Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors ( Including Laminate) Uk REview Guide

Throughout the years, more and more innovative products have been released to the public. Some of these are astoundingly beneficial and will help to make the consumer’s life a little bit easier.

This is especially true, when it comes to some of the new vacuum cleaners. Many have been revamped and engineered in a manner that makes them absolutely perfect for hardwood and laminate floors

The Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Within this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about purchasing the best vacuum for cleaning your hardwood & laminate floors!

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    Our Top Picks - Vacs for Hardwood Floors


    Price Range

    Rating (1-5)


    Shark NV601UK

    Under £250


    shark logo
    Dyson V8 Absolute

    Under £500


    Dyson Logo
    Gtech Air Ram Mk2

    Under £200


    Gtech Logo
    Numatic HVR200-12

    Under £100



    Under £250


    Sebo logo
    BISSELL Vac And Steam Mop 1,500 W

    BISSELL Vac & Steam | Hard Floor Steam Cleaner | Vacuums & Steams Floors At The Same Time | Natural, Hygienic Cleaning | 1977E[/easyazon_link]

    Under £130


    Miele Complete C3

    Under £150


    Miele Logo
    Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re

    Under £100



    Why Buy a Hardwood Floor Vacuum?

    When You Shouldn’t Buy a Hardwood Vacuum

    Why You Need a Hardwood Floor Vac

    How it Differs from a Carpet Vacuum

    How Much Do You Need to Spend?

    Main Types of Hardwood Vacuum Cleaner

    What Key Features to Look For

    Price Range



    Storage Space

    Corded or Cordless

    Brush Bars

    Wheel Padding

    Pets / Allergies

    Other Considerations



    Bagged / Bagless


    Shark NV601UK

    Shark is one of the top brands on the market, and as a result, you know you are getting great quality when you pick up one of these.

    For one of the best hardwood vacuum cleaners, you only need to look below to see if it is going to be right for you and your home.

    The Good
    This upright vacuum cleaner features lift-away technology, so you can separate it from the main machine to make it more portable and lightweight.

    This is perfect for carrying it up the stairs or between room, and also helps to make cleaning the actual stairs easier.

    It also has a swivel head to make the handling easier and features a range of versatile attachments. It features powerful suction while also being gentle on hardwood floors to avoid scratching and general damage.

    It’s strong enough to remove the dirt from the gaps in your hard floors, as well as able to tackle rugs and carpets when required – thanks to the dual speed setting.

    The filter works effectively to remove up to 99.9% of allergens from the air, which is perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.

    I found this one is brilliant at sucking up hair and fibres. It also has a cracking set of filters, which means it locks in all of the nasty dust and allergens that it sucks up - a must for any allergy sufferer.

    The Not So Good
    Some customers found that this model was heavier than expected.

    Key Features

    • Power: 750 watts
    • Run Time: N/A
    • Charge Time: N/A
    • Weight: 6kg
    • Dust Capacity: 5L
    • Battery Voltage: 240v
    • Noise: 80db

    Our View
    This vacuum cleaner comes at a reasonable price considering the brand and overall power/quality of the machine as well as its gentleness with hard floors.

    While it can be a little heavier than expected, the handling still remains excellent, and the lift-away feature is great for accessing more difficult places like the stairs.

    Plus, the wand is able to reach high areas, while the attachments are perfect for assisting with the details. Overall, it makes the perfect vacuum for any home.




    Dyson V6 Absolute

    Laminate floors are not always easy to clean, but the Dyson V6 Absolute is here to make things a little easier for you.

    This could be the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home, so take some time to read the reviews below and see if it’s going to be the right one for you.

    The Good
    What makes this model of Dyson vacuum cleaner so good for use on laminate floors is the main brush head, which has been specially designed to cope with both hard floors and carpets in a gentle manner.

    If you look at the brush bar, you will see alternating hard and soft bristles, and this is why it is such a gentle machine. 

    Despite this, it still offers amazing suction and power to clean your floors. I love how easy it is to handle, when you are vacuuming you only need one hand for full and smooth control.

    On laminate floors, the suction is incredible, picking up fine debris with absolutely no issue at all. You can even use the dusting tool for a soft, but strong, clean that avoids damage to your floor.

