Henry Hoover Range

The Henry Hoover Range, one of the most popular vacuums in the UK

Three  decades have passed since the humble beginning’s of The Henry Hoover. With the family growing since the 80’s we now have a far larger range to choose from, but lets first introduce the star of the show-

Henry Hoover HVR200 Vacuum Cleaner

Henry Hoover HVR200AThere is definitely no mistaking a Henry Hoover for anything else. The original little red can with the smiling face that’s been around since 1980 and still going strong, Numatic’s Henry Hoover is a one of a kind, packing tons of personality with even more power. If you’re in search of a basic vacuum that’s built to last and still offers a number of excellent features, you can’t go wrong with Henry. Read our review of the Henry HVR200a here

Henry Hoover has undergone a few changes in its thirty plus year existence, while also becoming something of a celebrity and household name his own right. Of course, it’s not all about his cute face, as besides his goofy grin you can also always count on his dedication to giving you dirt free floors and carpets time and time again. Although the Henry is one of the more basic of Numatic’s different models of hoovers, the reason this model remains so popular and is the best-selling cylinder vacuum in the UK is its combination of strength, versatility and affordability.

With HEPA filtration and Auto Save energy technology, this hoover not only gives you a thorough, deep clean, but it does so while using much less energy than many other brands. No matter what type of vacuum you’re looking for, you definitely can’t go wrong with Henry Hoover.

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Hetty Hoover HET200 Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most common questions that Numatic, the manufacturer’s of Henry the Hoover, have faced over the years is why Hetty Hoover HET200they’ve limited themselves to only a male version of their great vacuum with the instantly recognizable smiling face. Well, if you want a hoover with all of the same amazing features and unbelievable hoovering power that you get with Henry, but something that’s a bit more feminine, then you’re in luck as now Numatic also produces Hetty the Hoover. Read Our Review of Hetty Hoover Here

Hetty Hoover, short for Henrietta, is basically the female version of her counterpart Henry, and in fact is exactly the same vacuum, but for one major difference. Instead of the bright red colour of Henry, Hetty comes in a more feminine pink colour, but with the same cute, ever present smile on her face.

This 1200-watt vacuum is both lightweight and incredibly strong, while like the other Numatic models in the Henry family, it also has the reputation for being built to last. The range of accessories included means this little vacuum should be more than up to almost any cleaning task you might ask of Hetty, and in general is one of the best hoovers on the market, especially considering it’s more than affordable price. 


James Hoover JVP180a Vacuum Cleaner

James Hoover JVP180AAnother entry in Numatic International’s successful Henry Hoover family of vacuums, the yellow James Hoover offers the same sucking power and long-lasting quality as the original, but with an added design feature that makes it even handier to use. In terms of strength, the James Hoover model is actually a bit smaller and less powerful than the other models, as it is only 800 watts compared to the 1200 watt strength of the others. However, this makes James lighter and easier to move around, while still providing incredible vacuuming strength for such a small, compact machine. Read Our Review of James Hoover Here

This makes the James perfect for almost any possible household use and sure to exceed the performance of many larger models. Still, the one feature of the James Hoover that is really special is the unique caddy tray on its top, which allows you to store the various brushes, tools and the cable so that they’re always within easy reach.

If you’re looking for a small, lightweight vacuum that lives up to the incredible reputation for excellence that Numatic International’s Henry Hoover family is famous for, the compact James model is definitely the best choice you can make. Combining superior cleaning strength with the personality and smiling face that has made Henry Hoover a household name, it’s hard to find a better small hoover for the money than the outstanding James model.


Harry Pet Vacuum Cleaner, HHR200A2 – 1200 Watt

One of the newest members of Numatic’s Henry Hoover range of vacuums is the Harry Hoover. This 1200-watt model is the idealHarry Hoover HHR200A choice for pet owners who are sick of dealing with excessive dog or cat hair lying all around the home. In fact, it’s actually referred to as a pet vacuum cleaner, as it was designed with the sole purpose of being powerful enough to suck pet hair off carpets and virtually any other surface imaginable.

