Gtech Air Ram Review: The Best Cordless Vacuum Ever?

Over the years, a large accumulation of cordless vacuum cleaners has hit the market. Although consumers were initially hesitant to make the switch, many are now doing so, due to the massive benefits of the cordless technology.

The majority has decided to make the transition, due to the freedom of the cordless battery. Unfortunately, the batteries associated with many of these vacuums tend to lack longevity. The GTech Air Ram looks to rectify this problem.

The design, power and dramatically improved battery life have led many consumers to agree that the GTech AirRam may very well be the best cordless vacuum!

Are these individuals blowing hot air, or does this vacuum live up to the hype? Within this comprehensive review, you will be able to find out the truth once and for all!

Gtech Air Ram Review
Review Summary


Product Name:

Gtech Air Ram

Product Type:

Cordless Upright


Under £200


For those that want a cordless vacuum, which has a long battery life, the GTech Air Ram is truly the best of the best. Not only does it offer longer usage than other cordless vacuums, but also it truly blows them out of the water

How it Works

So, how does the so-called “Future of Vacuuming” work? You are about to find out. The highly innovative AirRam is designed to provide the consumer with a more convenient and efficient way to clean their homes.

Thanks to the unit’s lightweight stature and 28-degree steering, the user will be able to maneuver the vacuum throughout their home, without any difficulty or straining. The ultra-low profile makes it effortless to clean underneath furniture.

Unlike other vacuums, the GTech Air Ram collects the dirt into bales, which can be disposed of rapidly and without creating a mess. The vacuum delivers a powerful performance, with very little energy usage, so the homeowner is able to clean their carpets, without spending an arm and leg on their electricity bills.

With an initial glance, the GTech’s approach to the cordless vacuum is fascinating, but does how does the AirRam perform?


At first glance, the GTech Air Ram may look similar to other cordless vacuums, but you will notice immediate differentials, as soon as it is flipped on.

The vacuum may only utilize 100 watts of electricity, but it is capable of paralleling the performance of energy hogs, which consume 2,000 watts.

Whether using the vacuum on carpets, hard flooring, tile or rugs, you can rest assured knowing the GTech Air Ram will be able to get the job done, without any trouble.

Gtech performance

So easy to just pick up and move around. Works very well on all surfaces and fits great into corners and under beds.Great for dog and cat hair. 10/10


Design And Features

Gtech Design and Features

The Air Ram may appear to be an upright vacuum, but it features a 3-inch profile. Its low profile is absolutely perfect and gives the user the ability to easily maneuver the vacuum around your home. At the same time, the vacuum is perfect for cleaning underneath furniture and other items.

Whether trying to tidy up under your bed or couch, the design gives you the ability to do so, without any trouble at all.


Some vacuums are so heavy that they’re nearly impossible to use! The AirRam does not fit into this category. It weighs just 3.5kg. This makes it ideal for all individuals, regardless of your stature and a great investment for the elderly.

While rushing around and utilizing this vacuum, you will never feel bogged down or out of energy. Its lightweight nature makes it possible to carry the vacuum easily up and down stairs. In fact, the majority of individuals will be able to carry the vacuum with a single hand.

Gtech LightWeight


Gtech Maneuverability

One of the most amazing aspects of the GTech Air Ram is the fact that the vacuum can move around very easily. Whether attempting to turn a tight corner or wiggle between two pieces of furniture, you will be able to do so seamlessly.

The vacuum offers 28-degree turning, which is great when compared to the alternatives. The maneuverability is truly impressive and transitioning from hard flooring to carpeting couldn’t be more seamless. 

With the cordless technology, you will be able to roam throughout your home, without any trouble. The freedom delivered by the cordless technology is truly magnificent.The AirRam is designed with rotating brush bars that are extremely powerful. 

The brush bar is equipped with bristles that are capable of reaching into tight corners, so the user is not forced to get down on their knees and utilize a crevice tool to do the task. You will find that your cleaning tasks are expedited, when utilizing this vacuum.

The spinning brushes are so powerful that they can pull the vacuum cleaner along, so you are not forced to strenuously push it around. The lightweight construction also makes it much easier to maneuverable about and is undoubtedly the most user-friendly brands on today’s market.

