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Charles Hoover with both Wet and Dry Capabilities

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Tackle tough carpets and floors and then quickly change to clean up spills, floods or even unclog your sink with Numatic International’s incredible Charles Hoover combination wet and dry vacuum. If you’re in need of a high quality, powerful combo wet & dry vacuum, Charles might just be the friend you’ve been looking for.

Combining all of the strength, versatility, affordability and smiling personality that the Henry Hoover family is famous for, with the capability to clean up wet messes as well, the Charles 2-in-1 is undoubtedly one of the better wet/dry vacuums on the market that we have reviewed.

Quickly Convert From Dry to Wet

One of the biggest advantages of the Charles Hoover is that at one moment it can be giving your carpets and floors a deep, thorough clean, and then seconds later be up to the task of sucking up spills, water from your muddy Wellies or any other wet job you could have. When using the dry mode, you’ll have the benefit of Numatic’s incredibly effective Hepaflo dust bags and Tritex filtration system, which you can then change out in seconds to the safety float valve that’s required for those wet vacuuming jobs. Of course, as with any good wet vacuum, the Charles Hoover comes with tubes that are made of materials that can handle getting wet and resist rusting or corrosion (aluminium in this case).

Features/Specifications of Charles Hoover

  • Dry capacity of 15 litres
  • Wet capacity of 9 litres
  • Weighs only 7.1 kilograms
  • 1200 watt Twinflo motor
  • A21 Accessory Kit included- combo floor nozzle, upholstery brushes/nozzles, soft brush, etc.
  • Includes powerful ProFlo nozzle for wet cleaning

Is Charles the Right Hoover For You?

If you’re in need of a wet and dry vacuum combination, you have quite a few different options, including two different ones from Numatic International. In addition to the Charles, there is also the George Hoover 3-in-1, which also includes the addition of a carpet washer as well as the standard wet/dry vacuuming options. Both products are surely great options and some of the best wet/dry combo vacuums you’re likely to find on the market. However, truth be told, the George is definitely superior. This isn’t just due to the fact that it includes the extra carpet washing feature, but also because where Charles uses lightweight aluminium tubes, George instead features much sturdier, more durable stainless steel tubes as well. Other than that, they are both identical in basically every other aspect.

Considering that there isn’t that huge of a difference in price between the two, it would seem that George would be the obvious choice for most situations. Nonetheless, this isn’t to say that the Charles wet/dry vacuum isn’t still an outstanding choice, as it remains one of the best products available second only to its green cousin George.

Basically, it all comes down to whether you think it’s worth paying the bit of extra money for the carpet washing feature. If this isn’t something you need or think you’ll use, then Charles should be ideal for all of your various wet and dry cleaning requirements.

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Charles Review Rating 4.4

Review Ratings