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The most advanced, multipurpose product in Numatic International’s Henry Hoover family of vacuum cleaners, the George carpet washer/wet/dry vacuum combo offers an amazing number of cleaning options in one compact, powerful package. While all of the other Numatic vacuum cleaners focus on one or maybe two functions, the George is a true 3 in 1 model.


“George Hoover – The Advanced Multi Purpose Carpet Washer”

George Hoover GVE370

In addition to functioning as a standard, albeit incredibly effective dry vacuum, this model also offers you the ability to clean up spills and wet floors by converting to a wet vacuum.

Finally, if you need to wash your carpets, furniture or upholstery, you can also easily convert it to a carpet washer in seconds—providing all of the cleaning options you could possibly need.

George All in One Numatic’s George Hoover is the green model, still featuring the ever-popular smile the line is famous for. This is really the only vacuum you could ever need, offering five different cleaning modes-



  • Dry vacuuming
  • Wet vacuuming
  • Carpet/upholstery washing
  • Hard floor wet scrubbing
  • Drying of hard floors

Product Features and Specifications

One minor difference between the George Hoover and the other Henry family models is that this product only offers one power setting (1200 watts), as opposed to the others which can also be turned on in power save mode to use half the energy. Still, this product is more often used for deeper cleaning jobs, and excels in all of its possible uses. Some of the features of the George include-

  • 15 litre dry vacuuming capacity
  • 9 litre wet vacuuming capacity
  • Powerful Turboflo turbine motor
  • Powerflo pump system for effective wet sucking strength
  • Efficient Tritex filtration for dry vacuuming
  • Hepaflo dry dust bags keep dirt trapped inside
  • Safety float valve for wet vacuuming
  • Total weight of under 9 kilos
  • Stainless steel tubes that will never rust
  • Fishtail extraction head for wet vacuuming/carpet washing

Converts from Dry to Wet in Seconds One problem with many of the supposedly all-in-one vacuums on the market is that it can be notoriously difficult to switch between the different functions—often requiring tools or simply taking too long. However, this isn’t a problem with the George Hoover All-in-One, as changing between wet and dry modes takes just a few seconds.

All you need to do is remove the dry, Tritex filtration system and put the safety float valve in its place and you’ll instantly be ready to vacuum up spills, wet floors, clean your carpets or even use it to unblock a clogged sink or pipes. There is literally no end to the uses you’ll find for the incredible George Hoover, making it virtually the only tool you could ever need for cleaning your floors, carpets, furniture and whatever else you may need.

Best of all, the entire product is actually quite lightweight and compact, giving you a ton of cleaning capabilities in one convenient, easy to handle package. There can be no doubting the amazing power of this product, giving you all of the famous features of the original Henry Hoover, plus so much more.

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George Hoover Review Rating 4.6

Review Ratings