Bosch GS50 Review – ProSilence Cylinder Vacuum

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Bosch GS50 Review

Is Bosch GS-50 ProSilence 66 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Worth Your Money? What’s wrong with most vacuum cleaners is that you always have to accept some compromises, whether it is in the performance, quality, convenience, or price.

Even the best brands in the market with the most advanced features seldom sell without caveats. Hence, most consumers end up choosing the vacuum cleaner with the least disadvantages rather than a product with the best advantages.

One such vacuum cleaner that claims to be one of the best in the market is Bosch GS-50 ProSilence 66 Vacuum Cleaner, an innovative household appliance that deserves an in-depth scrutiny for picky but smart consumers.

The terms “power” and “silence” rarely go well together as powerful vacuum cleaners tend to be “noisy” and “shaky” the same way advanced models tend to be somewhat complicated to use.

However, this particular product surprisingly integrated what many consumers really want to see (and feel and hear) in an everyday vacuum cleaner. Here is a detailed review of what to expect from this appliance.

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Special Features:

This product is packed with unique and patented special features that even the most particular buyers will appreciate.

  • SilenceSound System™ – Touted as the “quietest bagless cylinder cleaner in the market,” parents who love to clean the house while their babies are asleep will definitely love it. With just 66 decibels operation sound, anyone can use it anytime of the day without causing distraction. This technology combines motor suspension, optimization of airflow, unique insulation material, and lesser built-in accessories to achieve what other brands can only dream of.
  • Quattro Power System – Exclusive in Bosch vacuum cleaners, this feature ensures effective cleaning power using less than half of what other vacuum cleaners use. Its 700-watt power is at par with some products that use 1500 watts, the average energy consumption for such appliance.
  • Double HEPA Filter with Gore Filtration System – HEPA filter has become the standard for filtering systems used by vacuum cleaners. HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air is the standard requirement of the United States Department of Energy and major international manufacturers to ensure dirt collection efficiency. It means that at least 99.97% of all dust and dirt in the air (as sucked in) goes straight to the collection bin. At the same time, the dust and dirt that pass through the filter do not get out anymore for a more secured cleaning, best for households with asthmatic and allergic family members.

The best thing about the filter is that it is made to last a lifetime through its CLEANSTREAM® membrane material. It can be cleaned as many times as needed without losing its quality.

  • SensorControl System – Through this automatic system, the cleaning performance is maintained throughout its operation for a consistent dust and dirt collection. This is important because some vacuum cleaners overwork the motor faster when the cleaning shifts from one floor type to another. It helps extend the lifespan of the motor as overworking is prevented.
  • Innovative SensorBagless™ Technology – This feature allows easier and more precise dirt pickup on hard surfaces.
  • RotationClean System – It reduces wearing of the motor to ensure longer-lasting efficiency.

Tools: In addition to the main cleaner, it also comes with a crevice nozzle to reach tight spaces; a 2-in-1 upholstery nozzle and dust brush for fabric surfaces and foams; a HEPA 12 filter; HEPA-rated gore filter; metal telescopic tubing for ceilings and hard-to-reach areas; and a dura flex hose. It has no motorized brush head though.

Cord: It has a 7.3-meter cord that automatically rewinds.

Power: At 700 watts of maximum power, some consumers might think that it is not equipped for a tough job. After all, most vacuum cleaners have a maximum power of 2000 to 3000 watts. However, it uses a patented technology that allows maximum sucking power with minimal electric consumption.

Capacity: It can collect up to three liters of dirt and dust with its easy to pull and slip dust container.

Weight: At 8.3 kilograms, it is certainly not the heaviest of its class. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of similar products that are just half its weight.

Dimension: It is somewhat slimmer at 47 x 32 x 31 centimeters compared to your average cylinder vacuum cleaner.

Warranty: It comes with long 24-month guarantee coverage.

Price: This product currently sells at £190 in Amazon, although it already comes with free delivery anywhere in the UK.

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  • Made by a top electronics manufacturer – Bosch is already tried-and-tested in the electronics industry for more than a century. With more than €4.2 billion in research and development investments, consumers can absolutely put their trust on the brand and its promises.
  • Excellent customer service – Bosch is well-known across the world to uphold unparalleled customer service management not only in its household electronics business but also in its core business, automobile car parts. Consumers can expect fast and very professional response from its team should they need assistance for whatever concern they have.
  • Good reputation – As if the reputation of the company is not enough, the product itself also upholds high consumer rating in the top online reseller, Currently, Bosch GS-50 ProSilence 66 Vacuum Cleaner holds 4.3 stars rating, already considered high compared to other major players in the cylinder vacuum cleaner section.
  • Usable anytime, anywhere in the house – Because it runs with a virtually unnoticeable motor (66 decibels), consumers can use it in the morning or nighttime without waking up sleeping family members. This is perfect for mothers who only have time to clean when their kids are asleep. Because it also works on most surfaces, you can use it all-around the house with decent cleaning results.
  • Energy saver – A 700-watt vacuum cleaner with a sucking power stronger than others that use the same wattage is not your average cleaning appliance. It consumes less than half what other vacuum cleaners use but delivers almost the same result. This is perfect for practical consumers who are willing to spend more on purchase in order to get lower electric bill.
  • Three-liter capacity – Most bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners only have one- to 1.8-liter capacity. That means less need to empty the container.
  • Long guarantee coverage – In an industry where the standard guarantee coverage is 12 months, Bosch GS-50 ProSilence 66 Vacuum Cleaner takes it a bar higher by offering 24 months free repair or replacement of the main cleaner or its parts (still subject to conditions).


  • Above-average price – Other bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners sell for less than a hundred pounds, even those from equally popular brands such as Daewoo, Electrolux, Vax, and Duronic. In fact, with a £190 price tag, it easily belongs to the upper tier class of mid-range models.
  • Less efficiency on carpeted floors – Although it is still a decent choice for carpeted floors, it still works better on hard floors like wood and tiles. It only offers class C performance on thicker carpets – decent but might not be enough if you have thick carpeted floor all over the house.
  • Mediocre maneuver design – Some consumers are already complaining about its heavy weight that does not come with any innovative maneuvering feature to make up for it (the four steering rollers do not help much). It might be a little difficult to move from floor-to-floor.
  • Average power – There are a lot of more powerful vacuum cleaners out there at the same price. You have to choose silence over power on this one.
  • Short cord – There are a lot of brands that offer double and triple its cord length to cover wider floor area without plugging out.


Bosch GS-50 ProSilence 66 Vacuum Cleaner is the product to beat if you are looking for an incredibly quiet vacuum cleaner for a house with average dirt problems. Designed for hard floors, you might find it less satisfying once faced with very tough jobs. But if it meets your requirements, it certainly goes a long way with its quality.

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