    The charging period is excellent, as is the running time, and it comes with a selection of very useful attachments to make life easier for you.

    The Not So Good
    It does tend to snow plough large debris, and so you will need to remove the head and just use the aluminium hose to clean these pieces up.

    Key Features

    • Power: 100 watts
    • Run Time: 20 mins
    • Charge Time: 3 hours
    • Weight: 4kg
    • Dust Capacity: 0.4L
    • Battery Voltage: 21.6v
    • Noise: 87db

    Our View
    This vacuum cleaner is an excellent model from Dyson, and it could be just what you need for your laminate floors.

    While it does snow plough large debris on hard floors (pushes it forward), all you need to do is remove the main brush head and use the hose to suck up the larger pieces. It offers a gentle clean on laminate floors as well as powerful suction to ensure that it remains clean.

    Overall, it is a great model that is available at an excellent price considering how much it can offer your home.




    Dyson V8 Absolute

    Dyson is one of the biggest vacuum cleaner brands, and the market leader.

    When it comes to innovation, they are usually first, and this cordless vacuum cleaner could be just what your hardwood floors ordered. Have a look for yourself below and see.

    The Good
    This great little stick vacuum cleaner has quiet running, which is pleasant for everyone in the home, as well as powerful suction that is sure to be able to tackle all of the dirt and debris in your home. 

    It is gentle on hardwood floors, avoiding scratching, and comes with a range of tools to help you keep the home clean. The suction is also powerful enough to reach between the cracks.

    The rotating brush bar is tough on dirt and pet hair, which makes it suitable for use in all home, and it will ensure that everything is removed efficiently. Plus, it can also extend so that you are able to reach those high and difficult places.

    To make stair cleaning easier, as well as reaching tight areas, it can fold down into a handheld model that is comfortable to hold and easy to use.

    I found the V8 Absolute makes light work of household mess, dust and pet hair. It works well on a range of floor types - carpets, floorboards and laminate flooring. I also found it's easy to remove the turbo brush to disentangle hair and other debris.

    The Not So Good
    It has a small capacity and can be a little tricky to empty for some customers.

    Key Features

    • Power: 850 watts
    • Run Time: 40 mins
    • Charge Time: 3-4 hours
    • Weight: 0.5kg
    • Dust Capacity: 0.5L
    • Battery Voltage: 21.6
    • Noise: 65-72db

    Our View
    This cordless stick vacuum cleaner might have a higher price tag than most, but it is worth the price for the amount of power and suction that it has to offer.

    While it can take a little time to get used to the emptying of the canister, as well as its smaller capacity, you will get there and find that this model is an absolute dream.

    Gentle on hardwood floors and with quiet running, it combines everything you could want from a vacuum into one compact little machine.




    GTECH AirRam

    Gtech Air Ram Mk2

    This cordless vacuum cleaner is powerful, lightweight, and perfect for hardwood floors. It’s light, so there is less pressure both on your flooring as well as you, and it is easy to move around.

    With flexible movement, it lets you push it with ease for a more relaxing clean. It’s versatile as well, due to the fact it is suitable for all floor types.

     This vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors will be sure to pick up all the dust and dirt – even from shallow crevices in your wood flooring.

    It has a 40-minute battery life once you have charged it for four hours, and if you let it charge a little longer you receive an extra burst of power.

    It gives you enough time to clean your house thoroughly and without rushing around.

    The battery indicator lets you know when the charge is running low so that you don’t get caught out.

     With no bags and a cleaner emptying process, it’s ideal for homes with hard floors.


      • Incredibly lightweight
      • Brilliant battery life
      • Ideal for all hard floors, including laminate
      • Washable filters
      • Very powerful
      • Cordless
      • Bagless with easy clean
      • Two-year guarantee


      • Does not come with attachments (available at additional cost)


    If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that has no cords and incredible power for use on your hard floors, then you don’t need to look any further.

    With easy manoeuvrability, you’ll have the house sparkling and clean in no time at all. With a fantastic battery life and a great guarantee from GTECH, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for those who need something with power to scrub the hardwood floors.

    A definite must buy for anyone who needs a new vacuum in their lives.


