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Harry Hoover HHR200A – Great with Pets and Unwanted Odours

Review RatingsFor those of us who own pets, they can be a constant source of happiness, companionship and joy. However, pets also come with a darker side in the form of having their hair seemingly everywhere around the home and the unfortunate odours that can sometimes accompany them. However, these problems can now all be a thing of the past thanks to the amazing Harry Hoover from Numatic International.

Harry the Hoover is just another member of Numatic’s spectacular Henry Hoover family of products, and this small green cylinder vacuum still features the famous smiley face on both its body and nozzle. While containing all of the features and strength that have helped to make this line the best selling vacuum series in the UK, Numatic has designed it with pet owner’s in mind, producing a product that is sure to be man’s next best friend.

Harry Hoover Pet Vacuum

Like the majority of his other family members, the Harry model comes with a dual stage 1200 watt motor that comes standard with Autosave mode. This means that when you turn it on, you’ll start off on a lower setting that only uses half of the energy and produces much less noise. Still, when you need the full strength for getting rid of all that pet hair that gets ground into your carpets, all it takes is a flip of the switch to put Harry into high mode and get the job done in a hurry.

Features and Specifications

  • Internal bag capacity of 9 litres
  • Weight of less than 7 kilos
  • 10 metre auto-retracting cable
  • Activated charcoal Microfresh filtration system eliminates pet odours instantly
  • Hepaflo bags couldn’t be easier to change
  • Includes HH1 Accessory Kit with numerous heads, brushes and tools
  • Special Hairobrush head picks up pet hair with ease
  • Handbrush works wonders on furniture and upholstery

Stop Struggling with Pet Hair

One thing most pet owners have consigned themselves to is dealing with hair, which is basically a fact of life if you want to enjoy the myriad of benefits dogs, cats and other pets provide. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you purchase Harry the Hoover, as he has all the tools and strength you need to finally eliminate the pet hair problem. By taking the original Henry Hoover model and updating it with pet owners in mind, Numatic has produced a vacuum that can take care of nearly any problems you could throw at it.

Never again have to worry about those annoying pet odours and unpleasant smells, as Harry’s filtration system can eliminate them with ease. When it comes to hair removing capabilities, it simply doesn’t get any better than Numatic’s amazing Hairobrush attachment (also available on the Harry Xtra). Basically, Harry Hoover combines the strength, durability and hoovering power that Henry owners have come to trust with the addition of one of the best hair removing brushes man has yet to design—all of which results in a product that far outperforms other pet vacuums and is guaranteed to get the job done.

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Harry Hoover Review Rating 4.6

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