AEG AG71a RapidClean Review: The Corded Handheld Vacuum Reviewed

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AEG AG71a RapidClean

There is an abundance of excellent handheld vacuum cleaners on the market, but a few truly stand out amongst their competitors. The AEG AG71a is undeniably one of the best of the best.

Although you may have never heard of AEG, this won’t last for long. The company’s products are highly innovative and deliver a brilliant performance, which will make them impossible to ignore in the near future.(You may also know them as Electrolux)

The AG71a Radidclean is their latest and undoubtedly one of their best. Within this comprehensive review guide, you will learn everything there is to know about this corded handheld vacuum and its performance.

Review Summary

Product Name:

AEG AG71a RapidClean

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Under £75


A very portable vacuum that is capable of offering a deep down clean every single time. It also offers versatility, since you can use it to clean your upholstery, stairs, vehicle, and outdoor garage


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Product Overview

First and foremost, you should realize that the AG71a is a corded, handheld vacuum cleaner. The vacuum has been manufactured to provide the user with a fast, deep vacuum cleaning experience.

Although it is capable of cleaning up messes on various surfaces, the vacuum works best for upholstery and stairs. Its lightweight and compact build make it exceptional for cleaning vehicles, as well. 

Despite the amazing features, the vacuum is easily affordable and will not break the bank. These features make it ideal for almost every household. More details will be provided below.


The AEG AG71a is capable of delivering 700 watts of power. Despite its compact size and low weight, the vacuum is thoroughly powerful. It delivers excellent suctioning power, which is just right.

You can rest assured knowing that the vacuum will not pull the carpets and rugs off of the floor. Despite not being cordless, the vacuum’s lengthy cord helps to ensure that the user will be able to get their home cleaned to perfection, without much difficulty.

There will be no need to unplug and plug back up elsewhere. Overall, the vacuum’s performance is right on the money.

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I did read the reviews before ordering as I was not sure, but I am very pleased with this little powerful vacuum. Nice long lead ,simple to empty, so good value and does the job


Design And Features

AEG AG71a RapidClean 2

The AEG AG71a comes with a graphite grey finish, which is very sleek. It weighs just 2.6 kg and measures in at 18 by 20 by 40 cm. This makes the vacuum ideal for a variety of different individuals.

Whether you’re in your late 50s or early 20s, you will not have any difficulty utilizing this lightweight vacuum cleaner. The vacuum comes with a handful of excellent features, including its unique stubborn brush and the stretch hose and crevice tool. This combination of features helps to guarantee that the vacuum is reliable for almost any purpose.


For added peace of mind, you should know that the AG71a weighs just 2.6kg. This is much lighter than many other handheld vacuums and makes utilization of the vacuum much easier.

During the vacuuming process, you will no trouble holding the vacuum with a single hand. The free hand can easily be used for the hose tool.

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AEG AG71a RapidClean 4

The AEG AG71A RapidClean vacuum is designed to offer easy maneuverability, which cannot be said about the competitor brand.

 This vacuum is equipped with a very unique rotary brush, which the manufacturers have classified as the “Stubborn Brush. The main reason for this is because the brush is capable of tackling any job, scoop up the smallest debris, and maneuver across any floor of upholstery surface.

The electrical cable is 6 meters in length, so you will never be forced to stop amid your cleaning tasks, just to search for another electrical outlet.

You can also clean your car with this handy vacuum, which cannot be said about the battery powered, cordless handheld vacuums, since the battery run time is drastically limited.

Excellent build quality, a little heavy but very useful. Very powerful especially useful for stairs and the car! I would recommend this product.



In order to get a better idea of the performance this vacuum is capable of delivering, you should know that it comes with an immensely powerful 700W motor. The motor is sufficiently powerful and will be able to clean up even the most stubborn messes, without much difficulty.

The unit also utilizes a bagless cyclonic suction, which delivers an even more impressive cleaning performance. The motor is perfect and will be able to deliver plenty of suctioning power, without overdoing it.


Some vacuum cleaners are overly difficult and simply too messy in this category. This is not the case with the AEG AG71a. The vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a .6L dustbin, which is very generous for such a small vacuum cleaner. It is bagless, so you won’t have to worry about spending excessively on replacement bags. The emptying process couldn’t be easier or cleaner.

What Is Included And Additional Accessories

When investing in the AEG AG71a, the consumer will receive a handful of different items and accessories. For starters, you’ll receive a stretch hose and a crevice nozzle.

These accessories make it possible to clean the majority of locations, without any trouble. You will also receive a helpful instruction manual. The manual is thoroughly detailed and will instruct you how to utilize the product, before you even plug it up. With the tools and accessories provided, you will never have to worry about purchasing any additional items in the near future.

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Manufacturer’s Warranty

You will receive a 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty, when you purchase the RapidClean vacuum. This is fairly general, when compared to other brands. If the vacuum malfunctions within the first year after the purchase date, be sure to contact the customer service department for assistance. The company’s customer service is efficient, so you will have no difficulty taking advantage of the warranty!

Editors Review 

The AEG AG71A RapidClean is a very portable vacuum that is capable of offering a deep down clean every single time. It also offers versatility, since you can use it to clean your upholstery, stairs, vehicle, and outdoor garage. While many consumers do not prefer the corded handheld vacuum, it is important to note that the 700 watts of power will never drain or deplete. The bagless design will also help to save money, since replacement bags are not required.


The Good Stuff:
  • Very powerful, but not overly powerful
  • Perfect for cleaning corner and crevices
  • Not too loud, so earplugs will not be needed
  • Truly perfect for cleaning stairs, furniture and upholstery
  • Cable length is excellent
  • Very affordable
  • Works great for pet hair
  • Overall an excellent value
The Bad Stuff:
  • Rolling up the cord can be frustrating
  • Filter and dust trap get clogged occasionally

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