Dyson DC25 Review: Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Review RatingsWith an available set of accessories that allow reaching into tight corners, furniture, and even couches and other forms of upholstery. The DC25 comes with a 15ft hose that makes it easy to reach around even to the higher portions of the house. While the front also has a brush for carpeted floors and sticky substances, it also comes with brush nozzle attachments, making it easier for the DC25 to run through fabric upholstery.

The Dyson DC25 also has a unique Root Cyclone Technology element that spins the dust around the plastic collecting bin. Keeping the dust out of the nozzles where they originated from and allows for smooth airflow. This keeps the suction pressure consistently high throughout the vacuuming process. This is especially useful when vacuuming sticky or muddy substances that cling to the floors and other furniture in the house.

The dust canister is not the average cotton, nylon bag, nor is it a simple plastic bag. The DC25 uses a plastic bin that can literally be clamped on

securely as well as released with the push of a button. The contents of the dust bin can easily be removed, also with a push of a button that opens the lower hatch of the cylinder, allowing the dust to fall down directly into rubbish bin or bag.  This quick-release filter is completely washable, making it inherently safe for people with allergy issues and asthma.

Utilizing a single high tech plastic ball instead of the conventional four-wheel type frame, this allows a high amount of maneuverability. This vacuum cleaner can work around tough edges and even the corners of the house with a very smooth transition from various surfaces, such as carpets to tiles, or wooden flooring and even cement flooring.

Power, Suction, and Brushes:

Dyson DC25The DC25 runs on 1200 watts, which is generally what it would take to run any regular vacuum cleaner more or less. It does take up a little more electricity than one might hope, however, it is still worth it because of the capabilities it has. With this relatively normal influx of power, the motor is able to run smoothly and swiftly throughout the entire household.

Located at the ball, the motor is quick to detach and easy to access, in case of repairs. This can be down without having to worry about the motor slowing down when it gets into tight and difficult spots.

The suction capabilities rank an impressively consistent flow of 220AW. It is generally easy to suck up almost any form of animal hair from pets, mud stains on the floors from shoes, dust or sand from various places, and even some spilled dry foods.

Where most other vacuums would lessen the sucking power when faced with thick surfaces such as shaggy carpets, the DC25 maintains its sucking capacity, filling up the bin neatly and efficiently.

Not only does it suck up the dirt, it can also run through these difficult sticky messes because of the motorized forward cyclone brush.

Dyson DC25 Ball Technology

The cyclone brush sweeps up the dirt easily and even has a hood to reduce back-flow onto the floor or into the air. The only downside is that it has the standard size of forward brush, when it is fresh out of the box. If it had a longer brush, then it would be easier to clean up the wide spaces in living rooms and garages.

There are however, after-market attachments that one can buy to fix this kind of issues. Alternate brushes are available, and all of which do not reduce the sucking power when utilized.


Weight, Features, and Parts:

The DC25 weighs a relatively light 7.3kg while other vacuums clock in at an average of 8.5kg. This means that it is generally easy to twist around without having to exert that much force in lifting it. It touches the ground just right and it keeps itself firm on the various surfaces in the household.If you think this is still a touch heavy for you then te very comparable Dyson D40 might be a consideration.

Most other vacuums would get stuck when faced with carpets, especially shaggy ones; they would eventually end up eating some of the parts of the carpet. This is generally undue stress on the carpet. The DC25 on the other hand runs right through, without adding too much stress on the household flooring surfaces.

Unlike many other vacuums, the it is really compact.  Where most vacuums will take up a large space behind the door, this model generally fits snugly around the corners of the house, making it easier to access where necessary. With dimensions of 11.7 x 11.4 x 38.9in, it can fit next to refrigerators or behind furniture or in closets for easy storage and overall ease of access as well.

Dyson DC25 Front View

The weight is generally distributed largely onto the ball, where the motor is. This makes the center of gravity lower and closer to the guiding stand, where the dust bin is located. The rest of the vacuum cleaner, however, is pretty lightweight and simple to use. A flip of the wrist on one end will immediately turn the vacuum on the ball, making it easier to sweep across floors with more curved patterns, or floors with a lot of rounded furniture.

The exhaust on the ball releases virtually no dust particles back into the air, making it more efficient in collecting the dust. As compared to other vacuum cleaners on the market, it really throws the dust straight into the hard plastic bin. This really gives it a ‘one swipe clean’ effect so that there is no need to run through the floors over and over again.

The vacuum also has a feature that allows the user to easily disconnect the hose for the hand-held ‘wand’ type use. The hose is made out of high grade, rubberized plastic for easy moving from side to side and through an overall 360 degree turning.

Along with that comes an extension tube located within the hose, which allows for easy reaching of higher spots. Cobwebs on the corners of ceilings or on light fittings, and other places that are up above, are easily taken care of despite their inherent height. The only downside is that the hose  is relatively stiff at first according to customer review, and may have some trouble extending along the way.

Along with the hose comes a set of brushes. There is a dusting brush which is ideal for keyboards and other small spaces. It is more than enough to get the dirt right out of those extremely small crannies, and is relatively long enough to swipe through the keyboard in one motion.

There is also a lint brush for clothes and upholstery, which can also take out those pesky hairs that keep clinging to cotton based furniture. The last brush is the crevice nozzle which is ideal for reaching underneath refrigerators, low level tables, inside cabinets, drawers, and closets for example. All of these are ideal for the standard parts of the house that consistently need dusting and cleaning.

The bin for dust is a solid cylinder with a handle for quick removal and disposal of the waste materials. Unlike the conventional dust bags, this reduces the risk for allergic reactions and the unnecessary restoration of the dust particles into the air. This is good for people who have allergies or other medical concerns.

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Aesthetics and Warranty:

Dyson DC25 Tools

The overall look is appealing to the eyes. Simple in the design with clearly marked buttons, the color scheme allows the user to easily identify key parts and buttons. Very compact with the way things are kept and handled within the vacuum, it is really smooth. On the vacuum’s body, there are virtually no parts that snag onto things around the house, making it a lot easier to set up inside a room.

The bin is clear, so that it is easy to detect if some important item had been mistakenly caught into the suction process. The hoses and other attachments are also clear; making it easy to accurately see what is being cleaned. Most of the buttons that allow accessories to be released and removed are color coded in red, while the filters are colored in purple, making it easier to discern the key parts. The ball is a bright orange making it easy to see where the entire vacuum is going.

With 5 years on the parts and labor warranty, the DC25, is surely safe and secure should one need to have it repaired. The filters have a lifetime warranty and are generally re-usable for as long as the vacuum cleaner runs. If there are any issues, Dyson is also willing to quickly respond to e-mails and calls. Although virtually indispensable and indestructible (when utilized properly), it is more than safe with the length of the warranty.


Review Ratings

The price revolves around £250 on amazon and other websites. This may generally be a little pricey however; it is definitely worth the investment even if it is due to the multi-purpose features alone. With a good warranty length, and with all the features included, the Dyson DC25 is a very good investment overall.