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James Hoover – The Smallest in the Family but Full of Power

Review RatingsThe smallest member of Numatic’s increasingly popular Henry Hoover family of vacuum cleaners, don’t let the size of the James Hoover fool you—this product still has more than enough cleaning power and sucking strength to tackle even deep cleaning tasks. James comes in yellow and obviously still features the same smiling face that has made Numatic International’s Henry vacuum cleaners a household name, just in a more compact, lighter package.

Save Time and Energy with James Hoover

James Hoover Buy NowThis small, bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner features an 800 watt motor, as compared to the standard 1200 watt motor available on all of the other models in the range. However, it also makes use of Numatic’s popular Autosave technology. When you turn the vacuum on, it automatically starts in economy power-save mode, which only uses nearly half of the energy (500 watts) and produces much less noise. Still, for those deeper or tougher jobs, all you have to do is press a button and James will power up to full strength. It’simple to tell which mode you’re in, as the light will be green in economy mode and change to red when you crank the power up to high. The power-save mode ensures that this model can last for years and years, while still having the necessary strength to take on those tougher cleaning jobs when required.

The other major difference between James and the other models, and really the only negative about this particular product, is the fact that the cord on this model isn’t retractable like it is on the others. Still, the unique carrying caddy top on the James Hoover allows you to easily wrap the cord up for compact storage, while also doubling as a place to keep all of your tools and accessories within easy reach. In addition, the cable is also easily replaceable should it ever become damaged.

James Hoover- Features and Specifications

  • Incredible weight of only 5.4 kilos
  • Same 26.8 metre cleaning range as the larger models
  • Fantastic 8 litre internal bag capacity (only 1 litre less than Henry, Hetty, et. al.)
  • Same efficient Tritex filters
  • Easy to change Microflo dust bags
  • Includes E1 Accessory Kit, with Nuflex hoses, aluminium tubes, and numerous heads, brushes and tools
  • Comes with 10 dust bags

James Hoover Buy NowPowerful Cleaning Potential in a Compact Package

Numatic designed the James Hoover with space/power saving mostly in mind to create an incredible product that more than lives up to the Henry Hoover name. In truth, this small, powerful vacuum provides all of the cleaning capabilities than most of us could ever need, all at a price that’s lower than the original. What the James lacks in strength compared to Henry and the others, it more than makes up for with its light weight, small size and compact design that allows for easy storage and makes it incredibly easy to use and move around. Perfect not only for flats, but for most of your standard cleaning jobs, if you’re looking for a smaller vacuum that still has the strength you need, you definitely can’t go wrong with Numatic’s James Hoover.

Review of James Hoover Rating 4.4

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