Miele C1 Ecoline and Powerline Vacuum Cleaner Review

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These days, some people look for compact vacuum cleaners that are portable and won’t be a burden because of their weight. However, there are still some who choose to go the classic route, which means that they prefer classic vacuum cleaners such as Miele C1 Ecoline.

Miele C1 Ecoline and Powerline cleaners are made for multi-level homes. While they may not be considered lightweight, they still do not pack on too much pounds and are still sleek, which makes them portable and easy to store.

Compared to the C2 and C3 lines that have less than 800W of power, this one has 800W environmental power, and also has power settings that you can manage through a rotary setting, and works on an 11-stage filtration system. This means cleaning process is truly efficient.

Key Features include:

  • Airtech Cleaner Technology developed specifically for low-watt/lightweight vacuum cleaners;
  • TurboBrush that makes it easy to remove thread, hair, and any other kind of almost impossibly visible items from the floor. This includes another smaller turbo brush called the “mini”;
  • Charcoal Active Air Cleanser is included in the filters, which means that the area you’re cleaning will be rid of unpleasant odors;
  • Varioclip Accessories such as the Hyclean 3D Efficiency Dustbag which makes everyday filtration easy;
  • Ergonomic vacuuming becomes possible because of a high-tech, telescopic suction tube that can be adjusted to your liking;
  • A filter change indicator is included so you’d know exactly when you have to change the filer already;
  • 9mm operating radius—so you know the span of what you can clean, and;
  • It is also cost-efficient, because of eco-saving technology.

Frankly speaking, devices in the Miele C1 Ecoline and Powerline are some of the best buys that you can make, especially in the UK. Check out the models below for you to better understand this range.

Classic C1 Ecoline Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Classic C1 EcoLine

The C1 Ecoline Cleaner is best used by those who are only buying their first vacuum cleaners because it’s easy to operate and its rotary dials are easy to understand, which means that you can adjust power the way you want to.

Features include:

  • 3 Stage Filtration Process. It captures odors, allergens, and dust, breaks them down to the smallest particles so they would never be able to get out again, and lets you throw residue away with the help of 3D dust bags;
  • Unique floorhead. Designed to be gentle on areas that are sensitive, such as carpets or rugs, and meant to be tough for areas such as hardwood or marble floors, it seems as if the floorhead cleaner has a mind of its own—which makes it very efficient for the user;
  • It has an EU Energy Label—which means that it’s good for the environment;
  • Can work for over 1000 floor types and up to 600 miles, and;
  • Uses only 50% of electricity—so you get to save a lot and you’d also know that it’s good for the environment, too!


Aside from what the cleaner itself can do for you, the dustbag is also quite efficient because it makes use of a 9-stage filtration process. This means that dust will be restrained and won’t be able to get out of it and won’t cause more dirt into your house.

Also, you no longer have to switch sockets while working because of the 9m cleaning capacity radius of this device. That will save you a lot of time and effort!


Somehow, you may feel that its price of £160 is too much for its 9m radius capacity, compared to other devices that you can get for £150 or lower and can reach up to 14m. This means that you may have to carry the cleaner from room the room while cleaning, which could be inefficient for others.

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Miele Classic C1 Junior Powerline

Miele C1 Junior Powerline

The C1 Junior Powerline vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for suctioning purposes, which means that it’s able to clean even the edgiest places with ease. Just like other C1 models, it also has a 6-dial rotary setting which makes it easy for the user to adjust power.

It also makes use of upholstery and crevice nozzles for better cleaning purposes. Other features include:

Features include:

  • Air clean filters, which means that not only will you get to clean your surroundings, you can also be sure that the air you breathe will also be clean;
  • 1400 Watts of Peak Power. Compared to other models, this device offers a lot of power, which makes for optimal cleaning and dust retention;
  • Improved Hyclean 3D Dustbag. This adds 20 percent more cleaning capacity than the Classic C1 Ecoline Dustbag, and;
  • It works best on pet fur, too!


Has a lot of power. Some reviewers even say that they were able to make use of 1600W for this one, too. And, because the dustbags have been improved, you can be sure that you’ll get to clean more in just a short period of time. This makes cleaning easy and non-time consuming! It also only costs £150.


