those considering which vacuum to buy next. It takes up less space, is suitable for those with asthma and allergies, and can also take care of pet hair quite effectively.

When you do look at the Dyson DC40 Multi Floor, you should be asking what it can do for you and your home. Can it handle your floor types? Is it suitable for the tasks you need it to complete? Does it have a range of tools and attachments that will enhance your cleaning experience? Our answer is yes, but this extensive guide can help you to learn even more about what this model has to offer.

Presenting the Dyson DC40 Multi Floor

This model of vacuum cleaner promises to deliver excellent suction and power throughout its life. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and can tackle all of the daily tasks you need to complete in order to keep your carpets and hard floors beautifully clean. Easy to store, it’s surprisingly compact, so you don’t need to worry about it taking up massive amounts of space.

It’s the perfect machine for those who have a variety of floor types, allowing you to switch easily between hard floors and carpet. If you suffer from allergies and asthma, this vacuum cleaner will ease your suffering while you do the housework. For those with high traffic homes and pets, you will be more than satisfied by the suction provided and the clean results. Whether you have a family, or just need to do a quick once over a couple of times a week, this model won’t leave you disappointed.

Features and Benefits

The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor is a lightweight model that has been made to be manoeuvrable, gliding across all your floors with ease. It also features the Dyson Ball, a great design that allows for swift, smooth, movements without much effort.

It provides you with the means to turn tight corners and turn on the spot, making areas that would have been difficult to manoeuvre a breeze. Less weight and bulk also help to contribute to this easy use.

Dyson DC40

It uses new radial root cyclone technology, which means that offer more power as well as more efficient airways. The technology implemented here has reconfigured the air channels, improving the flow and reducing turbulence.

This preserves the air pressure, allowing more microscopic particles to be captured and trapped in the filter. This makes it an even better model for those with asthma and allergies, but also helps improve the airflow for pet hair through the machine.

The self-adjusting head is the perfect solution for those who have multiple floor types in their home. It adjusts itself automatically as you switch between floor types, making good use of the suction and leaving you with the best possible results. The instant release wand is also a great addition, allowing you to reach tight areas quickly and with minimal effort.

The clear canister is great, allowing you to see how full it is and when it needs to be emptied. Plus, it is really easy and hygienic to empty – simply push the button at the top, and you are good to go. The filter is easy to clean and incredibly efficient, so you don’t need to worry about your allergies playing up.

The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor also comes with an amazing range of tools and accessories. The combination tool works as a crevice tool, helping you to reach the most difficult areas of your home. It also doubles up to form a dusting tool, keeping things especially clean for you. The stair tool is easy to attach and will help you to reach each of the tricky corners, as well as the vertical edges of the stairs.​

It comes with a five-year guarantee, which covers both parts and labour. It was made to last, so you know you are getting something durable and reliable when you purchase this Dyson model. All you need to do is register your product online, which is quick and easy.

How Does It Compare?

Here are some excellent alternatives to the Dyson DC40 Multi Floor, in case this model isn’t quite what you were looking for.

Shark NV680UK

Shark NV680UK

This vacuum cleaner comes from a trusted brand and at a reasonable price. At the same price point as the Dyson, it makes a great alternative if you are looking for something with event more portability – thanks to the nifty lift away feature. With advanced swivel steering and powerful suction, don’t miss out on this hidden gem.



This is another model from a trusted and reliable brand. With lift away technology, it gets rid of any excess bulk and makes it much easier to carry around the house, especially when it comes to vacuuming the stairs. It is also cordless, with a battery that lasts an hour, and LED lights that will help you to see around your home.

SEBO Automatic X1.1

SEBO Automatic X1.1

This vacuum cleaner comes at a slightly higher price, but has a cool modern look and incredible suction. The filtration system is top rate, which is perfect for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. It comes with some great tools, a brilliant guarantee, and an even better unblockage system – so you won’t be pulling hair and fur out of the nozzle.

To Conclude

This is the perfect vacuum cleaner for those that want something lightweight and powerful in their home. Easy to store away and manoeuvre, it has everything you need from this top brand. It can be a little hard to push over thick carpet due to the powerful suction, so make sure you are prepared for a mini workout. The cable is also a little short, and could do with being longer, just as the canister would benefit from a larger size. However, it does come with a fantastic range of attachments and an incredibly effective filter. The pros for this model far outweigh the cons, and it is a vacuum cleaner that you certainly won’t want to miss out on.

Overall Score