Shark 2in1 Electric Steam Mop – Great For Allergy Sufferers

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shark 2 in 1 electric steam mop

This eco-friendly steam mop does not come that cheap, when comparing to other models but it completely transforms floor cleaning, confronting stubborn stains, grime and dirt with positive results.

Tthanks to several unique features that comes with it, such as mop glides that is capable of thoroughly cleaning the floor, leaving it sparkling clean and germ-free.

Even grout and tiles with the toughest stains will not resist this steam mop. For this reason, it is a great purchase for your home. The device is easy to assemble and it is ready to use in just 30 seconds.

Features of Shark 2 in 1 Electric Steam Mop

  • The mop comes can slide along the floor surfaces to get them clean and fresh
  • It can convert into a handheld steam mop
  • Ideal for cleaning tiles, ovens and a host of different types of floor surfaces
  • Using only pure water, no potentially dangerous chemicals, it is perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Comes with a carpet glider, a microfiber pad, and a water filling cup


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Flexible, manoeuvrable and lightweight
  • Easy to assemble


  • Price tag high (unless in sale)

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The steamer is ideal for domestic cleaning but not really suited to commercial cleaning. The equipment will definitely help you get the cleaning work accomplished quickly and efficiently. It only weighs 2.7 Kg – making it easy to carry.

It comes with two microfiber pads and other accessories. The pads are removable and washable, so you will save some money not having to replace the pads too often.

The cleaner has completely eliminated the need to carry an extra bucket of water while cleaning the house. Steam dries very fast. An easy to use filling cup is also included. The water tank is not something to boast about and can sometimes be too small for you guys with very large rooms to clean.

The device produces extremely hot steam, which is capable of loosening tough grime and dried spills with no issue. The steam also kills harmful microbes, disinfects floors and it is chemical free.

Thus, those who have children or individuals who suffer from allergies will really appreciate the work of shark 2 in 1 electric steam mop. It utilizes just ordinary water… no harsh detergents.

With this steam cleaner, the steam gives temperatures which surpasses 212 degrees. The microfiber cloth is activated by the hot steam to Shark 2in1 Electric Steam Mop-cleanningloosen, lift and trap dirt.

The equipment can clean a wide array of floor surfaces including laminate floors, sealed wood floors, carped floors and tiled floors. Moreover, it can be used to clean windows, mirrors, glass and other surfaces.

Steam cleaning is undeniably the easiest, best and chemical-free cleaning method at the moment. A Shark 2 in 1 Electric Steam Mop is definitely a great choice, having received a huge majority of positive reviews from consumers.

One consumer from Amazon said that “the equipment is great for loosening tough stains and grime but it won’t be able to perform deep cleaning”. Therefore with the real deepened stains it may need the attention of a professional cleaning service to complete the job.

He also recommends the device for regular house usage not commercial activity. Buying this steam mop will certainly not be a waste of money. After weighing the pros and cons of the device, experts agree that it is worth the weight in gold.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to find better options than this, but this will depend on your budget and requirements. Generally speaking, the device is able to accomplish the cleaning tasks that high end steam cleaners can.

Given the price range of the product, you cant complain too much about the features. As the old saying goes, “you gets what you pays for”.

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