    Q: Is the Gtech Air ram noisy?  

    A: No it's a lot quieter than most hoover, no louder than a hairdryer.

    Q: How long does it take to charge the Gtech Air ram?

    A: Up to 4 hours  




    NUMATIC HVR200-12 Henry Vacuum – Great Value For Money

    NUMATIC HVR200-12

    Numatic HVR200-12

    If you’re looking for a great little vacuum, which is incredibly durable, you’ll definitely want to check out the NUMATIC HVR200-12.

    This 620-watt vacuum is superbly powerful and will get the job done, without difficulty. In fact, this vacuum was praised as one of the best, within our Henry Hoover Range Guide.

    This vacuum is equipped with a 2-stage motor, which gets the job done, while also protecting the motor from damage.

    The vacuum can be used, at a high or low setting. This ensures that it is perfectly suited for the task at hand.

    This vacuum is capable of providing you with extended longevity and reduced operational sound levels.

    The vacuum also includes a low push Hi-Pro floor tool, which will work excellently on your hardwood floors! With this tool, the vacuum will provide you with 26.8 metres of operating radius. 

    As a whole, the vacuum only weighs 8kg, so it isn’t difficult to carry or move around. Of course, the bottom wheels make transportation much easier, as well. This is a bagged vacuum, which can hold 9 litres of debris. More pros can be found below.


      • 620 watts of power and 230 volts
      • Operating radius of 26.8 metres
      • Only uses 25.2 kilowatt hours per year
      • Only 72 dB of noise
      • Can hold 9 litres of debris
      • Rolls around well and only weighs 8kg
      • Includes AS1 accessory kit and upholstery tool


      • Uses bags
      • Floor head could be improved


    Overall, the NUMATIC HVR200-12 Henry Vacuum is an excellent option for the majority of consumers. It is lightweight, easily transportable and works great! If you’re fine with a bagged vacuum, this one is most certainly worth exploring further!




    SEBO FELIX Navy ECO – Bagged Model



    Some consumers are looking for a vacuum that is even easier to use. Some will choose an upright to fulfill this purpose.

     If this is something that speaks to you, it is time to learn about the SEBO FELIX.

     This vacuum might be a little more expensive, but it is thoroughly impressive and well worth the price increase! 

    The vacuum is equipped with a 700 watt motor, as well as a 175 watt brush motor.

    One of the most impressive aspects of all is the fact that this vacuum is covered by a 5-year guarantee on parts and labour! This helps to justify the price increase!

    This is a variable power vacuum, which gives you more control over its operation. It is bagged, but it is capable of holding a sufficient amount of debris.

    The vacuum is very lightweight at 9kg. With this and the vacuum’s condensed design, it can easily be stored away, once you have finished using it. More pros can be found below.


    • Comes with a crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle
    • Covered by a 5-year parts and labour guarantee
    • Uses S-Class filtration, which keeps your home clear of dust
    • 700-watt motor and a 175-watt brush motor
    • Only weighs 9kg
    • Only produces 79dB of noise
    • 9.5 m cable is good and offers great operating radius


    • A little heavier than others
    • Bag can be costly over time and annoying


    Overall, there is a lot to like about the SEBO FELIX Navy ECO (which we covered in detail).The vacuum might be a little more expensive, but it is well worth it.

    The 5-year guarantee is impressive and adds tons of value to the overall package. Be sure to check it out further today!




    BISSELL Vac And Steam Mop 1,500 W

    If you’re looking for a great upright vacuum, which is a little more affordable, you’ll definitely want to check out the BISSELL Vac And Steam Mop.

    This particular vacuum is absolutely perfect for hard floors, because it vacuums and steams the floors, at the same time! Of course, you also have the option of performing both tasks separately.

    The steam feature offers a high and low setting, so you can perfectly customize the vacuum for the task you’re facing.

    The vacuum is incredibly lightweight at just 8kg. It holds 3.8 litres, which isn’t bad at all.

    This laminate floor vacuum offers 1500 watts of people, which is a major increase, when compared to others.

    The vacuum’s steaming function cleans your floors, without using chemicals. The 7.6m power cord is shorter than some of the others, but still great for most tasks.

