Review Vax U91-MA-P Air Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Vax U91-MA-P: Say Goodbye To Messy Dust and Pet Hair

4.7 Star review ratingIn response to the common vacuum cleaner problems experienced by many users around the world, VAX has made upright vacuum cleaners that are efficient and convenient. This new product series has many useful cleaning functions. Their design is compact and more convenient for users.

What to Expect from the VAX U91-MA-P

Vax U91-MA-P Air PetThe VAX Air Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner, U91-MA-P, has a variety of features that users are in very much in favor of. Although it is like other conventional upright vacuum cleaners, this model is very lightweight compared to others, as it weighs one-third less, it is very easy to lift, carry, and use for it purpose of cleaning. This feature addresses the concerns of users who have long-term back pains and other-related disabilities and difficulties.

It is also smaller in size, very easy to maneuver, and consistent in terms of performance. This vacuum is really easy to use. It comes with user friendly controls too. At the same time, unlike its predecessor, U87-MA-P, this model comes in in variety of colours, that customers can choose from.

Its design is based on multi-cyclonic technology. It gives off exceptional suction having 220 air watts of power. In that way, you will never ever face problems in losing suction power that can be found in other vacuum cleaners.

The hose of the vacuum is flexible and can extend up to 1.5 meters and the power cord reaches to 6 meters. In terms of capacity, the U91-MA-P has a cylinder-shaped, full-size dust container of 1.5L which makes it easier and less worrisome to filter and sort out the dirt collected.

The HEPA media filter is another special feature for this model designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and pet odor within a given area. It is antibacterial in nature. In addition, the TurboTool is an additional factor for the vacuum, whereby it effortlessly removes pet hair and cleans stairs, upholstery and car seats very effectively.

Aside from the specialized features, this model also comes in with different board tools. It has the crevice, upholstery, and dusting brush, along with an on/off brush bar for rough surfaces and carpets. Another great thing about the U91-MA-P is that it has a 6 year guarantee in case of any product deficiency or maintenance.


Price Point

The starting price for the Air Pet Vacuum Cleaner is around £250, however there are some fantastic deals to be had on this model at the moment and you should be able to pick one of these uprights for less than half that price

The Pros

The Air Pet Vacuum Cleaner has a TurboTool filter used in removing pet hair, it can also clean all types of dirt or mess from furniture and fabrics as well. It is light weight which is convenient for carrying around with more room to store dust with the maximum capacity of 1.5L so that you don’t have to check the vacuum canister  frequently. It has a HEPA filter that removes bacteria and other allergens. It’s great at removing pet hair on any type of floor or surface.

The 6-year guarantee is another thing to be considered as the given period is long enough to experience quality service provided by the company. Having a long-term guarantee makes the product more credible and trustworthy in terms of durability. Moreover, it gives assurance to its users that the product is inspected and checked carefully before it is introduced to the market.

It comes in different colors which is more of an added bonus for customers. The package contents include a 3 in 1 tool, extension tube, the Turbo Tool, warranty info, and a decent user’s guide.

The Cons

This Vax is a great product but it isn’t flawless. There are a just few drawbacks that customers need to know. For instance, the length of the hose could do with being just a few inches longer to be able to reach higher areas. An extension hose is available, which customers can buy separately. It extends the length of the original hose and does overcome this small issue. Note that the hose is located at the back and underneath of the vacuum which makes it very difficult to get to.

Another issue is the overall suction power of this unit. Note that the multi-cyclonic suction is indeed powerful. However, it might be just a bit too powerful for more delicate floors. It might scratch wooden and tiled floors. It also makes it more difficult to manoeuvre the vacuum around. However this of course is better than a vacuum that has a weak suction.

There are customers who report that the plastic clips on the hose needs improvement. They say that it tends to pop out from the holes where they are attached. Some users also found the on and off brush to be unnecessarily separated as they suggest that it could merge with the hose.



Final Verdict

4.7 Star review rating

These descriptions include the personal testimony of the customers that have already used this vacuum. Their first impression with this vacuum is that its dust container looks like a mini trolley carrying a giant water bottle, which is kind of a unique design feature. They also thought that there was a big pump-like feature inside the container as well. Hardly a negative.

Customers reviews report the vacuum is environmental friendly in terms of electric consumption. Some customers were also surprised that it was remarkably light for an upright conventional vacuum. During the first use, they were also surprised to see its capability.

It typically outperforms it’s predecessors. With the VAX U91-MA-P all they had to do was to just simply push it, as it goes around the house, it cleans and picks up dirt and dust at will.

Compared to most other upright vacuum cleaners in high street stores and home improvement centres, this model is definitely best suited for people who have pets in the house and the on-board tools definitely work as advertised.

As for the length of the hose though, not all necessarily agree that it is short. It really depends on the size of the house, and height of your ceilings and of course the distance from the cord to the area where you’re cleaning. If you live in a modern property with lower seasons and plenty of plug sockets, then you would definitely not complain about the hose length.

However, if you have to clean wide open spaces and  high ceilings are the theme of the property,  then you have another thing coming. You will have to invest a little more money and buy the optional  longer hose.

In addition  the overwhelming majority agree that the suction power is sometimes a bit too much. If you try to test this vacuum’s suction on your hand you will really feel how powerful it is. Everyone agrees that it’s a very powerful machine.

That feature is a two edged sword – it’s good yet it’s also a downside. It all boils down to the type of floor you’re cleaning. It’s not ideal for bare laminated or delicate floors. However, it does a marvelous job on carpets and rugs.

Despite its flaws, the U91-MA-P is still a convenient vacuum to use. Pet owners and those who have lots of carpet in their homes will love this vacuum. It’s not the perfect all round machine but it does work as advertised and for the deals you can get on it in term of price, you will be hard pressed to find anything better.

Customers will get a lot of value for their money. The majority of customer reviews speak highly of its useful features. It’s definitely a vacuum worth purchasing.

  • David VALENTINE says:

    Although it does an excellent job this requires big young muscles to push and pull because :-

    a)it has massive sucking power

    b) unlike most vacs there is no height adjustment. The result is that it sticks to our carpets like a leech.

    This vac is not suitable for the elderly despite it’s light weight as we have discovered after re-carpeting the house!

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