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Henry Xtra – Great with The Pets

Review RatingsJust when you thought the incredibly popular, ultra powerful Henry Hoover couldn’t possibly get any better, Numatic International has outdone themselves again with the new and improved Henry Xtra. Combining all of the amazing features of the original Henry model with better filtration, additional accessories and more, the Henry Xtra is sure to be the best hoover you’ll ever purchase. Better still, the long life motor also means it is likely to be the last hoover you’ll need to buy for many years, as it can handle even extreme daily use and keep on cleaning your carpets and floors like a pro.

What Makes the Henry Xtra Special?

Most people in the UK are quite familiar with the well-known Henry Hoover, as his smiling, red face has been helping people achieve a deep clean for decades. In fact, he has become so popular that you can easily find mini, handheld models and even toy Henry Hoovers for the kids. Part of the reason for his popularity must be his happy personality, but in truth that wouldn’t be worth much if the product didn’t have the incredible vacuuming power to go with it.

While it’s quite hard to improve upon perfection, this is exactly what Numatic has done with the Henry Xtra. Like the original, this bagged cylinder vacuum has a 1200 watt, two stage motor. When you turn it on, it automatically starts in its 600 watt power saving economy mode, which allows you to use only half the energy for those lighter cleaning tasks. Still, when you need full power, all you have to do is flip the switch, which will change from green to red to show you you’re on Hi mode.Henry-Extra-Vacuum-Cleaner-240v-Red-0

One of the new additions to the Henry Xtra is the addition of an additional filter that allows for an incredible 98% air filtration, keeping those dust particles trapped inside instead of floating through the air. By sandwiching an extra charcoal filter between the already powerful, dual Tritex filters, the Henry Xtra provides outstanding filtration and odour control.

Features and Specifications

  • Designed with pet owners in mind
  • Patented Hairobrush picks up pet hair with ease
  • Includes X1 accessory kit, which includes numerous brushes, heads, tubes, etc.
  • Auto retracting 10 metre cable
  • Weighs less than 7 kilos
  • Bag capacity of 9 litres
  • Capable of cleaning an area of 26.8 metres

The Henry Xtra Difference

While the original Henry Hoover is undoubtedly a great product, there can still be no denying that the Henry Xtra offers more advantages. This is especially true for those of you who own pets, as the additional filtration system offers superior odour control to take care of those smells that invariably come with having dogs or cats. In addition, the amazing Airobrush head quickly and easily picks up all types of hair, even from hard floors or thick/deep carpets. In truth, it’s hard to find a better hoover option for pet owners than the Henry Xtra, which has all the tools and strength you could need, in a compact and affordable package.

Henry Xtra Review Rating 4.6

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