Review of Henry Hoover – The UK’s Famous Vacuum

4.7 Star review rating

Here we have a review of Henry Hoover from Numatic International’s  line, which has long been synonymous with excellence and incredible cleaning power. All over the UK and the rest of the world, Henry Hoover greets even the toughest cleaning jobs with his characteristic smiling face and is guaranteed to get the job done. In fact, Henry’s grin is so famous that you can easily find mini Henry Hoover desktop versions and even children’s Henry Hoover toys. Still, it all starts with the original Henry vacuum, which packs amazing sucking capabilities into a small, lightweight and easy to handle package that people love.

All About Henry Hoover

The original Henry model was the first in Numatic International’s line, developed back in the 1980’s and still going strong today. In fact, the original was so outstanding that there have only been a few minor changes made since its inception, and those were only to take advantage of new technology to allow the product to be lighter and more compact. These amazing Henry bagged, cylinder vacuums are truly built to last. Although they only come with a two year warranty, some owners report that they have been using the exact same Henry vacuum for twenty years or more, without the need for anything but the most minor repairs.

The basic Henry model, like most of the others in Numatic’s line, features a 1200 watt motor. However, this much power is really only needed for deep cleaning, allowing you to really get in and clean packed in dirt or thick carpeting. For this reason, when you turn the vacuum on, it will start in economy mode, which only uses half the power at 600 watts.


Product Details and Specifications

When you purchase the smiling, red Henry Hoover, you’ll be getting a product that is built to last and has the following features-

  • Weighs only 6.6 kilograms
  • Can clean an area of 26.8 metres without needing to switch to another power outlet
  • Total bag capacity of 9 litres
  • Twin-flo motor produces 20% less noise
  • Two power settings- Economy and High
  • 10 metre cable, with hassle-free automatic rewind and internal storage
  • Tritex filter to ensure a deep, thorough clean and prevent dust from flying into the air
  • Hepaflo dust bags for even higher cleaning efficiency

In addition to all of these standard features, most of the Numatic Henry models you’ll find nowadays also come with the A1 accessory kit. This kit features stainless steel tubes, along with a number of additional brushes, heads and other accessories, including straight and curved steel extension tubes, a crevice tool, soft brush, upholstery cleaner, powerful vacuum head in red or black, flexible threaded hose and more.

Overall, it’s difficult to ignore the popularity of Henry Hoover, which has achieved an outstanding reputation that is based on a whole lot more than just his happy, smiling face. As the best-selling model of vacuum in the UK, when you buy a Henry, you know you’re getting a product that really works and is built to stand the test of time, making it one of the best cleaning choices you will ever make.

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We give the Henry Hoover a 4.7 Review Rating

4.7 Star review rating



Blue Henry Hoover

With all the same great features of the traditional red Henry Hoover, why not consider a contrast in colour and get yourself a striking blue model to standout from the crowd.

Generally not available in the stores, we have found this blue model at a great price for you, at just of £10 more than the mass produced Red model. Check out the latest price below.




  • Jason says:

    Hi I m looking at buying a new Henry Hoover but I keep reading you reviews about how the metal pipe and attachments split fall off while cleaning or have problems .i have one original Henry and this does not happen have your company resolved this issue yet

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