We recently Reviewed Harry Hoover, and it came out right up there with the best. Numatic’s excellently designed Hairobrush attachment is what really makes the Harry Hoover special, as it’s bristles are perfect not only for picking up hair off of carpets and floors, but also as a handheld tool for getting that tough to remove hair off of furniture, upholstery and even your clothing. Not only that, but Harry’s Microfresh charcoal filtration system also works wonders to eliminate the common odors associated with pets.

Plus, like the other models in the Henry Hoover family, Harry also comes with a power save mode that allows you to use less energy for smaller cleaning jobs. Still, you can always crank it up to high for those tougher hoovering jobs. All in all, you’re not likely to find a better hoover for taking care of that stubborn pet hair and odors, making the Harry Hoover a pet owner’s next best friend.


George Hoover GVE370 Vacuum Cleaner

George Hoover GVE370 If you’re a fan of Henry the Hoover, but looking for something that offers more cleaning options, while still containing the same sucking power and strength that Numatic’s Henry family of vacuums are famous for, you definitely need to have a look at George Hoover. This small green cylinder vacuum still features the same smiling face that this line is known for and is nearly identical to the other models, except that it’s not only useful for cleaning floors but also for scrubbing, vacuuming up spills or wet floors, and even as a deep cleaner for carpets, furniture and upholstery.

This is truly an all in one vacuum, and one of the best models you’re likely to find anywhere. Read our Review here . While most combination wet and dry hoovers really only excel at one or the other, this just isn’t the case with the George Hoover, as this model performs an outstanding job no matter what you put it up to. It comes with a full two year warranty, but really it will likely last you for much longer than that.

Plus, considering its price, this really should be your first choice for an all-in-one hoover that really sucks up dirt, water and whatever else you need it to.


Charles Hoover CVC370 Vacuum Cleaner

The Charles Hoover is just another one of the amazing products in Numatic’s incredibly popular Henry the Hoover family. Like its other siblings, this model is also 1200-watts and of course still features the famous smiling face on its blue cylinder. However, the Charles Hoover CVC370major difference with the Charles Hoover is that it’s not only suitable for use as a standard hoover, but it also doubles as a wet vacuum as well.

This means you can clean up dirt off your floors and carpets, then turn around and use the exact same product to suck up water, from wet, muddy boots or even if you’ve had a bit of flooding. The Henry Hoover has long been one of the best selling vacuums in the UK, and now with the Charles, you can get that same reliability, staying power and strength in an incredible wet/dry vacuum combination.

This really is the hoover of choice for anyone looking for both wet and dry sucking capabilities, and in fact has to be one of the top choices in the entire Henry Hoover family, surpassed only by the George Hoover which also includes a carpet/upholstery cleaner as well as the wet and dry functions. Overall, the Charles wet and dry vacuum is definitely one of the best all around hoovers money can buy.


Henry Hoover Xtra HVX200A2

Henry Extra HooverFollowing up on the success of the original Henry the Hoover, which has long been one of the best selling vacuums in the UK, Numatic decided to step things up a notch with the more powerful Henry Xtra. The Henry Xtra is a 1200-watt cylinder type vacuum that has all of the same features of the original Henry Hoover—and the same smiling face—but with the new additions of a few other accessories, including an amazing turbo brush that picks up pet hair, fluff and fuzz with ease, making it ideal for pet owners and the like.

Far from just being one of the best  lightweight and ultra powerful however, the Henry Hoover Xtra is also one of the most sturdy, long lasting vacuums you’re likely to find on the market. In fact, many people have reported still use their original Numatic Harry for well over 20 years after they first purchased it. This makes a Henry Hoover an outstanding investment for anyone wanting super clean floors for years to come. Read the review of Henry Xtra here

Not only that, it’s price is also much less than many other models, making this Harry Xtra an incredible value, especially considering all of it’s amazing benefits. We hope that gives a great introductory to the Henry Hoover Range.