    The vacuum is compact and can easily be stored in your closet, without any trouble at all. More pros and cons associated with this vacuum can be found below.


      • More affordable than others
      • Offers steaming and vacuuming
      • Works perfectly on all types of sealed hard floors
      • Steam functionality can be switched between high and low
      • 1500 watts of power is impressive
      • Lightweight at 8kg


      • A little bit louder at 81 dB
      • Power cord could be a little longer


    Overall, the BISSELL Vac And Steamer is a very impressive and highly innovative device. It offers two functionalities in one, which is definitely great.

     It works wonderfully on hard floors. Despite its tiny flaws, this vacuum is still great and well worth exploring further.




    Miele Complete C3 – Great For Pet Owners

    Miele Complete C3

    Miele Complete C3

    Some households have pets, such as cats which presents another problem. These households need a vacuum, which is capable of extracting pet hairs from all of their floors and furniture.

     In our previous Cat & Dog Guide, The Miele Complete C3 was ranked as one of the best. This remains true now.

    This is a bagged vacuum, which makes it a tiny bit less convenient, but it comes with some excellent features that should not be ignored.

    For starters, this vacuum is equipped with a six-stage variable speed motor! You can cycle through the various speeds, by using the footswitch pedals.

    This vacuum provides the user with 1600 watts of power! This makes it absolutely perfect for hardwood floors and carpets. With this specific vacuum, you will be able to enjoy 11 metres of operating radius!

    This ensures that you get your floors cleaned quickly, without worrying about unplugging and moving the vacuum from place to place. 

    For more customization, this vacuum is available in an array of different colors, including brown, black, blue, green, and red. The overall design of the vacuum makes it easy to store away, when it is not in use. More pros and cons can be found below.


      • Plenty of operating space – 11 metres
      • An amazing 1600 watts of power
      • Comes with three accessories, including crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle and dusting brush
      • Only weighs 5kg
      • Can hold 4.5 litres of debris
      • Offers 6 different speeds
      • Operates at a low 77 dB
      • Cord rewind is very cool


      • Bagged setup might become a hindrance
      • Less powerful than the previous S8310 model


    Overall, there are tons of beneficial aspects of the Miele Complete C3 Vacuum. The vacuum is affordable, extremely powerful and tremendously convenient.

    Although it has a few notable cons, they’re not deal breakers! With this in mind, you should definitely consider checking out this vacuum right away!




    Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re – Very Lightweight

    Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re

    Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re

    There are many features to consider, when purchasing a vacuum and weight is definitely one of them.

    With a lightweight upright vacuum, you’ll never have to worry about hurting yourself, when cleaning your floors! You’ll also be able to transport the item around effortlessly.

    This is especially true, when it comes to the Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re, which was previously featured in our Best Lightweight Vacuum Guide.

    This vacuum is much more affordable than many of its competitors. Of course, this doesn’t depreciate its value at all! In fact, it comes with an impressive 6-year guarantee for added peace of mind!

    This vacuum is entirely eco friendly and energy efficient. It comes with everything you could ever need, including a crevice tool, upholstery tool and a dusting brush. At 4.9kg, this is one of the lightest vacuums on the market.

    This device is equipped with a HEPA filter and is also great for pet hair. It only utilizes 23.6 kilowatt hours per year, which will save you money over time! The vacuum offers 800 watts of power and 10 metres of operating radius. For more pros and cons, be sure to check out the list below.


      • Extremely lightweight at 4.9kg
      • Capable of holding 1.5 litres of debris
      • Works with 800 watts of power
      • 10 metres of operating radius
      • The added HEPA filter is great
      • Comes with a long reach cleaning hose, which makes vacuuming stairs tremendously easy
      • More affordable than others


      • Suctioning might be a little too strong
      • Storing the flexible hose isn’t easy


    Overall, the Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re is a great vacuum, which most consumers will love! It is affordable, powerful and very light in weight.

    Despite a few cons, it is well worth its price! Be sure to explore it in more depth now!





    At the end of the day, there are many excellent vacuums on the market, but some are better than others.

    Above, you have found some of the best and most efficient vacuums currently available for use on hardwood floors. Be sure to read all of the reviews and choose the one that is right for your specific needs and budget!

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