Bionaire Air Purifier Reviews – Best UK Models Revealed 2019 Guide

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Bionaire Air Purifier Reviews – Best UK Models Revealed 2016 Guide

Bionaire are a big brand that deliver a fantastic quality of air purifier for your home.

 If you suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, then an air purifier may be the perfect addition to your home – keeping the air clean and making it far more breathable.

In this guide we take a look at some of the Bionaire air purifier reviews, helping you to choose the best model for you.

Whether you are looking for something cheap or a little higher end, we are sure to have the perfect air purifier for you.

Best Air Purifier Reviews

Bionaire Air Purifier with UV Filtration

This stylish air purifier is perfect for large rooms and comes in a tower shape.

 It has an ioniser to help purify the air, removing mould, bacteria, and even some viruses from the surrounding area.

As a result, it is ideal for those who suffer from allergies and asthma, as harmful particles are quickly removed.

The ultraviolet light that is included also works to fight and destroy certain types of bacteria and fungi that cannot be removed by an ioniser alone, making it even more powerful.

Plus, it has a true HEPA filter for maximum effect. With five speeds, a filter change indicator, and a timer to make it more energy efficient, it’s a fantastic model to go for.


  • Modern design
  • ​Compact
  • 4 stage filtration system
  • HEPA filter
  • 5 speeds
  • Filter change indicator
  • UV filtration
  • 8-hour timer
  • Good for large rooms


  • Filter changes are expensive

This is a great air purifier for those who need something powerful to get rid of allergens and bacteria in the home.

Working to keep the air clear, it is ideal for those who have asthma or allergies.

The Bionaire air purifier reviews have been great for this model, and it continues to be a popular purchase among those who want something good at a reasonable price.




Bionaire BMT014D Mini Desk Tower Fan, 35 W - Silver

This air purifier has a modern look and is in tower form so that it fits better with your home and can slot into spaces where a regularly shaped air purifier would not ordinarily fit.

 Plus, it doubles up as a fan to keep you cool during the summer months.

It has three speed settings as well as an 8-hour timer, allowing you to programme the unit to shut down after the allotted amount of time.

Plus, you can save your desired settings so that the next time it turns on it is functioning the same as before.

In addition to this, there is full oscillation so that the fan can cool the whole room or blow in one direction.


  • Modern tower design
  • ​Compact
  • Doubles up as fan
  • Ideal for those with allergies and asthma
  • 3 speeds
  • 8-hour timer
  • Digital display
  • Breeze/sleep mode
  • Built in ioniser


  • Can be very loud
  • The cold air is not very cooling

This air purifier is great for those with asthma and other allergies, as it really works to keep the air clean and far more breathable.

Doubling up as a fan, it could help to keep you cool during the summer as well.

While it can be a little noisy, it also does a fantastic job of purifying the air around you. A good model at a reasonable price.


Q: What is the height of this fan? as i would like to use on a desk

A: It measures just over a foot so would be fine to sit on your desk. 




Bionaire Compact Air Purifier with Dual Positioning

This stylish air purifier from Bionaire is incredibly compact and can fit just about anywhere in your home.

Small yet mighty, it can even be placed on a table and left to do its job.

It has a five stage filtration system and three cleaning levels that ensure your air is clean and as breathable as possible.

It is incredibly quiet when running and sports an excellent HEPA filter.

It has dual positioning and promises to remove 99.97% of harmful particles from the room it is placed in.

With an independently controlled ioniser and powerful running, this little machine is cheap and highly practical.


  • Subtle design
  • Compact and portable
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for those with allergies and asthma
  • 3 cleaning levels
  • 5 stage filtration
  • Quiet running
  • Independent ioniser
  • Very affordable


  • Filter changes are expensive
  • Can be noisy

This purifier is perfect for those who need something small and easy to place anywhere in the home.

Whether under the table or on top of your nightstand, it will fit anywhere either standing up or on its side.

While it can be noisy, most find it easy to sleep when it is running. Creating purer and more breathable air, it is highly affordable and effective.




Bionaire Air Purifier with Permanent Filters and Particle Sensor

This air purifier from Bionaire sports an intricate five stage filtration system for maximum effect and to prevent allergens and other harmful particles from passing through and re-entering your air.

 One of the filters is washable, saving you money on regular replacements.

Plus, there is an LED filter light to let you know when it needs to be changed.

It has an independently controlled ioniser and is perfect for rooms that are either large or small, with its ability being the same in any size.​

It automatically sets its cleaning level, providing you with a constant source of fresh air. In addition to all of this, two of the HEPA filters never need to be replaced.


  • Modern design
  • ​Two permanent HEPA filters
  • ​Smart sensor
  • Built in ioniser
  • Captures odours
  • Ideal for those with asthma and allergies
  • Washable filter
  • 4 speed settings
  • Ideal for large rooms


  • Can be noisy
  • Vibrates a lot

This air purifier is great for those who need something with a bit of power to keep their home free from allergens and other harmful particles.

 While it can be a little noisy and vibrate at times, it still does a fantastic job of keeping the air clear and making it a bit more breathable.

With a five filter system and two of them being permanent, it’s sure to trap anything that comes its way.


Q: Is it possible to completely turn off the Ioniser part as this is not suitable for people with pet birds?

A: Yes. Its off by default. 




To Conclude

Bionaire are certainly producing reliable and durable machinery, and their air purifiers are sure to fill your home with cleaner and more breathable air.

 If you, or someone you live with, suffers from allergies or respiratory issues, then having an air purifier in the home can help to ease their health issues.

All of the Bionaire dehumidifiers listed here are superb quality and sure to do an excellent job keeping the air in your home as clean as possible. There’s one here that is perfect for you.

What did you think of our air purifier selection? Are there any you would have added to the list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Protection Status