Because it has a lot of power, it may also be potentially bad for the environment—although studies are still being conducted to prove this. There’s also the fact that the tool storage compartment may not be visible right away as it’s situated on top of the machine.

It’s a minimal problem but there are people who do not want to be bothered with having to look for things like this, so you also have to be aware.

Miele Classic C1 Junior EcoLine

Miele Classic C1 EcoLine

Rated “B”, when it comes to energy-saving capacities, this cleaner can also do a lot without damaging the environment. It has some of the best upholstery nozzles, crevice tools, and dust brushes available—and they’re interchangeable, too! Features include:

Features include:

  • Unique to this device is the SBD 350-3 Floorhead accessory, which makes it easy for you to clean rugs and other surfaces that resemble clothing and carpets. This also makes moving to different surfaces possible without disrupting the cleaning mechanism;
  • 11-stage air filtration system. This makes the device more powerful and helps you clean more surfaces in just a short amount of time with the best results;
  • Lightweight system. The Classic C1 Junior is lighter than its contemporaries in the market. In fact, reviews reveal that it can easily be carried up and down the stairs, unlike other cleaners in the market, and;
  • It makes use of the Scout RX1 Robot Cleaning Mechanism. This means that even home corners can be cleaned with precision and ease!


Filters make use of a special fleece that’s one of the reasons why cleaning gets done easily. Low energy consumption with maximum device performance is also provided at the price of £150, which makes it somehow better compared to the original C1 501 Cleaner.


Carrying it up and down the stairs might damage the cleaner, if you’re not very careful. Somehow, it’s still better to look for one with wheels but then again, to each his own. Otherwise, nothing’s really wrong with it, making it one of the best in this category.

Miele Classic C1 Powerline

Miele C1 Junior Powerline

Last but not the least is the Classic C1 Powerline 520 that is known for having a clever Air Cleaning mechanism, thanks to its air filters. Basically, this device makes use of both the motor filter and dustbag to ensure that your space gets spic and span in no time.

Rotary dials have also been improved so even those with small or large hands won’t have a problem with it. This device also makes use of 1600W power so you could clean more spaces in just a short amount of time without having a hard time. Features include:

Features include:

  • Dust emission capabilities. This means that even those with respiratory problems won’t have a hard time using this device because it will really keep dust inside the device and won’t subject the user to breathing problems caused by dust or allergens;
  • Deeper cleaning can be done because of handles and accessories that you can add to this one;
  • Telescopic tube with XXL handle. Aside from the usual telescopic tube that’s already included in most devices in the Ecoline and Powerline systems, this one has an XXL handle—which means that you’d be able to reach the farthest places in your house easily;
  • Suction power is high. True to the promise of the Ecoline and Powerline systems, this device makes sure that suction works best with 1400-1600W of power so you’d know that you can really go through every nook and cranny of your place. It can also easily be locked, so you wouldn’t have to worry too much about wasting electricity and the like, and;
  • Hyclean GN Dustbag. This holds 40 percent more cleaning capacity than that of its predecessors. You get to clean more and do more in just a short amount of time!


For just £160, you already get to do a lot with the C1 Powerline 520 because of all the improvements that have been made with it. Aside from that, if you choose to pay £50 more, you will be given a 10-year warranty deal!

Imagine, within those 10 years, if something happens to the device, you could have it repaired or replaced—for free. Sure, you’d have to shelve out some money in the beginning but at least, you’d get to save more in the future—which is one of the best things about this device!


1600W of power may prove to be damaging for the environment in the future, but since this device is said to do a lot in a short time, you can also keep in mind that somehow, you’d get to save energy, too.

Also, since the telescopic tube is in XXL size, you may have to be careful about where you place it because your pets or the kids may play with it and may ultimately lead to it being damaged.


Before buying any of these models, don’t forget to check back on this guide so you can compare prices and read about the key specifications of these products. Think about your budget, lifestyle, and needs so you can come to the right decision.

Reading real customer reviews at sites like Amazon and making price comparisons always pays dividends not just for Miele C1 Eco and Powerline range but for any make or model. Protection Status