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Hetty The Hoover – The Pink Feminine One

4.7 Star review ratingIn light of the success of the famous Henry Hoover model, Numatic International finally listened to all of the ladies clamoring for a feminine version of this popular vacuum with the well-known happy, smiling face. This led them to create the Hetty Hoover, which is the exact same as her brother Henry, except that Hetty comes in a more feminine, pink colour instead of the traditional red. This female version has shown to be incredibly popular with women around the world, as it still packs the same punch and cleaning power that Henry Hoover is famous for.

Hetty Hoover Buy NowIt’s quite hard to find anything to complain about with Hetty Hoover, although some customers have suggested that maybe Numatic should have made feminine versions of all the different models in the family, not just the Henry. Still, if you’re looking for a lightweight, compact vacuum with all of the sucking power and accessories you could need for most basic and even deep-cleaning jobs; it doesn’t get much better than Hetty Hoover (or her brother Henry).

Introducing Hetty Hoover

Hetty is a small, bagged cylinder vacuum that’s designed with women in mind. Weighing less than 7 kilos, this hoover really packs a punch for such a small, pink package. The ten metre, self-retracting cable and long hose/tube attachments allows you to clean a respectable area of nearly 30 metres without having to keep moving on to new power outlets. Better still, the folding handle allows for quick and easy storage, ensuring you don’t need to take up too much space in your closet.

Features and Specifications

  • Two stage motor that’s built to last
  • 600 watt economy power save mode
  • 1200 watt hi-power, deep cleaning mode
  • Efficient Tritex filtration system
  • Incredible Hepaflo bag system keeps dust, hair and other particles trapped inside
  • 9 litre bag capacity
  • Simple, quick bag changing
  • A1 Accessory Kit includes additional brushes, tools, heads and stainless steel tubes

Why Choose Hetty?

There can be no doubting the superior cleaning strength of the Numatic Hetty Hoover, which provides commercial cleaning capabilities in a lightweight, easy to handle package. One of the biggest advantages of Numatic’s line of vacuums lies in their long-life motor, which is built to handle even the biggest cleaning tasks. In fact, Numatic has designed these motors to be able to run for up to 10 hours a day and still stand the test of time.

This explains why the line is so popular amongst hotels, restaurants and other businesses, as it can handle repeated, long term use with no problems. Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever use your Hetty Hoover for ten hours at a time, you can still feel confident that the product will last for years, no matter how much you use it.

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 Review Rating 4.7

4.7 Star review rating