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iRoboVac Robot Hoover Review: A Modern Take on Sophisticated Cleaning

As modern homes become more sophisticated, so do regular cleaning requirements. Manual vacuuming slowly becomes a thing of the past, and it will not be long before every home owns smart cleaners that do the job quicker, yet more efficiently.

The answer to the growing standards of consumers is the creation of robot vacuum cleaners – smart cleaning appliances that work on their own even without manual controlling. This is a practical solution to people who live in a fast-phase world and have no time to take care of household chores. If you have no spare time but have a lot of spare money, robot hoovers are the appliances to check out.

One such product that is making an impact in the market is iRoboVac, a state-of-the-art cleaning companion that takes away the worries of tedious and time-consuming home cleaning. It is a top contender for the best robot vacuum cleaner, but whether it meets your requirements and expectations is up to you to decide.

 iRobovac Robot Hoover
The iRobovac

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Listed below are the pro’s and cons.


  • Multi-action: It does more than gliding; it sweeps, brushes, sucks, and disinfects the floor all at once. Can you imagine how much manual work you have to do just to achieve all of those actions? It is a very intelligent appliance even for the standard of robot vacuum cleaners, so you are about to experience cleaning in a way you have never seen before (seriously, you will be excited to try it for the first time).
  • Five cleaning modes: Depending on your floor type and level of cleaning requirement, you can set it to different modes for the best cleaning solution. It is efficient on almost any floor type.


The basic is auto cleaning mode, which simply cleans the entire floor with the same treatment at different sweeping patters until it returns to its docking port. It is the recommended mode for regular floor cleaning before or after the day.

The second, the spot cleaning mode, does intensive cleaning on a certain spot using spiral sweeping movements covering a diameter of 2.4 meters. It is the best adjustment if you have specific areas of concerns, like stained spots.

The third is the edge cleaning mode. It particularly focuses on the edge of walls and bases of furniture. Using its side brushes, this vacuum cleaner makes sure that furniture bases and under-surfaces are sparkling clean.

The fourth is the mute cleaning mode. It completes a whole cycle of cleaning at a very quiet operation. This is perfect if you just want to maintain the cleanliness of your floor.

The last is the zigzag cleaning mode, which specifically follows a zigzag pattern.

iRobovac brushesirobovac zoom irobovac docking charger


  • Ultra-quiet operation: At 48 decibels of operation, you won’t realize it is cleaning your floor until you see it. This is perfect for working parents who habitually take workloads at home, and for families that have babies who have to stay asleep most of the day.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning: With its UV lamp that effectively kills bacteria, it cleans your floor from dust and dirt while neutralizing unwanted microorganisms all over the place. No need to use disinfectants here because it covers every square inch of your floor. It saves you from additional cleaning costs, strong chemical odors, and possible poisoning.
  • Strong suction: It might not be as huge as your traditional upright and canister vacuum cleaners, but it sucks up dust, dirt, and wetness very efficiently at 85 liters per minute. That makes it an excellent choice for cleaning carpets and kitchen floors.
  • Automatic charging: As it automatically cleans, it also automatically charges once it runs out of battery. Just plug in its charging base, place on the floor where it is easy to access, and iRoboVac will automatically return to it once the battery goes low. A full cycle of charging is equivalent to two hours of non-stop cleaning.
  • Fully digital: All of its settings and commands can be accessed through a touchscreen control panel.
  • Wireless: It saves you from tripping and inconvenient plugging and unplugging of short power cords.
  • Manually usable: if you do not feel like running it automatically, like if you want to clean a certain spot manually, you can just place the mop attachment and use it like any ordinary vacuum cleaner.

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Fantastic buy – My wife and I are rubbish at cleaning the house regularly and this makes a world of difference


  • Affordable: Its under £180 price tag is definitely not the most affordable vacuum cleaner you can find. However, because it is a robot vacuum cleaner whose price usually goes above £200 to £800, you can call it affordable without the added guilt. In fact, it is one of the most affordable yet impressive robot vacuum cleaners in the market today.
  • Bestselling: Market reception is essential to determine the products that are trusted the most. In this case, iRoboVac is one of the top five robot vacuum cleaners listed in Amazon. It means that if it continues to gain trust from picky consumers, you also buy it with lower risk of getting dissatisfaction.
  • Easy to clean: The hardware and attachments are easy to clean as they are easy to remove. You can do it in a minute.
  • Easy storage: With its size, finding a place to hide it will never be a problem.
  • Numerous accessories included: You will get spare brushes, handy mop, Bluetooth remote control, virtual wall, charging base, AC power adapter, and manual.


  • Average dust-bin: For the standard of robot vacuum cleaners, its 0.8 liter capacity is absolutely impressive already. However, compared to more traditional vacuum cleaners that usually have 1.5- to 2-liter collection bin, its capacity might not be something to write home about. Nonetheless, that capacity is already enough to cover a three-bedroom apartment with average cleaning needs.
  • Not suitable for all carpet types: Although it works well on most carpeted flooring, the manufacturer does not advise to use it over black and long-thread carpets. Its suction power and automatic cleaning motion might not be the best for delicate surfaces.
  • Complicated programming: The control panel is digital, so it is somehow convenient and easy to use. The programming is a different thing, though. Because it works automatically, the cleaning modes and settings should also be programmed beforehand. There is really nothing difficult with that unless it fully runs out of battery in case you forget to plug in the charging base.
  • The program set-up automatically resets whenever it goes battery empty. Unfortunately, the programming is a bit tricky, so you have to learn it beforehand.
  • It gets stuck: It cleans automatically but only if it does not get stuck on any unusual surface or under furniture. Sometimes, it can get stranded when transitioning from one floor type to another, like from wood to thick carpet. It can also get stranded underneath anything that blocks its course. For that matter, you have to check it from time to time as well.
  • Exclusivity to floor: There is no need to carry or lift it when cleaning, but that also means it is only usable on floor. You have to buy another vacuum cleaner for the ceiling, wall, crevice, and upholstery.

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Verdict: iRobovac Hoover Review

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This is a highly recommended robot vacuum cleaner for its reliability, feature, and price. You can consider the price an entry-level robot vacuum cleaner, but its performance is definitely on the league of high-end models. You might want to consider it if you are transitioning from traditional to smart vacuum cleaner.