Light and portable cuts down on time as l can wizz through my 3bed room house in 10mins instead of 30mins collects so much more from carpets house has never looked so clean l luv it slightly

Beverley, East Yorks

Battery Life

The Gtech AirRam offers a much longer run time than the competitor brand. After a 4-hour charge, you will be provided with 40 minutes of battery power. Of course, you will need to make sure that the 22-volt lithium ion battery charges completely, before you begin your cleaning task. If you fail to do so, you will not receive the maximum run time, which would defeat the purpose of the lithium ion technology.


Many vacuums come with difficult to remove canisters. Others are designed in a way that can easily lead to a mess. With the Air Ram, you will never have to worry about getting your hands dirty. The Air Ram actually compresses all of the dirt and debris into compact bales.

 Once you’ve finished vacuuming your home, you will be able to open the bin and flip it upside down over your trashcan. The bale will fall out and you’ll be able to replace the bin, without any difficulty. Truthfully, there is no other vacuum on the market that offers this level of convenience.

Gtech Emptying

What Is Included In The Package?

The AirRam comes equipped with a powerful 22-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery. The air filter included in the package is washable and will last throughout the duration of the long service life. The filter is very easy to remove from the vacuum and even easier to clean, plus you will never be forced to buy a replacement.

One downside to purchasing the Gtech is the fact that it does not come with any additional cleaning tools or attachments. This is mainly due to the technology embedded in the vacuum, which does not require suction. Instead, it utilizes the brushes and filters to pick up the debris and dust.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

There are many vacuum manufacturers and the majority of them protect their vacuums, with at least a single year warranty. GTech goes one step further and tacks another year onto the warranty. Not only does this greatly enhance the value of the vacuum, but also it helps to ensure that the unit will last for an extensive period of time.

When combining this with the excellent customer service delivered by the company, you can rest assured knowing that the warranty will be worth its weight in gold.

Editors Review 

When it comes down to it, there is truly an abundance to like about the GTech Air Ram. The vacuum cleaner might have a few cons, but they’re certainly not deal breakers. For those that want a cordless vacuum, which has a long battery life, the GTech Air Ram is truly the best of the best. Not only does it offer longer usage than other cordless vacuums, but also it truly blows them out of the water.


At this point in time, it is truly one of the best, if not the very best cordless vacuum on the market. Those seeking a worthwhile, yet affordable, cordless vacuum would be wise to check out the GTech Air Ram right now!

Truthfully, the GTech Air Ram is a truly beneficial cordless vacuum. It is lightweight, easy to use and offers extensive battery life. 

Of course, there are downsides to purchasing any type of product, even the Gtech AirRam, but the cons are very limited and fairly general when compared to other brands.


The Good Stuff:
  • Very affordable and much less costly than many of the alternatives
  • Delivers added runtime and greatly exceeds the battery life of other cordless vacuums
  • Very lightweight and can be used by anyone easily
  • 2-year warranty delivers added peace of mind
  • Emptying the trash bin couldn’t be easier
  • Lifetime Washable filters ensure cost effectiveness
  • Works exceptionally well for pet hair
  • Perfect for all floor types
  • Can be stored away easily, after the cleanup has concluded
  • Can be stored away easily, after the cleanup has concluded
  • Cordless setup makes life much easier
The Bad Stuff:
  • Does not include additional crevice tools or attachments
  • Charge time is a little lengthy, which takes at least 4 hours to achieve a full charge
  • Run time may be reduced significantly, when vacuuming thick carpet
  • A Mckenzie says:

    I have Tech and to be honest I am not impressed by it at all. It doesn’t pick up very well at all.

  • A. Bunce says:

    Had two Gtech Air Ram uprights. Both broke within guarantee period. Luckily Lakeland honoured their full money back guarantee as they had stopped stocking them!! Now bought Bosch. Also had Gtech multi hand held. Also broke. Gtech replaced motor unit and that broke after 7 months and they refused to replace it again. Would never deal with them again.

  • Jenny tustin says:

    We have had our Gtech Air Ram for 2 years it’s just ran out of warranty and guess what it’s not working think the batteries had it new one will cost £69 not sure it’s worth it .

  • Jackie Worrall says:

    I have noticed it doesn’t get deep down like my old Oreck did, and this is compounded by it tending to ‘push around’ big bits, and simply does no good on tiles grouting, I need a dustpan and brush to sweep them out. I have had mine for about a year and presently researching others to replace it.

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